Sean Penn Speech Protester: Stop Supporting America’s Enemies

Actor Sean Penn gave a speech at San Francisco State University regarding his endorsement of Dennis Kucinich for President. During the speech, Leigh Wolf, President of the College Republicans at SFSU, stood with his back to Penn, holding up a sign that said “Stop Supporting America’s Enemies.”

Penn kept speaking until someone attempted to stop the protestor, at which point, Penn said, “That’s okay, this is San Francisco.” When the protester’s sign was removed, he held up another which said, “Hey Sean, have you seen a UFO too?”

In his speech touting Kucinich, which is transcribed here, Penn slammed Hillary Clinton and warned of personal agendas:

“Let’s remind our friends in the social circles of New York and the highbrow winner-friendly and monied major cities that support Mrs. Clinton, that this is not Bill Clinton. For all the misgivings I have about our former President, he raised up friends and opposition alike, his great gift as a motivator of interest and activism, of self-education and participation was, on its own merits, a unique gift. But don’t underestimate personal agendas, those that initiated NAFTA, betrayed Haitian refugees and gay rights in the military within a minute of his own election. Don’t underestimate that part of him when he gives his wife the face of his talent. Don’t underestimate the damage her poisonous ambition can do to this country. We can’t wait for the benefit of hindsight to service the benefit of Mrs. Clinton’s career. Let’s raise up men and women of vision, of integrity, of belief in our principles. How exciting would that be to do?”

Penn will soon begin acting in the title role in Gus van Sant’s biopic of slain SF gay rights leader Harvey Milk.


  1. Derrick from PHilly says

    “…her poisonous ambition…”

    I love you, Sean, but there is a general election after the primaries are over. The nominee may be Mrs Clinton, so lets cut down on the venom, please.

  2. Brandon says

    Kudos to Sean for respecting the rights of a peaceful protester. Far too many protesters have been getting tasered recently. With that said, the guy could have protested without standing in the middle of the aisle and blocking the views. I’m not sure why the guard didn’t have the protester move to another position.

  3. GM says

    Oh, okay, Derrick. Thanks for that helpful advice. So if, like, Pol Pot ran as a dem, we should keep our traps shut, too? Right?

  4. Derrick from PHilly says


    Pol Pot wouldn’t run as a Dem, he’d run as a Republican. Mother Teresa would run as a Dem.

  5. Leland Frances says

    Good one, Derrick!

    “Dennis Kucinich: From the People Who Brought You George Bush II.”

  6. Mike says

    Mother Theresa would probably be to the far-right of Pol Pot. She’s an evil media creation. The Dalai Lama would also be a repug despite the bewildering PR success of showing him a love-and-peace-nik.

    For a light-hearted comparison, try this sampling from John Safran’s TV show:

  7. anon ( says

    No comments from comrade Bill P. on this one? My question is: who’s Michael Moore supporting?