Wentworth Miller and Luke MacFarlane Take it to the Streets


Wentworth Miller and Luke MacFarlane (former companion of T.R. Knight) were recently spotted on an outing. No conclusions should be drawn here, but feel free to let your fantasies run wild.


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  1. yeahisaidit says

    o.k…so in the bottom photo they are walking up the sidewalk to the front door of my apartment with some sweet purple buds and lots of time to kill….

  2. Sean says

    Same basic t-shirt, check.
    Same pants, check.
    Same flip flops, check.
    Color cordinated hats, check.
    Yeah, totally NOT gay at all!!!!!!

  3. L says

    They are cute, BUT I think the photos looks photoshopped. Look at went’s hat in the last picture…Hope they’re real tough :)

  4. says

    I don’t know … the two outdoor shots (one here, and one on the “wetforwent” site) both look a little Photoshoppy. No one has listed a source for the photos yet, either … (correct?)

  5. Countervail says

    Could this be the answer to the Blind Item people are speculating about over on Queerty?

  6. ggreen says

    How can you be certain they’re gay? They are wearing thongs. It’s like driving a mini Cooper or a Mazda Miata (both Barbie Cars). Might as well wear a pink neon sign that flashes “FAG”. Straight guys aren’t obsessed with showing off their pedis and heterosexual males no mater how metro-sexual friendly never drive Barbie cars.

  7. bscout says

    GGREEN, you haven’t been to Los Angeles have you? “Thongs” as you call them are de rigeur for the westside communities if not most of the LA metro area.

    However, I’ll go with you on the cars… wouldn’t be caught dead in either

  8. Rad says

    Straight. Look at the photos. WeHo, same outfit in daylight as in the car at night. If they were gay, there would have been a change to the evening ensemb. Their straight as can be in WeHo…

  9. Mike says

    Brilliant job on both their parts. The tabloid media is 24/7 speculating that they are gay, they both have said they are straight…their exposure is down so what do they do? They do out together to get their names back on the gossip sites. Kudos, well played.

  10. DB says

    Not to burst your bubble but tabloid speculation that you are gay won’t help your career as a television actor. It just means that certain casting directors (often gay themselves) won’t consider you for any roles at all.

  11. says

    I thing anything that make Pvt. Dumphy happy, makes me happy. Friends or more; they seem like great guys.

    Scrolling down through your site got me really extra happy as I came upon this post. If you cut ’em off above the waist, they look like any couple strolling down Ocean Walk this past week on their way to tea!!!!!!!!!

  12. who cares says

    If they’re not walking over to my front door for a threeway, then I really don’t care if they’re gay or not!

  13. jeff says

    Boo. I had heard Jakey G. was coming out today. This is a letdown; Wentworth’s sexuality is not in question – he’s certainly a ‘mo. And I don’t get the appeal.

  14. nic says

    i’m presuming that Wenty, being a british-born guy with an african-american father and a northern european mother is probably un-cut. if my logic follows, he’s a double treat (threat?). pull down the manties and you see the glory that is Wenty, then pull back the skin and another surprise. both guys are f’n hot. i’d like to be part of that manwich.

  15. lou says

    Come on, the man is gay a denied it to save his career.

    That makes him a sell-out to homophobic Hollywood.

  16. Franco says

    Yes, Went is uncut. He mentioned it in an interview and he is listed as uncut on a couple celeb websites if you google it.

  17. mike says

    Would love to a little docking with Wenty if he is uncut. He needs a manservant, I just know it. Someone discreet, faithful and gets the job done so Wentworth can be Wentworth. I volunteer.

  18. danielle says

    a gay man and a straight man can’t be friends though. that would mean tolerance in america…surely a man hanging out with an openly gay man MUST mean that the former is out as well.

    *shakes head*

    i feel badly for the both of them, not to mention for the stereotypes perpetuated here.


    You know what this is crazy. All of these people are so obsessed with celebrities and there sexuality. First off you can not listen to rumors because anyone can make up a rumor about someone. This is it needs to stop, that is why our society is the way it is today. Unless A PERSON actually come’s out like Lance Bass and say that they are gay, stop with the speculation. As a Christian women myself, I do not agree with homosexuality but people are going to do what they want to do. And I can respect that. And even if they were Gay, it is there life and they are still human beings, whom we should continue to love. Get over it!! It is so sad to see alot of negative comments placed on WEBSITES SUCH AS THIS ONE ABOUT celebrities.

  20. me says


    perez said they were dating months ago.

    There are several other pictures on just jared

  21. yum says

    check out the other photos on just jared. it shows wentworth coming out of the airport with a suitcase. which means luke picked him up from the airport!?!? which means..hes been away sooo long and they just had to see each other right away!!

    def. together.
    def. hot.
    def. a good thing.

  22. jaden says

    To I Love Jeses Always 4Ever:

    Go back to one of your Bible-thumping sites and leave us alone. In case you haven’t noticed, this is a site run by a gay man. No one could care less if you “don’t agree” with homosexuality. As for Wenty, face it, hun, he’s gay. There has been speculation for years now about hm, and Perez Hilton even mentioned his dating Luke back in June, when there was NO photographic evidence whatsoever. Most people thought Perez was pulling this info out of his ass and that they don’t even know each other. Well, guess what? They don’t only know each other, they spend a full day together in matching outfits. So, move on to your next crush – until he comes out too.

  23. gwmyvr says

    hate to rain on the ‘look at the matching sandals’ parade, but if you look at the pictures of Jake Gyllenhall in the Hamptons photos..he is wearing the same sandals. There must a been on sale at Target. As much as I’d love to be able to call these guys as one of us.. this is not proof of a poof.

  24. sara says

    is that really really wentworths boyfriend but i find went so muscilan and he seems like a real man so i cant believe it