Queen Latifah Throws Cold Water on Lesbian Wedding Rumors

Latifah_2Recent reports that Queen Latifah had proposed to her longtime personal trainer Jeanette were squashed by the Queen while she was in Chicago recently to promote her upcoming film The Perfect Holiday.

Said Latifah to the Sun-Times: “When you’re famous these days, it’s just part of the deal — unfortunately. People will make up all sorts of things that are not true…There ain’t gonna be no wedding.”


  1. mike says

    “Ain’t gonna be no wedding.” (BUT, don’t mean we ain’t gonna live together.) C’mon, Latifah. Don’t be afraid. You got so many of us who LOVE you. We got your back, girl. Don’t worry ’bout it.

  2. says

    No matter whether Latifah is a gay or not, we still love her. We love her for she is just Latifah not anybody else. Just like we are not ashamed of to be overweight. Quite a few of big people at largeplace.com love you forever.

  3. STEPHANIE says

    I think all yall are full of bulshit. So what Queen Latifa has a female friend? Yall niggaz dont? Yall bitches and hoez always wanna start some pissy ass rumors. Well yall hoez can suck dick and yall niggaz can eat pussy. What yall really need to do is shove them pathetic motha fuckin rumors up ya ass and then eat it when you shit. Mediatakeout.com can screw they bullshit ass website too. They cant reveal they source but they sure she a lesbian. BULLSHIT MOTHAFUCKAS GO TO HELL.

  4. says

    Hey Queen Latifah people get there glourey of speading romers and you dont need to listen to people that say thing like that because they dont now what else to talk about so they make up stores with nothing better to do and its all childes thing for people to do but there is alot of us that dont beleave everything we hear but girl you got it going on eneyway and im shore you are very happy your musica is awesome and your movies are awesome two so good luck and all the power to you and love you Latifah you are the girl and the OUEEN.

  5. Think says

    I saw Queen Latifah on the Larry King show the other night making a plug for her book and it seems that the gist of it is that and I quote “Every woman is a queen and deserves to be treated as one.” Uh, what? Meaning she should be waited on hand and foot by servants, maids and butlers? That she should live in bourgeois decadence never caring how her subjects live in squalor? Because that’s truly what royalty is all about. How about instead “Every woman is a woman and deserves to be treated with respect as a woman, just as every man is a man and deserves to be treated with respect as a man.” But I guess that doesn’t have the gimmicky sloganeering ring to it that Latifah’s statement does.

    I’m sorry but it just irks me that some people still have this backwards, feudalistic mindset that idolizes royalty and wealth. This is 2010. There shouldn’t even BE any queens or kings in existence anymore. Idolizing royalty is to keep a mindset that gets in the way of progress. She’s famous enough now that if she just went by Latifah instead of Queen Latifah everyone this side of Mars would still know who she is so how about it Latifah? Can you drop the “Queen” from your name and get down here with the commoners who work for a living in the hot non-air-conditioned struggles of the poor? How about using that star power and gravitas to push for real wealth redistribution in this country instead of calling yourself a queen and helping legitimize an oppressive status quo?

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