Toilet Paper from Larry Craig’s Bathroom Stall for Sale on Ebay

If you thought the massage table auction from the Ted Haggard scandal was silly, this’ll beat it. There are currently no bids (and for good reason) on an eBay auction of toilet paper allegedly from the Minneapolis airport bathroom stall where Idaho Senator Larry Craig’s story began. What’s next? Mark Foley’s mouse pad?

TpVia The Politico: “In the listing, Steviewonder2002 guarantees the ‘white single-ply standard airport tissue’ was torn from none other than the second stall on the right. Steviewonder2002 did not respond to repeated requests for comment. However, airport spokesman Patrick Hogan said it is ‘highly doubtful’ that Steviewonder2002’s sheets were actually in the toilet paper dispenser at the time of Craig’s arrest. However, the bathroom was not sealed off at the time of the lunchtime arrest on June 11, the spokesman said. ‘I don’t really see how anybody — even a maintaince worker or anybody in the public — would have known the senator was in question,’ he said. ‘Also, the arrest was in June, but it didn’t become public until August.'”

America…land of opportunity.

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