Larry Birkhead Explains Why He and Stern Hit Up Gay Pride

Stern_birkheadLarry Birkhead continues to respond to allegations by Rita Cosby that he and lawyer Howard K. Stern were sexually involved and conspired to share Anna Nicole Smith’s estate, telling Us magazine that the only reason he and Stern were spotted at West Hollywood’s The Abbey during Gay Pride is because he was there to document Anna Nicole.

Said Birkhead: “Zero truth to it. I don’t know how Cosby can print lies like that without once attempting to contact me. That’s journalism 101. I was a photographer. My camera is around my neck in every picture.”

Except, of course, for this one, shot at the Abbey. But Birkhead’s got the saner explanation here. Anna Nicole was known to flock where she knew her fans were, and on the gayest day of the year? Anyone who has ever spent time on Santa Monica on that Sunday in June (or The Abbey these days) knows the straights aren’t afraid to come out in force.

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  1. Wes says

    They very well might be gay for all I know, but I’m apprehensive about scaring straight people away from attending Gay Pride by suggesting they must be gay for doing so.

    We best not get into the habit of implying one’s presence at Pride is evidence of anything about their sexuality. It’s tacky and not going to do any good gaining external support for our community.

  2. sad.... says

    Just b/c a straight person is in a gay club doesn’t necessarily mean they are gay. Tired of those inferences…c’mon. Gay people built the club scene so now the straights aren’t allowed to partake. Victor Calderone’s fans these days are so much more mixed than ever and that’s great. Hit up Pacha and the straights, gays, bisexuals, transexuals, etc. are all partying together!!!!

  3. scientitian says

    They’re welcome to be not gay. I’m gonna go ahead and say that as human beings we can only benefit from distancing ourselves from this pair as much as possible.

  4. whatever says

    It’s both interesting and sad that just like the Sen. Craig situation the media is confusing being gay with criminal activity. Sen. Craig committed a lewd act, and that is not exclusive to homosexuality. Even if Howard & Larry have had a gay relationship, that by itself has nothing to do with any criminal acts such as the murders of Anna Nicole and her son Daniel, or with conspiring to get Dannielynn’s possible fortune.

    It is almost always the media that distorts things.

  5. Derek says

    Sorry Sad…. but Pacha is not the melting pot you seem to think it is. On more than one occasion there my friends and I have been called fags by the straight crowd and the gay guys tend to stay close to one another in small protected pockets on the dance floor. And the only transexual I’ve seen there left soon after because she was threatened and called names. There is an air of open hostility and aggression that exists in that club. Don’t mean to burst your bubble but you must be on some serious drugs or straight yourself to think other wise

  6. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Even if Larry’s bi; if he and Howard didn’t have sex together then Rita Cosby still lying…and the “icky-factor” of the allegation still makes it defamatory to Larry’s reputation.

  7. says

    Larry and Howard are gayer than Anderson Cooper’s sock drawer!!!

    Why is it that straight is self-evident and gay/lesbian “speculation”?

    Anna Nicole’s primary sex partners were women and she was a humungous fag-hag — which is how she got hooked up with Birkhead and Stern.

    Straights have RUINED WeHo.

  8. jimmyboyo says

    Just remember that 1 month before Anna died and right after the son died, Anna’s mother publicly procalimed on the news that Anna would die next, soon, and stern would be the culprit.

  9. jimmyboyo says


    When the video shows up will you still be screaching in defense of the 2 crooks and murderes?

    Pssssssssssssssssss, they killed her with an overdose as well as the son and first heir of her estate.

  10. says

    I think it’s important to note that Anna Nicole was Grand Marshall of the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade just hours before this photo was taken. As you all know, Where she goes, Stern goes.

  11. mw says

    Hmmm. And Anna in her diarys talked about how much she hated sex and men being after her “that way” so no wonder she surrounded herself with gays-her druggie doctor, Sandeep Kapoor, Bobby Trendy, the guys in the Bahamas that did that pink thing on her coffin now it looks like Howard and Larry (according to Kerrick Ross) too.

  12. Joshua says

    What the fuck does it matter if they are gay or gay for a day or str8?
    The whole mess is sordid, and it’s Anna Nicole’s fault because she lived some sort of fantasy life and those in it did as well.
    I’m hoping this is all just bullshit by Cosby to sell an otherwise useless waste of tree’s. All that matters is that the kid grow up with a healthy mind and happy, which isn’t going to happen as long as people like Cosby think they can make a buck off other peoples misery.

    Birkhead, if nothing else had the guts to make his claim that the child was his and Stern gave up because he knew damn well it wasn’t his. It takes money to pay for lawyers and to raise a kid, and Birkhead got no cash for all his troubles, so I don’t begrudge him the money he has made from the photo shoots. After all, he was a legitimate photo-journelist before he met Anna Nicole.

  13. Laurens says

    Gay. Gay. Gay. And messed up to the max. Look at their eyes for Christ’s sake. Going to Gay Pride doesn’t always mean you’re gay, but given the evidence that has surfaced since, it’s fairly obvious that the article was correct.

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