1. rjp3 says

    Is Andy being paid to promote Chad White or is it just his personal crush.

    The guy is just not hot — there are hot 20somethings and boring clone twink models.
    Chad is the second.


  2. Dan says

    While he isn’t my type, I can certainly see how he’d be somebody else’s.

    That being said, and flack worth his salt knows when to say when vis a vis exposure. And anybody with a crush (who isn’t mental) knows when to say when vis a vis obsessing. Either way, Andy…

  3. crispy says

    Jack! is! right!

    I’m tired of looking at pictures of attractive straight men on this site. I demand to see a picture of Bruce Vilanch, bare-chested and holding a puppy.

  4. D.R.H. says

    I’ll take more helpings of Chad White please. There’s something about a attractive straight male that I find incredibly sexy. Perhaps it’s just my own internalized homophobia or maybe I’m just sick of Abercrombie & Fitch and plucked eyebrows.

  5. ohnoes says

    Get over it already Jack.

    His pictures aren’t posted here because you can see how heterosexual he is, they’re posted because [Andy thinks] he’s hot.

    I doubt you bother to do background checks on the guys in all the pictures you fap-fap-fap off with to make sure they’re all 100% gay.

    Try to remember this isn’t your blog; this isn’t the blog of some GLBT public relations group; it’s Andy’s blog. He can post whatever he wants and you can take it or leave it.

  6. crispy says

    Oh, it all makes sense now… Jack! is ugly!

    Sorry to hear that. Well, at least you have a good personality. No, wait… you’re kind of a dick. Tough break, man.

  7. RJP3 says

    He has pretense and elitism written all over his face …. straight ? not sure I am bying that.

    And who cares how NICE he is ???

    He is model. OH I KNOW A MODEL and HE IS NICE …. eww.

    I know a model and he is 19, out and sucks a mean ….

  8. says

    oh u guys are mean! ANDY CAN POST WHATEVER THE FUCK HE WANTS! and im glad he posts Chad, which regardless of him being gay, straight, or transgender, ADMIT it, hes HOTT!!

    so if all u want is gay gay gay, go to and see if u find a hot guy like Chad to bang u!


    ps. BRING ON THE Chadness ANDY!

  9. angel says

    Thank you all for hating him, you are giving less people more chances to strive for him. Bwhahha- I’m a comment postponer. That being said, you even seem jelous because you couldn’t afford a neat and cute puppy out of mutts. I’m not a dog lover but that’s fine to me.

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