David Beckham: Tale of the Tattoo


The Beckham Chronicles continue… David and Victoria Beckham were spotted shopping in Paris today, for the wife’s 33rd birthday. On display was Beckham’s new tattoo, which we’ve talked about before, and the British tabloids are already heavily into it. If you don’t care, just skip ahead…

Becks2According to the Daily Mail, “The design was needled in two sittings by Manchester based tattoo artist Louis Malloy on Sunday 11th March and Tuesday 13th March, the day Beckham bid farewell to Manchester United fans. It consists of two ‘symbolic’ pieces that reflect the ‘deep turmoil he feels about going to LA’ said a source close to the former England captain. Most significant, said the source, are the words ‘Pray For Me’ inscribed on the inside of his right wrist. ‘This is how he feels about the massive move from being an English boy through and through, who has represented his country for many years and is now turning his back on England to embrace America,’ the source said.”

Another part of the tattoo is a symbol Nike used to good effect this past summer in a Wayne Rooney ad during the World Cup:

Becks3_2“The three words are inscribed next to another symbolic piece Beckham apparently wanted to reflect who he feels he has been for the past ten years – a Knight Templar, symbolised by a cross. The Templar Knights, recognisable by their white mantle with distinct red cross, are for David the symbols of him and the England team. He asked the tattoo artist to etch the Knight Templar on his arm as he ‘feels the knights were the best equipped, trained, and disciplined fighting units of the Crusades, just as he has always tried to be as a footballer representing his team of knights’. The main tattoo on the forearm is a giant angel sentinel, holding a flame in her hand so that her face is illuminated from below. The wings spread round Beckham’s arm and merge with the existing tattoos.”

Finally, there’s the quote from Caligula, noted here earlier, which Beckham wanted in Latin but chose to have printed in English after hearing about how it might come out: “The reason he was advised not to do it in Latin is because the middle word would have been ‘dum’, which he is understood to have been adamant he did not want on his arm for fear of cruel jibes about his own intellect. The new tattoo’s detail is difficult to make out, since it is merged with tattoos which were already there.”

In other drossy Beckham news, there’s talk that Victoria is thinking about following in Heather Mills’ footsteps and competing on Dancing with the Stars.


  1. says

    who cares about the sodomite thing john c your one of those people who were like 300 is not historically accurate they were g ay in real life would you like a cookie

    Anyways i though a fan did not realize he thought so much by brother is a jock and waas in gifted progarams but for some reason ni always thought there was not to much up top
    my mom heard him say before that he could not help his 7-8 year old with their homework and then i realized kids always have those stupid riddles in their work it has nothing to do with his intelligence

  2. JT says

    I don’t think Mr. Beckham should be in the least tiny bit self-conscious of his intellect. I have several dogs who, I’m sure, are less intelligent than he. And, now that I think about it; there are rocks, too! I have a rock collection that couldn’t beat him in a game of Scrabble.

  3. JT says

    That was uncalled for. I apologize for dissing Mr. Beckham. I seriously am thrilled about him coming to the US but I’m worried about him having to scar himself for life because he’s in a tizzy about moving here. He’s English and he is never going to get that out of his blood.

  4. shane says

    We should have a newsletter devoted just to those two. How’s “The White Trash Times” sound? Or, “Soccer? What’s that?” – maybe even, “Who Gives a Fuck?” I think we should fit the word “trash” in there as often as possible.

  5. Rad says

    Yes! “Soccer? What’s that?” is more along the lines. We are just not a soccer country. He’s going to have about as much following as Rudy Galindo in “Smuckers Stars on Ice”. I give him a year, tops, then he high tails it back to the UK.

  6. says

    hes here for the mo ney i do feel bad that they are in l.a not a place like new york would posh could at least suffice with important people and class . Spain was like 4 hours from england. In l.a they are like 12 hours

  7. says

    While I’m hoping that this will mean an upswing in soccer popularity in the US, I rather doubt it will be enough.
    While I’m not too much of a fan of the super inky arm with its Caligula business, I’ll be happy as long as he doesn’t do anything horrible to his perfectly sculpted face. To quote Indiana Jones, “It belongs in a museum!”

  8. Frozen North says

    On the shallow side: that picture with the angry/quizical eyebrow, OMG!! Hot!! Man knows how to look good.

    On the intellectual side: He’s already paid the LA Galaxy and the US Soccer leagues back in full for the publicity and buzz he’s generated.

    Think about it, every time his name is mentioned, Soccer inevitably comes up too. The ticket sales to the Galaxy will go up solely just from the Japanese teenage fan girls flying over.

    The trick of course will be to see how long the buzz can last. If the leagues play this right, they can boost soccer up a few knotches for the long term. (Not to football/baseball/basketball levels, but still better than before.)

    As for the his intelligence: The guy is rich, good-looking, famous, has a healthy and apparently happy family, who needs a 180 IQ? Besides, at worst, I’d bet he’s of average intelligence.

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