Danish Group Opens Gay Ghetto for the Afterlife

The Danish organization Rainbow has reserved spots for 36 urns in the Assistens Cemetery in Copenhagen specifically for gays who want their resting place to be with other gay people:

Assistens“Ivan Larsen said he and his partner, Ove Carlsen, felt they wanted to be close also after death, and co-founded Rainbow a year ago that offers its members a funeral urn site for 2,500 Danish kroner ($A567.69). ‘We have our own places where we can meet and have fun, gay bars and such. That is why we wanted our own graveyard,’ Larsen, a priest, told public broadcaster DR. Carlsen said some eight urn sites were already reserved. The graveyard is marked with a big stone and the rainbow flag that often symbolises gay and lesbian community pride. Denmark pioneered same-sex unions in 1989.”

Gay graveyard opened in Copenhagen [smh]