Hot off the Presses: Lance Bass Out of Sync


Lance Bass posted the cover of his forthcoming memoir, Out of Sync, on his blog this morning.

He writes: “Howdy!! I just got the cover from my publisher of my book! And since we are on the subject I just want to say I do not want my book to flop! One funny night I decided to ‘jokingly”‘ say ‘oh it will probably flop’ to a TMZ ‘reporter’. (like all my quotes?) Again it was a joke. Im not an idiot– I wrote this book so that it might help those out there interested in the music industry, space, and/or coming out story.”

Given the numbers I posted yesterday, the outlook doesn’t look good for gay “celebrity” books in general, but I’m sure Bass has a few more fans to work with than his high-flying ex.

Out of Sync [amazon]


  1. TOM says

    Does Bass’s memoir really count as a gay book, though? Yeah, he’s gay, but the majority of the book will most likely be about his time in NSYNC and his time training for space – the two things he’s really famous for. I’m pretty sure we’ll get a couple of chapters about struggling in the closet, but that’s about it.

    I have a few friends who really want to read this, though. I could see it selling pretty well.

  2. Leland says

    Done and done, Becky. I’ll even go you one better: a sneak peak!

    “My NASA clock flashed 4:12 a.m. as I rolled off my insatiable partner for the third time. Little Lance and the twins had been rubbed raw and were begging for mercy but the soles of his feet and his legs were still reaching toward the stars and he begged and literally cried for one more rocket ride. Or another run for the Kentucky Derby. During one shaking orgasm he had yelled, ‘GO PHAR LAP, GO!!! and it took my threatening to withhold further sex and freeze his credit line to get him to admit that Phar Lap was both the name of a once-famous race horse and his pet name for his former husband and racing partner’s amazing appendage. We’d been together only five months and they’d flown naked for nearly five years. Talk about stamina! I was about to suggest he amuse himself with the Justin 1000 that JC had given him while I got some sleep when the phone rang and it was his mama. Also for the third time. ‘What have I gotten myself into and how can I get out of it’, I asked myself yet again. What I didn’t know then, among those sweat soaked, sticky silk sheets, was that the answer was waiting in Atlanta.”

  3. good for him says

    Why does Lance get so much crap for coming out? Good for him, he has some balls. Not like so many other celebrities who are still hiding in the closet!

  4. Seth says

    I’m really curious to see what he has to say about his dating life while in the closet. I wanna know about the boys BEFORE Reichen. He had a few closeted relationships…I wonder what those boys are up to.

  5. KARL says

    I remember Jesse! He was in a relationship with Lance for at least 3 years. Lance even put him on the payroll and hired him as a personal assistant. Jaw-droppingly hot. I wonder if he and Lance still talk.

  6. Rich says

    I think this answers the question of how you could follow-up Elton John’s senility with an equally insipid celebrity. I suspect that Lance’s “memoir” (a little premature, don’t ya think) will wind-up in the remiainder bin almost as quickly as Marilu Henner’s did.

  7. says

    I agree with Leland above, it does take balls to come out…more power to him. HOWEVER, why is it that these celebs always come out once their time is passed? If Bass had come out when his career was hot, how much more impact would it have had? Same for George Takei, same for Rosie, same for Billy Bean…ad naseum.

  8. Tom says

    The answer David Ezell is probably had any of these folks came out when their career was hot, that would have been the end of their career. It may be a sad commentary, but it is the reality.

  9. Nate says

    You don’t like them when they’re in the closet, you don’t like them when they’re out of the closet. No wonder some gay celebs just do whatever they want and live as they choose with no explanations.

  10. r.sue says

    Why does nobody seem to remember that People article happened just over a year ago? His attitude about his sexuality and how he deals with it in public nowadays is completely different than it was when that interview was published.

    And JJ, odds are they left the scar in because most of the people buying it will be old dorky fans like me, who’d notice it missing and be miffed that someone deemed it an imperfection.

  11. Mike says

    Wow – this guy really bugs me. So now that he is out, he is trying to get paid for it. Gay = $ and commerce? He is selling himself short. If he was still relevant, making records etc it would be different. Just because you now attend almost every party and function in Hollywod and beyond does not make one interesting.

  12. says

    I nervously went up to him last week at a bar. I always dug Lance, even back in the day. We eerily had alot in common (from what I read in my NSYNC fanatic books haha) and, it turned out, we’re born a few days apart (yay! my teenybopper side just came back out!). Anyways, he was really nice when I went out up to him outta nowhere to say hi, totally treated it like 2-peeps talking and not like “ugh, why is ANOTHER stranger approaching me!?” kinda thing.

    …tho, I do kinda agree this whole “hi! I’m gay–now buy my book” thing is getting more overdone than Britney circa 2002…

  13. Bryan says

    See, I don’t think it was Lance’s idea to write the book. His handlers probably wrote up the contract for him immediately after he came out, and are now pushing him as this wholesome gay role model (not saying he isn’t) just so they can squeeze more cash out of him.

    So I don’t think the overexposure is his fault.

  14. Leland says

    For the record, the “excerpt” is, per se, satire, and we don’t expect a 27-year old guy who only told the truth to HIS mama after he was outed to share such deTAIL. BUT some parts of it are based on various facts from various sources. One was, ironically, Reichen himself who identified “Phar Lap” on his former “radio show” on The Atlanta incident came to light after Scarlett er Reichen got kicked out of Tara er Lance’s house. TMZ caught Reichen’s admission on his myspace shrine that his Georgia peachy “interaction” was “brief and of bad judgement”——before it was quickly removed as was his raging threats about suing Perez Hilton for earlier claims that Reichen had been catting around.

    As for the veracity of the persistent tale that Lehmkuhl is an insatiable bottom, one can only paraphrase the immortal Tallulah Bankhead’s response when she was allegedly asked if Tab Hunter was gay: “How would I know, Darling? I’ve never fucked him!”

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