Poland to Fire Teachers Who “Promote” Homosexuality

TerribletwinsA Deputy Education Minister says Poland will fire teachers thought to be promoting “homosexual culture” by way of a new law expected to be passed within a month.

Said Miroslaw Orzechowski: “We will finish a law which will introduce a ban on promoting homosexuality in schools within a month. A person who promotes this and other deviations will be punished. It will by no means harm the rights of homosexuals, hit by this affliction.”

What penalty teachers will face has not yet been made clear.

Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski and Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the “terrible twins” as they are known to many, have a long anti-gay history despite the fact that Jaroslaw may apparently be gay. Lech Kaczynski was condemned by rights groups in February for his latest statement, that gays would destroy the human race.


  1. MT says

    Poland has come so far from the bad old days when it was ruled by a brutal narrow-minded totalitarian regime. Oh wait . . .

  2. FizziekruntNT says

    Because our own country is still getting its proverbial shit together regarding civil rights, it does not surprise me that these two vile throwbacks to another millennium are allowed to run a country with discrimination of such ridiculous proportions. With their support (as has been the case in a long historical alliance between Poland and the U.S.) in the Iraq war, they will be left to do as they please while we sit in our comfortable life here in America and gasp. This is systemic persecution hardly unlike Hitler’s persecution of minorities leading up to World War II and it won’t stop with the absurd new legislation. I am not proposing that Poland in any way would be the beginning of a new world war thanks to some very insightful gay leaders in Europe, but it bears eerie resemblance to political complexities of the past.

    Our two countries are a little tighter than most would expect:




  3. rjp3 says

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  4. Leland says

    Bravo, RJP3! That’s the quickest way to change any oppressive group/government—make them fear for their livelihood. Thanks for putting that list together!

  5. Bill says

    Even though I love the big sausage in many ways, I will have to swear off kielbasa. Even though I love working on a nice pole, I will have to nix Poles. What a horrorshow.

  6. MikeinSanJose says

    When did the republican party invade poland? All this time I thought they were gonna attack Iran next.


  7. Eric says

    “It will by no means harm the rights of homosexuals, hit by this affliction”

    1) How is getting fired for being gay not harming your rights?
    2) Affliction?

    3) This a bit too much like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…

  8. Gary says

    This is a real shame because DAMN there is some hot (and curious) polish guys in Greenpoint.

  9. Da says

    “This is systemic persecution hardly unlike Hitler’s persecution of minorities leading up to World War II and it won’t stop with the absurd new legislation. […] [this] bears eerie resemblance to political complexities of the past.”
    Posted by: FizziekruntNT |

    Very interesting Fizzie.

    There might not be coincidences in politics after all; and the fact Poland is a close ally with the US could be related to their slow reverting to the days of homosexual repression.

    The message seems to be this: homosexuality is not welcome in a war-happy government, because it challenges the statusquo and doesn’t feed into the imperalism our world leaders are desperately trying to revive.

    But if most people were smart they would make gay rights their absolute priority, because in so many ways our liberty to express our perspectives and to give our input in the political process, guarantees a world that’s accounted for in the interest of all.

  10. pterygtous says

    Disturbing. If WorldNetDaily is to be believed, there are all kinds of laws like this elsewhere in Europe preventing people from speaking out AGAINST homosexuality… obviously, both are examples of governments sticking their noses where they absolutely do not belong. Have we learned nothing?

  11. Robert In WeHo says

    You’d think that the Poles would know better nor have any appetite for tyranny or oppression given their 60 plus years of suffering and repression under authoritarian occupation of their country. Instead, it seems that all of their resistance to first the Nazi and then the Soviet’s control over their country was not a fight for freedom, it was, instead, apparently, resistance to the idea that they were not being allowed to oppress their own people in the manner of their own choosing…

  12. parker says

    Speaking as one of the ‘afflicted’ let me reiterate that even if you could give me a pill to ‘cure’ my ‘affliction’, I wouldn’t take it. By far, I pity those who are hetero-afflicted. It seems like such a sad way to waste an otherwise good use of human space.