News: Gorillas, Lindsay Lohan, Michael Moore, Disney, Matt Damon

road.jpg Eric Hainstock trial begins in Wisconsin. Hainstock is the 16-year-old Wisconsin boy who last year (at age 15) armed himself, entered his high school, and shot his high school principal John Klang three times. The homicide has gained attention because it came after what Hainstock claims were years of abuse at the hands of his family and repeating bullying at school, harassment which school officials continually refused to recognize. In May, Hainstock entered a plea of not guilty.

Belfryroad.jpg The belfry is back. Provincetown landmark has its cap put back on. The belfry, known to many who have visited the Cape Cod gay resort, has been sitting on the ground since 2002.

road.jpg Bush administration hits Michael Moore with subpoena over Sicko Cuba trip.

road.jpg You can now visit Matt Damon on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

road.jpg New study links pot smoking to mental illness: “People who smoke marijuana daily or weekly double their risk of developing a psychotic illness over their lifetime, according to a study published Thursday. Among all cannabis users, including sporadic experimenters and habitual users, the lifetime risk of psychotic illness increased by 40%, the report said. ‘It’s not as if you smoke a joint and you’re going to go crazy,’ said Richard Rawson, who directs the Integrated Substance Abuse Program at UCLA and was not involved in the study. But he cautioned: ‘It’s definitely not a good idea to use heavy amounts of marijuana.'”

Gorillasroad.jpg SICK: Four mountain gorillas slaughtered in the Democratic Republic of Congo as revenge killings in inter-personal feud…between humans. “The gorillas were habituated to people and well-known to tourists and park guards who knew the females as ‘Safari’, ‘Neeza’, and ‘Mburanumwe’. The male silverback was known as ‘Rugendo’ and he was the alpha male who fulfilled a leadership role within a group. In the absence of an alpha male, the integrity of a group is often compromised.”

road.jpg Audience erupts in laughter as Lindsay Lohan is hit in face with shovel at screening of new movie I Know Who Killed Me.

road.jpg UK Channel 4’s gay bashing drama Clapham Junction hits sour note for some: “I tuned in expecting a gritty, hard-hitting drama but instead found a clichéd, relentlessly negative piece that portrayed gay men as selfish, morally bankrupt human beings. Even what was supposed to be a happy storyline – the civil partnership of a long-together couple – had to be spoiled by one of them getting off with someone else at the wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want it to be a rose tinted view of gay life but the sheer grinding bleakness of the piece astounded me.”

Sandlerroad.jpg Adam Sandler to return as hair stylist.

road.jpg Disney to eliminate cigarette smoking in some films: ” Family movies from Disney, the first studio to make the pledge, won’t show cigarette smoking, and executives will discourage scenes in Touchstone and Miramax productions, the Burbank, California-based company said today in a statement. Disney also will include anti-smoking advertisements on DVDs with films that have cigarette smoking and will ask theater owners to run the ads before showing those movies.”

road.jpg It’s been one year since Lance Bass came out and he’s blogging about it: “If you are having trouble being yourself , and are scared to tell someone you are gay— find that loyal friend, family member, or even hotline and tell someone. All it takes is to tell one person and the ball starts rolling. You will get great advice and and be so much happier. Or, if you have always wanted to ask that family member or friend if they were gay.. do it now…. in a very positive and private way , tell them it is ok and you will always be there no matter what. Sometimes its easier for someone to just flat out ask you. To bulid the courage to say it sometimes takes years.”


  1. Leland says

    Luv that Ptown bell tower.

    Shouldn’t that be “Sicko Bush administration.” Really, people, why don’t we just admit that we once again live under a King George, and place our bets that his his Supreme Courteriers will once again hand the White House to the Repug candidate should they once again succeed in stealing the election?

    “UK Channel 4’s gay bashing drama Clapham Junction hits sour note for some”? Look for SAAD to endorse it.

    Now a beefed up Adam Sandler [with a face that looks like 40 miles of bad road] is playing a hairburner? Just THINK of all of the possibilities for new flaming fag jokes! When will Carson and Ross the Intern be announced as costars? And we hope filming is completed in time for Sandler and James to accept their SAAD awards.

    As for Sir Lancelot, there are some risky holes in his advice but, as much as I’ve criticized him in the past and STILL expect him to do a helluva lot more, I applaud him for his having written this. [I guess he deleted the final warning, “And beware of pathologically lying, meat puppet, gold digging bottoms!”]

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    I agree with you, FIDBIT. It’s like the murder of children…but then, look how some humans don’t mind murdering the children of their own species.

  3. hugh says

    According to the original AP wire story, two of the marijuana “study” scientists are from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. Also, several of the scientists were given money by (legal) drug companies. Finally, the study itself is merely a re-examination of 35 (cherry-picked) previously published studies and contains no new data. Interestingly, none of the 35 studies used showed any corrolation between marijuana and psychoses.

  4. Jonathon says

    I’m just not buying the anti-pot crap coming from the study mentioned here. Time and again we hear how bad pot is, then we hear how it’s not harmful, etc. Not even three months ago there was a study that said that marijuana use had no relation to lung cancer, and that in fact the THC in the marijuana helped kill off damaged cells and helped to prevent lung cancer!

    From the article Andy linked to:

    “Dr. Victor Reus, a psychiatrist at UC San Francisco who was not involved in this study, said he was unconvinced by Zammit’s conclusions for both psychotic and mood disorders.

    “Too many outside factors contribute to the disorders, and the studies Zammit used were too vague to draw hard conclusions, he said.

    “There’s a limit to what you can do with the data that’s in these studies,” he said.”

    There are many who have axes to grind, for many reasons, against marijuana. Most of them are really economic in nature, i.e., it was competition to polyester, or else they are racist in nature, i.e., marijuana was mainly a “black” drug back in the day.

    The pleasure police will always be there to make sure no one else can have a good time. These same people will light up a tobacco cigarette and sip a martini at the same time they’re telling you how awful pot is and how it’s really just a gateway drug, etc.

    I just don’t like being lied to, and I don’t like the fact that we could use a natural, renewable alternative (i.e., hemp) to polyester and other man-made fibers. I think that hemp can also be used to make biofuels (need to research that to be certain) so it would be yet another use for a versatile plant.

  5. Joshua says

    You know PC…..your an example of why, if I was rich and famous and Gay, I would NEVER come out. Who the hell wants to be part of the negative, bitchy, back stabbing bunch we laughingly call **GAY CULTURE**??

    I could care less who Lance Bass is, but he was finally able(for whatever reason) to publically proclaim his sexuality and he has(in this and other gay blogs) been greeted with comments like yours and worse by what should be his biggest backers, other gay men.

  6. anon ( says

    From seeing friends use pot I think there is a definite change in personality over the years owing to the usage. It’s probably less than clinical in most cases, but not for the better generally. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

    I should point out that Carson and Ross are real people, not characters in a movie, and they seem pleasant enough, if not particularly butch. The key isn’t being butch, the key is being likable.

    It’s very rare for people accused of violating the embargo against Cuba get charged. I doubt the MM thing will go anywhere.

  7. db says

    While I don’t use pot and think there are certainly effects on users I still think it should be legal. In fact I think all drugs should be treated like alcohol–legal, but if you drive while under the influence you go to jail.

  8. Daniel says

    I think the idea of banning smoking in films, or at least greatly reducing it, is a great idea. I’m constantly suprised at how aware I am of the frequency of an actor lighting up repeatedly (ie: Sienna Miller in Factory Girl, or Matt Damon in The Good Shepard). It’s as if they (or their character) are EATING the damn things. Is it done for mood? I think it’s a bizarre diversion from actual ACTING. I won’t miss it onscreen, and it might take 20 minutes off the running time of some of these over-long movies!

    As for smoking pot, some of the weed these days seems like its been bred to be super-strong & therefore could be riskier for psychosis. You may think, “Has this been laced with something?” but it’s just the grower making a very pungent strain. The report should simply have concluded “Know your dealer!”

  9. nycredneck says

    Yeah this “study” is pretty slanted. Hmmm, you ever think that maybe people who feel depressed, or alienated, or whatever, might be more likely to use pot and other drugs? Hmm.

  10. Gregg says

    Um, JOSHUA, I could be wrong, but I believe PC was simply making a joke. I don’t think he was taunting Lance Bass at all.

    I appreciate people who can take a horrible situation and get through it with laughter, so, PC, I applaud your levity!

  11. nic says

    david letterman said this, so i take it as fact: the proctologist found 5 polyps in bush’s colon and 5 al gore florida ballots up there, too. can you imagine how many are still up jim baker’s and the right-wing supremes’ asses (including sandra day’s)? i don’t want to belabor the point after so many years, but really, has there ever been a more insidious judicial coup d’etat in an otherwise civilized democracy?
    i guess what brought this up and what really pisses me off is — given the ignoble history of this detestable and despicable presidency — this administration still has the the unmitigated gall to issue a subpoena against michael moore. the only thing that comes to mind when it pertains to this loathsome miasma of human detritus that purports itself as the executive branch is to ask them in toto, “i think i had never gauged your cruelty or your recklessness. have you no sense of decency, sir(s), at long last? have you left no sense of decency?” (atty. joseph welch’s question to sen. joe mccarthy, paraphrased here.)

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