Spice Girls to Reunite for World Tour


Six years after breaking up, Victoria (Adams) Beckham (Posh Spice), Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice), Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice), Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) and Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) came together today to announce that they’ll be reuniting for a world tour this winter.

They also made an announcement on their website. The tour is set to kick off December 7th in Los Angeles.


  1. Wayne says

    Why does Beckham even bother wearing a top? I heard they’re calling the reunion “The Old Spice” Tour…

  2. David says


    This is clearly the most important event of the new century thus far.

    They look hot. I’m totally there. Eighth grade wouldn’t have been the same without those bitches.

  3. SeanR says

    Thoughts of the Pet Shop Boys’ song with Dusty Springfield come to mind…

    “What have I, what I have I
    What have I done to deserve this…”


  4. shane says

    I’m such a fag, I actually want to see them (see them, not hear them perform).

    What happened to Mel C?!?!?! She was so lezzie and I don’t even recognize her in that photo!

  5. gabe says

    Victoria’s girls are so front and center all the time you’d think they were real when they’re actually store bought.

  6. Bryant says

    I’ll tell you what I want (what I really, really want) – for the Spice Girls to GO AWAY.

  7. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    Ha, I enjoyed them before and I hope I can enjoy them now. And how is a tour starting December 7th a summer tour? And wow, Victoria, Ginger’s gals are going to look small in comparison to THAT.

    I mean, it’s saying something when I can gather my straight buddies together and they want to watch the Spice Girls movie… Ha, whether it’s saying they aren’t as straight as they think or the Spice Girls are just great fun, I’m not sure.

  8. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    Can I say that Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) is still lovely and still seems very sweet?

  9. kc says

    cant really see who that girl is but all i see is she’s carrying 2 plastic balls on her chest…

  10. basis4insanity says

    Wow…I guess some people will do anything to escape the clutches of Scientologist stalkers!

  11. peterparker says

    Oh my God. I can’t imagine a world in which Mika is no longer the worst musical act around. The Spice Girls tour is going to change everything!

  12. David says

    I’ve decided to follow them around the tour. And wear face-paint.

    I’ll bring my camera and send you all pictures of the greatest show ever created.

  13. John says

    This is the happiest day of my life. I am THERE for the NY show, because, come on, what a fucking MESS!!!!!!

  14. Pinwiz says


    (Wait… LA, Vegas, and NY only???)

  15. shelly says

    hey! why diss them? u think that just because the music world has evolved, u can hate them? everyone’s changed including u and me but we used to like them- why dont u just accept them and relive ur teenage memories? just because there’s the white stripes and rihanna, doesnt mean that elvis and micheal jackson suck and HAVE U NOT HEARD PARIS HILTON SING? god! there’s much more to hate than the spice girls.