De La Hoya Sued for $100 Million for Coercion Over Drag Photos


So, the woman selling the photos of Oscar de la Hoya in drag is now suing the boxer because she says his lawyers coerced her into not making more money off of them.

DlhReuters reports: “Milana Dravnel, who the New York Post and New York Daily News reported had met de la Hoya at a strip club where she worked, said the agreement was made after she had already sold some of the images to a Hollywood photo agency for $70,000…Dravnel, 22, said a representative of de la Hoya coerced her into signing the agreement, which blocked her from selling or discussing the pictures she took of the 34-year-old boxer…She said she was “unaware of the legal consequences of the transaction” and that she did not have a lawyer present when she signed the agreement. As a result, Dravnel has been cheated out of income and has been unable to repair her damaged public reputation, the lawsuit said. Dravnel is suing for fraud, defamation, interfering with a contract, and exerting undue and intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Uh, her public reputation was damaged?

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  1. Paul says

    What a bitch. Not to mention, idiot. $100 million? I feel bad for Oscar for having the bad taste and poor judgment ever to have partied with her.

  2. secretagentman says

    I dont feel bad for him one little bit. He’s a liar. You party with strippers and hookers and let them take pictures of you in drag, you get what you deserve.

  3. says

    What’s the big deal about some fishnets? So he likes to play games? I don’t know why anyone would care. If he brought those awesome abs over to my house, he could play dress up all he wants.

  4. Jersey says

    Wow so those pics were real? They looked like awful photoshop jobs. He is most adorable in the sans fishnet pic accompanying this article though, for sure.

  5. says

    She’s suing him because she signed an agreement that prevented her from exploiting his photos and/or extorting him? Oh, poor baby!

    If that’s not kicked out of court, then there’s no legal system left at all in the US.

  6. nic says

    ok, the guy is a dawg, but that doesn’t mean he should be taken advantage of by a hooker.

    he is sooo hot. and kinky, too.

  7. anon ( says

    She’s hoping he’ll settle. Claiming ignorance and non-representation is getting easier all the time, but there are limits to what the courts will allow. It comes down to the language of the contract and whether a reasonable person could be expected to understand the language, or if the party in question signed under duress, impairment or lack of capacity. However, abrogation of contracts is generally not a prerequisite for damages as the voided contract allows the party to continue unimpeded, making that claim much harder to prove.

    De La Hoya ain’t that pretty.

  8. Jordan says

    He is hot (in the boxing photo).

    The cheap slut is just bitter she got played. I mean, I’m sure pretty much everyone has by now partied in hotel rooms with hookers, whores, and porn stars of both genders, but c’mon! Don’t allow yourself to be photographed. Then stuff like this won’t happen.

    You gotta use your head. You never know when you might need to use yourself as a brand in the future ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. john says

    The second comment if pretty correct – party with strippers and let them take photos and … you will find there is a price. It is a shame for his wife and family.

  10. Tahrah says

    I love the fact that he’s a crossdresser, I love the fact that he’s a gifted athelete. I’m stunned that he could be so short-sighted. Nevertheless, getting sued over protecting yourself is insaine!
    I agree, If that womans case goes to court the justice system is obsurd.