Graffiti Artists Transform H&M Billboard into “Weeping Madonna”


Graffiti artists have vandalized a 250 sq. ft. H&M billboard of Madonna in Britain. Similar billboards have been going up around the world. In a sort of modern take on the tear-trail, yellow streaks trickle from one of her eyes.

According to the Daily Mail, “The culprits climbed the scaffolding to which the mesh advertising banner was attached, cut a hole in one of the eyes and poured paint through. The poster, featuring two images of the 48-year-old superstar, is being replaced today at a cost of around £6,000.”

Of course, weeping Madonnas at religious sites around the world are seen as miracles.

Weepingmadonna1 Weepingmadonna2

So if H&M Madonna is weeping, then what’s the miracle?

If some reports are correct, it may be that Madonna’s new fashion line for the chain has made more than $15 million in its first week.

In some places, the consumer pilgrimage has even caused stampedes.


Now that’s the kind of worship usually reserved for the holy icons. Of course, what’s holy in this day and age?



  1. griffin1573 says

    I’ve never been a big fan of Madoona
    and this to me is just a sign of consumerisam gone mad.
    Any advertising that large is simple obnoxious.
    I kinda like it.
    As a satyrical shoot at religion…I really like it.

  2. SGR says

    I think it looks beautiful. They should leave it alone. If they’re worried about the Catholic church making a fuss, they should donate the £6K to a Catholic charity instead of replacing it.

  3. MT says

    On a certain level, that is a really sublime statement. Comparing the pop goddess Madonna to the Mother Of God is a pretty powerful statement. I hope the people who did it come out with some kind of statement.

    Madonna circa Like A Prayer would have been all over this.

  4. Schlatty says

    I see this more as a humorous subversion of advertising rather than any kind of commentary on religion, but hey, I guess artistic expression is open to subjective interpretation, huh. I’m just wondering why they chose yellow paint instead of some shade of red. I think it could have been even stronger with something magenta-ish.

  5. Robert says

    Her H&M outfits are pretty nice.
    Although her makeup is pretty heavy.
    Yet, still looks good for her age.
    You have to admit Madge knows how to reinvent herself.

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