1. johnosahon says

    I HATE, i reapeat HATE when the so called president is having fun. it is disgusting, and gross. i cannot help and think all the harm he has done to the world. the fool is dancing, when he should be correcting his mistakes.

    that’s right he has not made any.

    bastard. i hate him.

    i guess this is how homophobes feel about gays.

  2. vince says

    reminds me of when he was reading to children while the world trade center was coming down or when he was having birthday cake with mccain while new orleans was going under water.

  3. Zeke says

    For god’s sake, would one of you unmarried boys PLEASE give this man a blowjob so we can finally impeach him!

    If the Log Cabin Republicans and the GayPatriots REALLY want to help America by working “from the inside of the GOP”, here’s a perfect opportunity to put their mouth where their money is.

    It would be a win-win situation. A moment of ecstacy for a gay, pro-Bush, Republican and salvation for America.

    You can put i

  4. Critifur says

    George Dubya Bush being a fool. This behavior is indicative of everything that is wrong with Bush, his administration and his cronies. Bush is not a friend to the military. He is toxic. He is interested only in the power and fortune he gains for himself and his personal allies, smirking all the way.

    I was against the Iraq war from the beginning, I knew it was based on lies and was ashamed for Colin Powells choosing dishonor himself for this effort. I am even more ashamed for this country after having watched Bill Moyers Journal last night.

    Bush should not be dancing in the Rose Garden, nor meeting with sports stars, or even doing fundraisers for the RNC. He should be fighting his war. I think the United States should not be in Iraq, but, since we are… The President should be entirely focused on completing his task. He should be creating programs to help the war effort. He should have Ford Motors hiring the unemployed to work in it’s factories to produce all the armored vehicles the military will ever need. There should be body armor factories everywhere. The president should be on the air every night somberly asking the people to aid in the war effort, and sacrifice for that effort. We as a nation, should be mourning every soldier killed or injured. There should be no concerts, parades, holidays, Mardi Gras, or circuit parties that do not support the war. If the people of The United States are complicit in this war then we should feel it fully. Otherwise we should be in the streets daily protesting. In a way, it is shameful how much attention is given to the victims at VT, considering how many men and women die everyday overseas. The media needs to break the moratorium on showing soldiers caskets coming home, and should daily project the horrors of war on our televisions. Bodies and blood and all.

    President Bush, and the Vice President should be impeached. The US should leave Iraq and step up in Afghanistan, where we are justified in being, and complete that mission as best we can. Plain and simple. If you think otherwise, I can only believe you are an idiot, blind to the truth because you cannot see beyond “Republican” ideology. Or worse, you believe politics to be a team sport, and only want “your” team to win no matter what the consequences to real peoples lives. I use quotes around Republican because the current Republican Party is corrupted far from the true Republican philosophy that I sometime ascribe to. When valid and morally valuable.

    Since Bush will not be impeached, this war must end before he is out of office. Bush cannot be allowed to pass this disaster off to the next President. Equally the war in Iraq or “The war on terror” (which is the actual terrorism we are faced with) should not again be used to get another Republican elected into the presidential office.

    I am sorry for the long post, but truly, I am so angry. So angry that many of us (myself very much included) allow ourselves to be blind to the truth. We get caught up in Anna Nicole, and Spiderman 3, and Imus, and the iPhone, and hell, even gay marriage. None of this compares to Bush, this war and it’s consequences.

    Except possibly OUR environment. :)

  5. Phil Gray says

    The same day that Laura Bush informed the world that no one is suffering more from the carnage in Iraq than she and George are they both get up and show their sorrow by this idiotic display.


  6. says

    I also felt a lot of anger when I saw this on The View. It seems like this administration is starting to mock the American people by pulling stunts after stunts like this, whenever they want to deflect from a new scandal.

    ie: There is a crisis involving Karl Rove, and suddenly 12’s of clips of him doing a “Gay Voodoo Limbo Tango and Wango Dance” pop all over youtube…There are House hearings into Tillman’s death and now the president Bush is doing an African dance at the White House Rose garden (a pattern there).

    Never mind the racist/colonial overtones of all of these, it just shows how the population are being thrown bones for the answers they want.

    Add to that Rudy Giuliani predicting another 9/11 and you know the future ain’t looking too bright for American politics.

  7. woodroad34 says

    I loved it when Bush pushed the drummer out of the way so HE could beat the drums (of war?). Not only does he look imbecilic, but he looks like a spoiled brat who wants his way. And his mouth hanging open all the while is disgusting. What a nerd/turd.

  8. Louie says

    Thousands dying in Iraq, children killed by gunfire on campus, people left without homes because of Hurricane Katrina.

    George Bush is having fun playing bongos despite causing all of the misery above.

    Is that what a good president would do?

  9. Louie says

    Thousands dying in Iraq, children killed by gunfire on campus, people left without homes because of Hurricane Katrina.

    George Bush is having fun playing bongos despite causing all of the misery above.

    Is that what a good president would do?

  10. Lakhan Gusain says

    A very nice dance. I did not know Mr. Bush is an astouding malaria dancer. God bless his wife who is tolerating this war aginst terrorism.

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