1. Jordan says

    They said Britney was on ‘unknown substances’ lol…like we haven’t all been THERE before…only she’s just doin’ it all for attention (cause she’s just a big attention ‘ho).

    I’m just wondering if this is the year she goes too far and really kills herself. What a hot mess (but I still love her).

  2. Rad says

    Well, for what it’s worth, there are still thousands of people who visit Graceland hoping that Elvis will re-appear. This is no different; other than Britney has proven herself no greater than the trailer trash she warbled out of and is now insistent on falling back into…

  3. Mary, Late Dowager Queen of the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and Ireland I (I suppose) says

    Where does one find gold lame and gilt mirror frames at that time of night? Perhaps lil bobbette has an emergency idiot bag packed for any occasion. And WHERE is Ms. Crocker?? Looking for her soiled underwear???

  4. Chux says

    Bobby Trendy lives a couple of houses down from me… When he is not ‘done-up’ for his public appearances he seems rather low-key and normal around his house… I have come to think of it as an ‘act’. Hell, it’s got him a million home in West Hollywood.

  5. queen of the dammed says

    As for Boobie trendsalot

    she needs to die some one throw that bed she make for anna on her, so we can watch the feet roll up….., can I ask why any of these sites even give them a second on here…., TMZ is mostly to blame for Miss I have no talent, my parents pay for it all…., can we say where are the snipers who need practice, just shoot her

  6. sophia says

    Has anyone ever seen Bobby Trendy in anything else? That sad side arm flounce, the Mrs Thurston Howell III necklace, and can you say “only a smidge of vasoline” on those soup coolers bitch. Thank all that is good, that we can’t see those knee high Barbarella reject boots!

  7. Melissa says

    Not that anyone cares but this kinda stuff happens all the time in the real world and you dont see everyone making a big deal out of that so leave the poor girl alone. Let her family give her the help she need I a sure that everyone making a big deal out of all this is not helping the matter.

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