Murder, Mayhem Reported at Sao Paulo’s Massive Gay Pride


Sao Paulo held the world’s largest gay pride over the weekend, attracting more than three million people.

Sao_pauloAccording to Reuters, Nelson Matias Pereira, president of the parade told the official news agency Agencia Brasil: “We want people to address machismo, racism and homophobia … which still exists in Brazil.”

Made in Brazil has some excellent photos of the parade, but notes that a murder took place in the Jardins area of the city: “French Gregor Erwan Landovar was stabbed in the abdomen with a knife by a group of three or four young men right after leaving popular gay restaurant Ritz. He was not robbed, meaning it was most likely a hate crime (there is a recent rise in the numbers of hate crimes against gay men in the area). Mr. Landovar died at the hospital, and no suspects have been arrested yet…the newspapers made no reference to the fact that the victim was at a gay restaurant, and that the incident happened on the day of the biggest pride parade in the world.”

Made in Brazil also reports that the largest number of thefts and crimes in the history of the parade were reported and said that “it has become a street Carnival with people falling all over the place because of drugs and alcohol abuse.”

Reuters says that 900 police were on hand to control the crowds, though that doesn’t seem like much considering the massive crowd on hand.

On a more upbeat note, these triplets showed up to keep folks entertained. More shots at QueerClick (linked page sfw but site nsfw).