Andreas Lundstedt of Pop Group Alcazar Reveals He is HIV Positive


Andreas Lundstedt, the lead singer of the Swedish pop-disco group Alcazar, has revealed to QX magazine that he is HIV positive.

The Local reports: “Rumours that he was infected had been circulating in music circles for a number of years, but until now Lundstedt had kept his diagnosis to himself. He told QX that he was revealing his status now because ‘I feel I am at the right stage in my life.’ Lundstedt is the first Swedish entertainment star since the eighties to admit publicly to being HIV positive. He said the strain of the virus with which he was infected is not as aggressive as some other strains. ‘I’m lucky in that I don’t need to swallow masses of tablets,’ he said, adding: ‘I feel great. This is nothing that affects my daily life.’ The singer said he did not know who infected him and had never felt a need to know. He told his then-boyfriend immediately following the diagnosis. None of Lundstedt’s partners since then have been infected, including current partner Mattias, he said. Among his ex-boyfriends is former Alcazar band-mate Magnus Carlsson.”

Alcazar’s European breakthrough hit was “Crying at the Discotheque”. They also achieved success here in the U.S. with “This is The World We Live In” and a more recent remake of Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me”.

(image and news via a swede in sf)


  1. jason says

    Being HIV-positive reinforces negative stereotypes about gay and bisexual men. Our image is bad enough already. We should NEVER put sickness up on a pedestal nor should we tie our movement to a disease.

  2. my god! says

    In this day and age there is NO reason to get HIV (other than a blood transfuion possibly)….people need to stop be unsafe!!! Past generations have tried to educate us…why are we listening!!!! sad…

  3. says

    Wow ‘Jason’ could you be more of a pr*ck?!

    How is this putting sickness on a pedestal?

    It’s a sad fact.

    I doubt anyone’s racing out to be become HIV+ from reading the article.

  4. Brandon says

    He also left out promiscuity, and that’s even with “protection” as they DO have a failure rate. But I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath waiting for gay men to modify THAT behavior.

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