1. Brad says

    Colin Farrell is such a cutie, but it seems like all casual pictures of him are with a cigarette in his mouth. Ugh!! The man probably smells and tastes like a big ashtray.

  2. Brad says

    Colin Farrell is such a cutie, but it seems like all casual pictures of him are with a cigarette in his mouth. Ugh!! The man probably smells and tastes like a big ashtray.

  3. johnnzboy says

    Happily, there are some of us who find a man’s appeal increased by a fag in his mouth (pun pseudo-intended), and while it’s true that smokers may smell and taste of stale tobacco, at least it masks any worse smells – the most repellent and putrid breath I’ve had the misfortune to encounter generally comes from non-smokers – keep sucking ’em back, Colin!

  4. Cody says

    I hear you Shabka, he is HOT, smoking or not, and, I’m a non-smoker, but, for those who are shrillly anti-tobacco, there are plenty of others you can drool over who follow the pure life style that turns you on, I for one don’t care about those with thier way of all telling others what to do.

    I just can’t stand the PC police, well, PC when it suits them, LOL!

  5. Jordan says

    I agree with Shabaka. Colin is hottness defined, but I loves me some bad boys.

    And I wish people would just lighten the fuck up with smoking. I mean, I don’t smoke myself, but I support other people’s rights to do it, cause if that doesn’t kill you, something else certainly will.

  6. johnnzboy says

    Afraid it looks like your tedious righteousness is in the minority here Crispy! Sure smoking is laden with dangers, but aren’t all the pleasurable things in life? I am aware of and acknowledge the risks and don’t inpose my habits on innocent bystanders (thanks to recent British anti-smoking legislation of which I heartily approve) so why does it concern you in the least if I indulge in my minor vice, or find it appealing in others? The amount I’m taxed more than covers any potential future health-care costs, unless it kills me quickly first… Go back to your oxygen tent and your vain attempts at eking out your existence by depriving yourself of pleasure – as my mother said often, we’re here for a good time, not a long time, and better to die with a smile on my face and a cigarette in my mouth that with lips pursed tightly in sterile disapproval…

  7. Strepsi says

    Anyone whining about the cigarette diminishes the hotmess, you are evidently not familiar with show business, and can not look at another actor again. Because ALL. ACTORS. SMOKE. Every single one. It is an appetite suppresant, a relaxand AND stimulant for waiting on-set for hours at a time without eating. ALL. ACTORS SMOKE.

  8. mike says

    Always get a kick out of all the self-righteous, prissy non-smokers and their “yuck” comments when someone has a cig dangling from their mouth. Like everything else, cigarette smoking in moderation is an adult pleasure. Yeah, yeah “second-hand smoke” blah blah blah. Well, I grew up in a smoke-filled house, spent X-years in the military, hung out at bars and clubs, yet I don’t smoke and I’ve never had any ill effects. It’s all hype by prudes and prisses who just can’t stand the idea of anything being pleasurable that they don’t “approve” of. Smoke, Colin and anyone else who wants to. Enjoy your vices. The day is coming when there won’t be any left to enjoy without being jailed or stoned to death.

  9. Pecos Bill says

    Well, congratulations Mike. I grew up with two smokers and could not wait to move out just to get away from the stink. I’m allergic to it, too. I also have an above average sense of smell. I can smell smokers driving a half mile ahead of me or more and will change lanes or close my vent & windows to avoid it. Most smokers think that their cloud of stench is gone when they can’t see it but it lingers while it permeates. As for it not affecting you, that’s highly debatable. Just because it hasn’t killed you outright (as it doesn’t kill smokers immediately) does not mean it doesn’t harm you. There is a town in Montana that saw a significant reduction in heart attacks of non-smokers when smoking in public buildings was banned.

    I’m not in favor of telling any adult they can’t smoke or trying to stop them from doing so on their property. That’s their right. As I’m allergic to it, it’s also my right not to have to smell it on mine or in public.

    Since you seem to spend so much time in smoke filled space by your admission, does that make you a smoker?

    Did you know that smokers are ill more often? As they pay the same rate for health insurance in many cases, that means that I’m subsidizing their illnesses caused by smoking. I don’t call that self-righteous, but financially impacting.

    So, I do say yuck to seeing stink-weed. Basic association of stink to the sight of the noxious emitter. I’m also entitled to my yuck opinion as much as anyone else is entitled to think it’s hot.

    (Jordan, life causes death so your statement is pointless.)

  10. Gator says

    It’s trashy. He is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful men on the planet, but damn, it just is such a shame. I don’t care how how someone is… if I see them light up, I’m instantly uninterested. Nothing smells worse than a chain smoker, and the funny thing is, they don’t even realize how they smell. Back in college, I broke several frat brothers from the habit by gathering some of their clothes (after they’d been smoking in them), putting them in a trash bag for a few days and then letting them take a whif. They were appropriately disgusted and all but one quit.

    Smoking is just so damn unnecessary. I think less of a personal instantly for doing it.

  11. Charles says

    This is a very old thread…but for anyone who still ventures here I would like to comment on an above post.
    PECOS BILL makes the claim that he has a right to live free of the smell of cigarette smoke because it interferess with his sense of smell. Well, I don’t drive a car – I drive a bicycle – and I don’t care for car exhaust (or for salvage yards or the destruction made to forests for superhighways, etc.) because it makes me sick. I don’t go around telling people not to drive. I hate it when people drive to go less than a mile down the street. It is wasteful. I don’t yap my flap about that waste. I deal with the passing cars going by my home. PECOS BILL needs to learn how to deal with the fact that he’s not the only person on earth.

  12. sabazius says

    Revisionism – to reinterpret past events out of context, to re-write the past to be compatible with current or politically correct actions and views.

    I smoked because I did – when it was not an issue in 1968. 38 years of smoking is more then a habit – heroin addicts say its easier to quit heroin then it is to quit tobacco. Show a little compassion!

    Ten years prior my mom was told to smoke by a MD for weight loss and anxiety control. It’s still a part of what a medium uses (channelling RAMTHA).

    J.Z. Knight likes a cigarette and a cherry coke! 08/1994 = ‘it is grounding and helps me with the re-entry after Ramtha has spent up to 2 hours speaking through me.

    Native traditions – it is part of a shaman experience to blend body and spirit in balance – during rituals.

    Now it’s not PC. Now you can buy them freely but can’t smoke them freely – because governments don’t want to lose on the taxation. Hypocrites!

    Let’s also look at the core problem of those of us that are toxic and sick with the gallons of cologne and perfume used in american culture. Sometimes I’ve fainted with the fumes that hit me like a cartoon anvil. Sick to falling over. I have to reduce social events because of perfume toxic rooms. People use too much, too often.

    Natural human phermones smell intoxicatingly wonderful. But we love to spend money on perfumes that deeply affect and offend others – such as me. But does smoking not have the same impact on your system’s sensitivity? Live and let live.

    Americans lack understanding and compassion. When you judge – you show no acceptance of things you don’t understand and it makes other people nervous around you. Canadians, europeans, asians.

    So judge not, listen and accept things you even if you don’t like because if you want to go anywhere in life you have to grow up and stop feeling your opinion means a damn thing to anyone else! It’s just an opinion.

    Freedom of speech allows people to mouth off with stupid judgements. Real freedom of speech is the refinement of thought and the depth of compassion and the education of thought that is worked hard for by educated people. No right is intrinsic. It’s a goal. Abused my most, unfortunately.

    What you think of me is none of my business. Mostly because what most people think of me would drive me crazy if I let it affect me. I love humanity, but I don’t pee in public! So don’t think your opinions are any less obscene to me.

    Your opinions say more about you. They are nothing but a projection that means their stuff mirrored on me but originate from you. What you know of yourself is what you are limited to believe in others.

    So – listen, accept, learn and please shut up!

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