1. Steve says

    To think, they tore down some perfectly good gay clubs to make room for this white elephant when they already had a stadium.

  2. says

    “There have been many presidents who have thrown out first pitches, but I don’t know of any president who has done it” and been booed!

    That’s what I was expecting. Instead the announcer managed to praise Bush for his throwing technique. Wow, a President who can throw! Now that’s something the US can be proud of.

  3. says

    I clicked that video with such excitement and was rather let down. I despise Bush, but to be fair, there was much more applause and cheering that booing.

  4. LD says

    It’s galling that anyone could even smile and shake this man’s hand. He should be in jail, in solitary confinement, in shame, left to think about what he’s done.

  5. Toddy says

    Quite a different reception from when he came to Yankee Stadium huffing and puffing after September 11.

  6. Hermes in DC says


    This is a blog, and you’re entitled to be as opinionated as you like, but I think you’re letting your opinions get in the way of your hearing on this one.

    I’ll take a back seat to no one in hating this president, who I think should be impeached for gross incompetence and wholesale malfeasance in office. BUT, I was there last night, and although it dismays me as much to say it as it did to hear it, the audio reflects what I heard: much more applause and whistling (don’t know if that’s pro or con) than booing.

    I wish it weren’t so, but the fact is some people still like this guy or, at least, feel that he deserves a show of respect in public in virtue of the office he holds regardless of how he’s conducted himself in it.

    It made me sick. It almost ruined the evening for me and my partner. But a few beers, some good hot dogs and a stunning bottom of the ninth win for the Nats saved the day for us.

  7. meandonlyme says

    A bunch of hypocrites! The same people booing him, are the same people who put him in office twice, and the same people who’ll probably give him a third term via their vote for McCain. The blue collar sheep out there booing need to stop acting like they didn’t ask for exactly what they got, and will again get all because they bought what he sold, and would rather keep buying it.

  8. Jeff says

    Almost all of the ecstasy that I’ve taken in my life was on the land currently occupied by left field.

    I’m kind of turned on by that fact.

  9. Jon says

    While I am definitely not a fan of G.W. and I certainly did not vote for him… I think as a country we still have to show him some form of respect. I think sitting there silently would be more appropriate than booing the elected (in 2004, not 2000…) president of the United States. It just seems a bit immature… but then again it is a baseball game.

  10. Tom says

    They may have torn down gay clubs, but those club owners got paid a lot of money for their businesses, they took it, and they probably opened up somewhere else. Can’t really blame the people involved in the stadium for that.

  11. Tex says

    He deserves NO respect whatsoever. He’s lucky he only gets booed.
    He should be in prison along with the whole entourage that killed this nation.

  12. Tex says

    He deserves NO respect whatsoever. He’s lucky he only gets booed.
    He should be in prison along with the whole entourage that killed this nation.

  13. peterparker says

    JON…George W Bush deserves absolutely NO RESPECT whatsoever. He lied to the American people in order to take the country into an illegal war which has resulted in the deaths of over 4000 American soldiers and tens of thousands (at the very least) Iraqis and Afghans. Bush is a war criminal who should be tried at the Hague and imprisoned or hanged. He deserves not an ounce of respect, but he does deserve all the boos that could ever rain down on him.


  14. John says

    Exactly, the same soccer moms who voted for him twice are now acting like they were the ones who warned the rest of us about Iraq, sub-prime mortgages, and Halliburton. Whenever a popular president becomes unpopular, Middle America always seem to have trouble with their collective memory. Not to mention with telling the truth.

    In reality, the Virginia suburbanites booing Bush today were too busy bulldozing Dixie Chick CDs (and freaking out over gay marriage) in 2003 to think about anything else. And no, you didn’t “warn” us about Bush. So, please spare us your self-righteous indignation and shut the hell up. Unless you’re a liberal activist, African-American, or Bill Maher (the folks who knew he was lying from the beginning)… you don’t get to jeer Bush at a baseball game.