Anne Hathaway Surrounded by Gay Men


“About 95 percent of my friends are gay men,” (as well as her brother) Anne Hathaway tells Newsweek. And the magazine’s Nikki Gostin actually asks her whether or not she considers herself a “hag”.

Responds Hathaway: “You can never consider yourself anything. You have to be labeled that.”

Hathaway, who played Lureen in Brokeback Mountain, stars as Jane Austen in the new film, Becoming Jane.


  1. The Truth says

    Wow, so if Anne had said that 95% of her friends were black; would the reporter have asked is she was an N-lover. Come one guys that term “fag hag” is so offensive on so many levels.

    It speaks volumes to level of self-hate that anyone would have for you. Once some 15 years ago, a friend introduced me as “gay”; I went on with the evening but we had a VERY firm talk afterward. To be reduced to “gay” is so limiting, that only states that you are attracted to someone of the same sex; it does not address your politics, your world views; or anything else of your true self identification of which you are proud of and willing to share to form a clear picture of yourself.

    I know far too many gay men who are happy to be introduced in that manner as they think it is clever or liberating…it is cruel and limits you as a real person for you spend your time trying to be much more than that in their eyes once you see that they have summed you up with that one statement made.

    Think about it and you know that I am right!

  2. Mike says

    Re: The Truth

    You are a nightmare. Lighten the F up! You bitch about labels when really your just internalizing your own self-hate – I hate people knowing I’m gay.

    Nightmare. You.

  3. Jersey says

    Damn I just love that girl. She was fantastic in Devil Wears Prada and BB. I hope she becomes the next Audrey Hepburn cause I would love to see her around for the next 30 years.

  4. db says

    I don’t especially like the fag hag term because my girlfriends aren’t hags–but I take more offense at it than they do. Maybe it’s time to reclaim the word “hag” and make it an honorific rather than an insult.

  5. says

    I totally agree with The truth because in some circles it changes the converrsation to you example heres is sasha (im black) shes so hipster white rich(maybe upper middle class) and only dates white guys which turns into convos assumed with me “hating ” black people and poor people and not understanding life. I want to be more than my dating and musical preference

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