Kathy Griffin on Her Love Affair with Gay Men

Newsweek‘s Alexandra Gekas talks to Kathy Griffin about life on the D-list and asks, “What do you have in common with other female entertainers like Bette, Barbra or Liza that make gay men love you?”

Answers Griffin: “I have been asked this a lot, and I’ve thought about it a lot. As I learn more about the gay community I think it’s kind of about fighting to be part of something and fighting to be noticed and taken seriously but always with a sense of outrageousness. That’s what I love about Bette, because she used to say ‘F— ’em if they can’t take a joke.’ And then there’s Liza, who overcame drugs and this overbearing man or that overbearing man and an outrageous mother. They love me because I’m outrageous, and I love them as an audience because they’re the unshockable gays, which is what comedy should be about. But when I was in high school I went to prom with the gay kid, and I’ve always been friends with the gay kids. What I admire about the gay community, and what I wish women would learn, is that they are good at organizing and getting stuff done, while women attack each other. I think the gay community is very good about that, they get together they mobilize and they stand up against so much abject adversity.”

Trash-Talking, Foulmouthed and Downright Honest [msnbc]


  1. Dave says

    I remember I read last year that SBNY had asked her to come to the club to do a small set and her demands were just unbelievable…yea some love for the gays…

  2. Dave says

    Such bitterness!! That club couldn’t meet her quote. She’s fabulous and expensive. It’s really not that shocking. KG can really do no wrong in my book. It is my gay wet dream to meet her someday! (that’s a reference to her calling a potential meeting with Liza her “gay wet dream”)

  3. mark m says

    Yeah don’t get me started about gay clubs and asking gay icons to perform for nothing. I’m sure Kathy’s price is quite reasonable and I’m sure (based on my own professional experience with gay nightclubs) that the club expected her to appear for nothing.

    Where’s the love? The love is paying the woman what she’s worth.

    Kathy G is a goddess.

  4. Bobby says

    During her Suddenly Susan days I didn’t care too much for her, but each year I fall a little more in love with her. I’m Tivo-ing her series and watching it. She is FUNNY. And she’s famous and does this for a living, if she sets and a price and it can’t be met, why blame her? A girl’s gotta eat.

  5. Paul says

    I don’t see how this could make anyone love her more. She comes off as mind-numbingly shallow and self-centered, even for a celebrity. And she could have used a term other than “whigger” (wigger?), like whack. I couldn’t care less about Nick Carter, but her self-aggrandizing manipulation of the evening almost made me feel sorry for him. But only almost. He was in it for publicity too.

  6. Dave says

    It’s a TV “reality show”. What isn’t manipulated in that realm? She’s trying to entertain not create world peace.

  7. marks says

    Why did I just watch a date with Nick Carter ?

    Was that a cruel joke – I thought I was going to see the interview…alas, poor Yorrick.

    And Ms. Griffin will always garner my respect and admiration.

  8. Cory says

    Dave: I used to bartend at Splash (before it was SBNY), and let me tell you Brian (the owner) is a thief and a shady character. I believe he has since sold it to Ray, but that isn’t saying much. Splash refused to meet even a 1/4 of her normal fee, and Ms. Griffin even waived her rider (it is usual custom for the establishment to pay for travel expenses and hotel), but that still wasn’t enough. As I have friends who still bartend there (and are looking to leave as the money is not what it used to be), I heard Splash took it upon themselves to send out bad publicity. I highly doubt Kathy even flinched, who cares about a sad little bar called SBNY? It’s done ;).

    On another note, while I agree with Ms Griffin that the gay community can be effective in bonding, I have seen quite a bit of the opposite in many circles. In fact, there have been many times I’ve wondered if the gay community in general isn’t a scene from “Heathers” lmao. Oh well. Either way, Kathy rules. =)

  9. SFpolitic says

    I’ve seen her a number of times perform on various Atlantis Cruises and most recently I watched her as she hosted the Gay Porn Awards here in San Francisco. She’s incredibly funny and scares the living shit out of most people because just like her fellow comedians Margaret Cho,Joan Rivers and Bill Maher she tells the TRUTH.
    Love her,Love her,Love her.

  10. Paul says

    I believe her fee at the time was $40K an appearance, so if they couldn’t meet even a quarter of that, they shouldn’t have asked. Clearly they would have made the money back, and then some.

  11. Brandon says

    I think that Kathy Griffin is very funny. That said, I’m not sure that they gay community is necessarily all that good at bonding together. I wish folks would avoid lumping people that share similar characteristics together. The bottom line is: African Americans, gays, Jews, etc., are individuals and it’s problematical to generalize about any group.

  12. patrick nyc says

    I love Ms G, I recall that Andy posted here about the SBNY thing last year. They are a business and they are into making money, they should not guilt anyone into doing freebies.

    As for the whole “Gay Community” lovefest. I have been doing volunteer work since 1970. I did this because everyone in my family did. When I became a buddy for the GMHC in 1983 my father asked me, before I had come out, why did I pick that group. I responded, “You always told me to take care of my own.”

    I learned a very hard lesson in my work for the Gay Games in NYC in 1994, not all gays are good. Actually the line was from Allen Stienfeld, who ran the NYC Marathon. I was race director for the Gay Game Marathon and he was helping me out. When I was knee deep in BS from the users involved with the Games he said to me “Patrick you are learning something I did years ago. I learned not all jews are good or going to suport you because you are a jew. You are learning not all gays are good.”

    Welcome to the real world, where we are all just human, no matter what group we may hail from.

  13. Joe Santos says

    But Kathy darling, boy pussies attack other boy pussies with equal violence, just as often occurs in a more fragrant girl pussies
    fracas… To be boy-queer is not automatically to be “nice.” No, nice is what must worked for, no matter where the pussy is located. Perhaps you need to have a discussion with your mother: she can tell you everything you need to know. But what she tells you might better kept for yourself. Your kind thoughts are, maybe, appreciated…….

  14. stephen says

    What! They wouldn’t pay her $40 thousand to entertain? That’s appalling

    Considering the fact that Lindsay Lohan gets paid $400 THOUSAND to attend a nightclub. What does she do? Nothing except snort cocaine in the bathroom and have drinks thrown at her by Paris Hilton

    Kathy should be charging more in my opinion

  15. lee Gordon says

    Could you imagine some comic running around saying they love the “blacks”. I am so trying to like KG, but it feels forced for me. I love that she takes on Bush and a bunch of stuff out of her mouth. But I do feel a bit played. She is like a nuevo Joan Rivers and she sets my teeth on edge. Really bad, old and tired. I am not sure how long the freshness date will last with KG, as BOBBY pointed to the wigger schtick. Just because someone pays attention to my people, doesn’t mean I love them.