News: Rick Astley, Zimbabwe, Fat Joe, David Cook, Karl Lagerfeld

road.jpg Zimbabwe: Intelligence officers for the government of Robert Mugabe force opposition supporters to take down their posters and eat them. “Amnesty International cited a case on March 7, when three members of the Morgan Tsvangirai-led faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) were ordered by intelligence officers to take down election posters. According to Amnesty, the officials forced the opposition supporters to chew the posters and swallow them.”

Gayunitroad.jpg Fat Joe and Suge White mock fellow hip-hop artists 50 Cent and G-Unit with ‘Gay-Unit’ mix tape: “Featuring a Photoshoped image of 50, Yayo and Banks tightly embraced, all three rappers are portrayed with smeared lipstick on the face, as Yayo was tattooed with a “I Miss Jail” on his right shoulder and Banks sporting a portrait of Curtis on his left shoulder with ‘Delicious’ tagged under.” (image via Rod 2.0)

road.jpg American Idol: Is David Cook an ‘original’, or just a really good cover artist?

road.jpg University of Pittsburgh study: LGB youth report higher rates of drug and alcohol use. “The odds of substance use for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) youth are on average 190 percent higher than for heterosexual youth…What’s more, for some sub-populations of LGB youth, the odds were substantially higher, including 340 percent for bisexual youth and 400 percent for lesbians, researchers found. ‘Homophobia, discrimination and victimization are largely what are responsible for these substance use disparities in young gay people,’ said Michael P. Marshal, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychiatry at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of UPMC, who led the study. ‘History shows that when marginalized groups are oppressed and do not have equal opportunities and equal rights, they suffer. Our results show that gay youth are clearly no exception.'”

Astleyroad.jpg The second coming of Rick Astley: the “Never Gonna Give you Up” singer talks about the RickRoll.

road.jpg Apparently they are remaking the 70’s kids TV show Land of the Lost at the La Brea Tar Pits, but I don’t know how you can ever replicate the wonderfully bad fake dinos and the Sleestaks…

road.jpg Ellen Degeneres top television host in new poll.

road.jpg ‘Domestic partnership’ to become ‘mutual commitment’ in Salt Lake City? “Some legislators argued that the term ‘domestic partnership,’ at least in spirit, violated Utah’s constitutional Amendment No. 3, which bans same-sex marriage and substantially similar civil unions. Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker said Tuesday he will recommend to the City Council that the name be changed to the mutual commitment registry. The City Council likely will consider the recommendation at its April 1 meeting. If approved, the registry could be up and running as soon as April 7.”

road.jpg Ronald Haines, Episcopal Bishop who ordained lesbian in 1991, dies in Pennsylvania.

road.jpg Karl Lagerfeld the subject of new documentary: “The film is Lagerfeld Gone Wild, with delights such as Lagerfeld discussing how gay people suck nowadays because they no longer outrage ‘bourgeois social norms’ and why prostitution should be legal. He’s full of opinions.”

Mariolopezroad.jpg Mario Lopez hawks abtastic new fitness book.

road.jpg Vienna LGBT group announces poster competition to raise awareness about homophobia in football: “With the European championships to be held in Austria and Switzerland this summer, Qwien said it wanted to draw attention to homophobia in football. ‘By launching a Europe-wide poster competition, we will make an otherwise taboo topic public’ during the championships, it said. Posters had to be submitted by the end of May. The best 50 would be selected and then a jury – including Icelandic film director Robert Douglas, Life Ball organiser Gery Keszler, the president of Hamburg’s FC St. Pauli football club Corny Littmann, pop singer Jimmy Somerville and Tanja Walther of the the European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation – would pick the best three. The winner would be announced on June 4. The 50 best posters would be displayed “at a public venue” during the championship itself, which runs from June 7-29.” (official site)

road.jpg More gay looks for Jay Leno.

road.jpg L.A.’s first openly gay police officer seeks new trial in discrimination suit: “Former Sgt. Mitchell Grobeson wants a rehearing of a discrimination suit that sought up to $4.4 million in damages. A jury ruled for the city last year. A Superior Court judge on Tuesday took under submission Grobeson’s motions for a new trial and reinstatement to the LAPD. Grobeson did two stints with the LAPD in the 1980s and 1990s before retiring on a psychological disability. The LAPD settled a previous suit by Grobeson in 1993 by promising to improve its hiring and training of gay officers.”

road.jpg Remember Aquaman? Alan Ritchson a superhero again.


  1. secretagentman says

    I wonder when was the last time Lopez had solid food? That body is amazing but I don’t think you get it without serious training/severe diet restrictions.

  2. hill_w says

    I wonder when Mario’s PhotoShop artist last had solid food. That sure looks like a crappy paste-up job, even if it’s not.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “…the last time Lopez had solid food?”

    I wish he’d give me something solid to put in my mouth. He’s the cutestm, most delicious thing…

    Hey, NIC, Lopez gets more gorgeous everyday, doesn’t he? If Bill Richardson had looked like this Papi, he’d have the Democratic nomination all locked up, and we’d be saying, “Hillary and Barack who?” I still say he’s a sensitive “TOP ONLY”. I’ll believe that until the day I di…pass on.

  4. the queen says

    “The odds of substance use for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) youth are on average 190 percent higher than for heterosexual youth…

    oh, bullshit — please mary, gay or straight, young people just like to party that’s all. that’s the way it was when i was a slim young thing and looks like things haven’t changed much…

    as for the mutual comittment idea in SLC, i like that…

  5. Paul R says

    Mugabe is 85 and hopefully will die soon.

    I find the substance abuse reports suspect only in that they find bisexual youth party more than gay youth. I mean, maybe for a portion who are terrified to come out as gay, and maybe gay kids are more comfortable and less likely to abuse substances. But only in certain pockets of certain states.

    All the gay boys I know partied quite a lot, especially if they were isolated, while lesbians were often straight edge. Of course, that’s just my small sample, but as I’ve grown up and talked to others, they say much the same.

    I also wonder how they found the samples in that cross-sectional study. Presumably kids who were out on some level, and visiting community or other support centers. That’s a very different sample from the closeted kids who are probably partying even more.

  6. says

    The article about Suge Night and the G-Unit article won’t load for some reason. They’re ridiculous anyways. My little brother is into them and I smack him upside the head everytime he’s playing their crappy sexist nonsense! Yeah I’m a tyrant like that!

    Don’t y’all think The US can be coerced into invading Zimbabwe(à la Iraq) and then remove that fugly moron Mugabe from power? I swear someone needs to do something!

    Um, Mario Lopez? I used to think he was o/rated and then I saw this cover…Um, slurps!

  7. daveynyc says

    Don’t like David Cook very much, he kinda bugs. Was a Hernandez fan now Archuleta all the way…Lagerfeld is euro trash.

  8. hornyhipster says

    I thought “jumping shark” as soon as I heard
    Chris Cornell do Billie Jean…I was saddened by the ploy for exposure…but I guess it worked. More people will be interested in the sexy beast after the total rip the guy did last night, and that is not a bad thing…

  9. says

    The Karl Lagerfeld documentary is quite fun, especxially for the scenes of Karl photographing gorgeous stark naked men. But the Lagerfeld pic that ought to be on DVD right now is Morrissey and Warhol’s “L’Amour” (1973) It stars Jane Forth and Donna Jourdan as two Amercian girls who come to Paris to make it as fashion models. There they meet Karl, his assistant Patti D’Arbanville and his boytoy — a luscious beauty named Max DeLys. Lots of silly fun.

  10. Dan E says

    I don’t get why people are accusing David Cook of ripping off Chris Cornell last night. The attribution was clearly made.

    He *did* rip off Doxology a couple weeks back, as far as I’m concerned (though whether it’s his fault, or the AI producers’, that that attribution wasn’t made, I’m not sure).

    Any claims he ripped of Incubus for Hello are just ridiculous. Go to youtube. Listen to the Incubus version of the song. Listen to his. The only similarity is the lyrics which is, um, rather unremarkable.

  11. says

    Even if David C. isn’t as original as the judges seem to think he is, he’s currently a front-runner for smarts and vocal power. (Certainly not for hairdos.) David A. was verging on tragic last night (to indulge in some hyperbole), which I (over)covered on my blog. And then there’s Kristy Lee getting away with shamelessly playing the patriotism card. But I digress . . . back on topic: Yay, Ellen. :-)

  12. says

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