Towleroad Guide to the Tube #168

DAVID DURANTE: The 27-year-old from New Jersey recently became the 2007 USA Gymnastics champion.

CHRIS CROCKER: Britney has at least one fan left. As dlisted notes: “You might want to turn the volume down when you play this video, because bitch can wail!”

DR. EVIL: Someone has an interesting role model.

THE REAL RUDY: Brave New Films takes on the former NYC mayor on 9/11 and the command center.

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  1. Vince says

    BllaaaahhhhAAAHHAAA, LMAO !!!

    Oh Shit !!

    Miss Crocker – Cock-her, you sure iz one devoted fan.

    OMG !!!

    Thanks for the laugh on this dark day here in NYC

    Can that gurl wail !!!!


  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Y’all laugh and make fun of Ms Crocker, but I would’ve been like that if it weren’t for alcohol. Some of us gay folks are simply emotionally high-strung, or strung out…he is gay, isn’t he?

    In fact, if any of y’all say anything bad about Reggie Bush this season, you’re going to have to DEAL WITH ME just like you’ll deal with Chris over Britney…got that?

  3. sean says

    rudy goonliani talks like sylvester the cat. for that reason alone, he’d make this country an excellent prez. considering how low our standards are for this job.

  4. Jeff- says

    She’s be more convincing if she had real tears streaming down her face as she cries for Brit, or does Has Brit resonate better?

    Sorry for the bad play on words on “has been,” I couldn’t help me-self

  5. Wayne says

    Wait… Chris Crocker is a man??!! My God! I’ll stop right there because “he’s” got enough problems without me laughing at him…although a good hard chuckle is certainly going to happen 😉

  6. Brian says

    Oh dear. Miss Crocker, honey… a little Seroquel once a day will make those voices stop. Talk to your doctor and ask if Seroquel is right for you.

    I’m betting he’ll say yes.

  7. invisiboy says

    I’m with Nikko. How embarassing for all of us. At first CC was just a good laugh, then I questioned if she was for real, now I’m a little depressed. Aren’t there more pressing matters to get worked up over?

  8. cub67nyc says

    Can we please stop the Rudy Guiliani bashing on here? It’s grown tiresome. That whole movie is just swiftboating in reverse, and I thought Democrats were above such things. That’s what they say all the time, anyway.

  9. john says

    I totally agree with Chris Crocker. Infact if I disagree in any way it’s that I think Britney is fine and that her MTV performance was camp and fantastic. You go Chris and of course you go BRITNEY!!

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