News: Hillary Clinton, Estonia Pride, Gael Garcia Bernal, Mike Jones

road.jpg Jim David on The Gay Squirm Factor: “It’s enough to make you want to move to Scandinavia, where nobody cares about the gays. If it just wasn’t so freaking cold.”

Bernalroad.jpg Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna host human rights benefit in Mexico City: “The $300-a-plate meal in the capital will benefit Mexico’s Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights as well as Witness, an organization founded by singer Peter Gabriel that promotes the use of video and film to document human rights abuses.”

road.jpg Former Andy Warhol sidekick Bob Colacello to W magazine: “I’m presumably gay. I believe in going out, not coming out. It takes more courage to be openly Republican than to be openly gay in New York today. I’m a bit of a contrarian.”

road.jpg Putting it all online? Recent developments in “cloud storage” solutions from Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

road.jpg Tropical Depression 4 forms in Atlantic. Will become “Dean” if named

Martinroad.jpg Ricky Martin shows off his skills.

road.jpg Gay Pride march in Estonia takes place peacefully: “An estimated 300 people gathered in the historic part of the city to celebrate their sexuality, protected by private security officers and an increased police presence. Despite fears of a repeat of last year’s violence, when Estonian skinheads injured several marchers by hurling missiles, the event passed off without any significant incident. About halfway down the route, anti-gay demonstrators formed an alternative procession. About a dozen mostly Russian-speaking men, women and children chanted ‘no pride’ at the marchers.”

road.jpg Ted Haggard escort Mike Jones in new play about soldiers who “go AWOL after being exposed to friendly-fire nerve gas in an all-base orgy.”

road.jpg British military puts gag order on soldiers’ blogs: “Members of the Armed Forces and MOD Civil Servants must seek prior permission from [MoD media authorities] if they wish to communicate about defence via books, articles or academic papers; self-publish via a blog, podcast or other shared text, audio or video; take part in external questionnaires, polls, surveys or research projects, speak at conferences, private engagements or other events where the public or media may be present; or contribute to any online community or share information such as a bulletin board, wiki, online social network, or multi-player game…”

Brithookuproad.jpg Britney Spears’ hot tub hook-up talks to Access Hollywood.

road.jpg Inside the Hillary Clinton fundraiser at The Abbey in West Hollywood: “…we hear people starting cheering loudly in the VIP room and camera flashes seep through the curtain separating us common folk. She’s coming! The crowd begins to chant “Hillary! Hillary!” and it really starts to feel like a rock concert. Then at about 9:00 we see it, her bright red jacket slips through the maroon curtain and the crowd is in a frenzy! ‘We Love You Hillary!’ and ‘You’re Fabulous!’ seem to be the shouts of choice.”

road.jpg Artist constructs Stephen Colbert portrait out of 768 mini Rubik’s Cubes.


  1. Weight Watcher says

    Looks like Ricky has been livin La Vida Mocha (fudge). He has gained weight!!! I thought he wanted to adopt a baby, not have one…

  2. Henry Holland says

    It takes more courage to be openly Republican than to be openly gay in New York today. I’m a bit of a contrarian.”

    You’re also a bit of an idiot too. When kids from the ‘burbs start bashing your head in with a baseball bat just because you’re a Republican, then you might have a point.

  3. Leland Frances says

    That Huffington Post piece reads like so much dog shit on the soles of your best shoes smells.

    Ms. David is clearly yet another Follywood gay ghetto fag who confuses needing a hug with political insight and goals. “The HRC/LOGO Democratic forum showed the candidates gamely trying to not run screaming into the night.” What utter drool. Or stool.

    Scandanavians don’t mind the gays? Keen. But apparently they aren’t fond of gay retards. Otherwise why would they have let David leave rather than crowning him Queen Christina er James? I’ll gladly take up a collection for his one-way ticket back.

  4. peterparker says

    If Gael Garcia Bernal is not the hottest man to have ever lived I don’t know who is.

  5. anon says

    Funny thing over the weekend

    California Democrat straw poll

    edwards at #1 41%

    hillary was down the list at like 3rd or 4th place

    The die hard dems, the progressives, the workers on the streets who attend these straw polls are supporting Edwards.

    Ealso recently won the Washington and Wisconsin straw polls.

    Hillary better be careful relying on media “push polls”. leiberman was the “push poll” MSM designated dem nom before the primaries way back when. Reality hit home hard when people actualy voted like they did in the straw polls.

  6. nic says

    Amen, Peterparker. Intellegent, talented, socially aware and socially active, sexy, gorgeous… Gael is smokin’.

  7. anon ( says

    Mexico would be better off ditching its horrible Napoleonic code with something based on English Common Law than having $300 a plate fundraisers. Having to prove your innocence in court is a bit antiquarian.

    I wonder how Brown’s new silent-soldier policy is going to square with his plans for a written British bill of rights and full constitution. At least he is willing to give power back to UK citizens, unlike over here, where it’s a constant tussle in the courts. He’s also a welcome change on that front compared to power-mad Tony Blair, who was on his way to regulating sex between married couples if he’d stayed in office much longer.

  8. Joshua says

    What dream world are you living in ANON…?
    Brown giving power back to the people….that damn near made me choke. Just name 1 single *power* that Mr. Brown has given back to the *people*….hell even one of the hundreds of powers the Labour goverment TOOK from the people would be nice.
    The UK is the most UNfree country in Europe, and in the world among non out and out dictatorships. As bad as this country is about personal liberties, we make the UK look like China under Mao.

    Wake up dude….it don’t matter who’s in power or what party they belong to….we the *people* will be getting screwed without lube.

  9. John says

    Too bad you aren’t reporting on Obama at Area. Not only did Barack spend his brilliant 30 minute speech talking directly to his largely gay and lesbian audience, but he and Edwards were head and shoulders above Hillary as far as G&L issues are concerned. She spent her 15 minutes on stage at the Forum justifying DOMA and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. Hillary is just more of the same…. She ain’t no rockstar to me….

  10. el polacko says

    seriously .. who are these guys who are cheering hillary when she basically doesn’t support us on ANY issue ?!

  11. anon says

    El they are DLC people and log cabin repubs. The DLC are dinosaurs who are repub lite. DNC is where the progressives are and the ones who delivered 2006 victory. The repubs want hillary to run so bad they are salivating. Her running in the general election automaticaly hands victory to a repub. Her negatives are so high that she will turn off dems from voting and turn on repubs to vote.

    Edwards/ Obama 08

    That is if Gore doesn’t enter after the Nobel Peace Prize awards, he is nominated = free publicity hillary would kill chelsea and bill for.

  12. Thomas says

    “Not only did Barack spend his brilliant 30 minute speech talking directly to his largely gay and lesbian audience”

    WOW! You have GOT to be kidding! HUGE surprise! Can’t believe his campaign would market the Arena event to gays, after the forum which was…for gays…and on the same day he finally released his list of named LGBT supporters five months after Edwards and Clinton, HE TALKED DIRECTLY TO HIS LARGELY GAY AND LESBIAN AUDIENCE. But thanks for letting us know.

  13. nic says

    anon, that link to dailykos doesn’t work. i’ve gone to dailykos and done a search on “california democratic straw poll” with no results. i’ve also done a google search and, nothing. none of the network news nor the “news hour” on pbs mentioned this poll. i have never heard of a california straw poll, and i’ve followed politics for many years. i am at a loss here.

  14. TC says

    Why did Obama’s people bar media from the entrance to his Arena gay fundraiser that night, telling them they’d have to stand on the other side of the street – where, ironically, Edwards’ event was occuring and media were welcome?

  15. nic says

    believe me, i’ve copied and pasted numerous times to no avail. i’ve also gone to the site but can’t find it. i’ll try again. as i said, i’ve never heard of a ca. straw poll, so i’m curious. thanx

  16. John says

    Fundraisers are closed press though gay press was allowed inside of the Area event for Obama. They just didn’t want Access Hollywood (staked out outside) for obvious reasons. Obama expressed himself as a true champion of the community on Thursday night. And frankly, who cares when he releases his list of LGBT supporters as long as he does it?

    In contrast, Hillary didn’t mention the word “gay” or “lesbian” ONCE in her speech at The Abbey. And I guess Bill Clinton deserves a big thank you for signing DOMA into law since it saved us from the Federal Marriage Amendment which is what Hillary said at the forum. Revisionist history at its worst…

    Happy to send you stories/photos from Thursday night but don’t know how I go about doing that.

  17. nic says

    ok, anon, i found it. the straw poll you refer to is not a state poll in the sense that the iowa straw poll is. there, the poll is by and for the iowa state repug party. the so-called straw poll in ca. took place at the cdc (ca. democratic council) convention. the cdc is an affiliation of democratic political clubs in the state. the ca. democratic party has nothing to do with that convention. given that the two are not related nor are they even comparable in political strength and funding, i would hesitate to read too much into those results. hillary has been widening her lead over obama, and edwards has been fading in nat’l polls. while it is still too early to tell, the pundits on the different political didcussion shows on sunday morning seemed to think hillary will be the dem nominee. there is still plenty of time, so it remains to be seen.

  18. k says

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, NIC, re : Gael. I fell in love with him at the first viewing of ‘Y Tu Mamá Tambien’.. and he has only gotten better with age… the whole package, not just his looks.

  19. Joe T. says

    ALL politicians are sneaky creeps. Obama, Hillary, John Edwards, as well as the Republican candidates. All one can do s vote for the one he thinks will get the most done for his own important issues.

  20. Bill Perdue says

    Joe T. – “ALL politicians are sneaky creeps. Obama, Hillary, John Edwards, as well as the Republican candidates. All one can do s vote for the one he thinks will get the most done for his own important issues.
    ” That would be ‘none of the above.’

    El – “seriously .. who are these guys who are cheering hillary when she basically doesn’t support us on ANY issue ?!”

    They’re shills, hacks and plants who pathetically identify with those in power and project their own puerile worship of power onto the gangsters who run the twin parties of the ruling rich.

  21. Haroon says

    God, that Britney guy is hot! I’d do him in a second! (WHAT a retard though, but that’s part of the appeal… 😉

  22. Leland Frances says

    John, you’re obviously another hear no truth, see no truth, say no truth Troll for Your Great Messiah Obama. How do you know what both His Holiness and Hillary said or did not say at their fundraisers? Were you in two places at once? Did he say ONE THING that Hillary or Edwards did not say in the forum or previously? If so, what was it? Come on put your proof where your mouth is—after you take it off Obama’s ass.

    Fundraisers are NOT always closed to press, and the reporter I know that Obama’s rep banished to the other side of the street was from KTLA not Access Hollywood. KTLA’s video report is on their news site and YouTube where you can see that and Edwards taped talking to people whereas Obama is invisible. Besides, what the fuck do you mean “for obvious reasons”? We’re talking LA in 2007 not Mississippi in 1947. Did the invitation to the Obama event promise there would be no nongay press allowed to expose scared sodomites to the world?