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FOX Red Eye Hosts Trash Pregnant Trans Man Thomas Beatie


As well as "the little Ewok she's gonna crap out."

Greg Gutfeld and the folks at Red Eye make MSNBC's Morning Joe hosts look like saints. Such nice people.

One of them suggests "it" (meaning Thomas Beatie) should kill itself. Maybe they should just put Beatie in an empty lot and stone "it" to death.

Watch the clip, AFTER THE JUMP...

Morning Joe Hosts Disgusted by 'Pregnant Dude' Thomas Beatie [tr]
This Man is 22 Weeks Pregnant [tr]

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  1. What assholes!

    Posted by: Devin | Apr 10, 2008 5:39:11 PM

  2. What a disgusting group.

    Posted by: dave | Apr 10, 2008 5:39:46 PM

  3. An all-time low to see commentary like that.

    Red Eye just received an email from me.

    Posted by: Tom | Apr 10, 2008 5:46:30 PM

  4. Incredibly narrow minded and full of it.

    I'm not sure what they have issue with really ...

    They say only women should have babies and they keep referring to him as a woman so what's the problem.

    Posted by: Joseph | Apr 10, 2008 5:58:22 PM

  5. No one watches this shitty show and now it's going to get attention. This horrible and unfunny show is the conservative version of "The Daily Show and The Colbert Report".

    Please don't give them the attention they are yearning.

    Posted by: mikeinbama | Apr 10, 2008 6:03:27 PM

  6. It seems Oprah doesn't mind Fox using copyrighted footage from her show.

    Shame on you Oprah!

    Posted by: Fred | Apr 10, 2008 6:17:20 PM

  7. It is completely unacceptable to use a position as a TV personality to mount vicious personal attacks on an individual citizen. If you want to badmouth the person or their actions that is one thing. but to suggest they kill themselves is a grievous misuse of the modern soapbox.

    Posted by: fanboi | Apr 10, 2008 6:40:19 PM

  8. "One of them suggests "it" (meaning Thomas Beatie) should kill itself"

    Baiting much, Andy? First, the host said "he, she or it" which is a different tone than you suggest.

    Second, the woman said when your 7, 8, 9 months pregnant you want to kill yourself and hopes that experience happens to Beatie. Again, you spun what was really said out of context into some hate-filled horror.

    I find Beatie a selfish person and an embarrassment to the already little understood or tolerated transgenders in society.

    Posted by: queendru | Apr 10, 2008 6:56:19 PM

  9. There seems to be no homo/trans-phobe or level of homo/trans-phobic indecency that won't draw the likes of QUEENDRU and other apologists for hate out of the woodwork to defend and support them.

    It's just amazing.

    Posted by: Zeke | Apr 10, 2008 7:12:04 PM

  10. Boy, it is amazing how worked up some people get over this story which has absolutely no effect on their lives. I do pity the poor child who's going to born into this media circus and I hold Beatie partially responsible for initiating that by appearing on Oprah, but that's no excuse for this "burn the witch" kind of behavior by these jerks.

    Posted by: seattle mike | Apr 10, 2008 7:27:11 PM

  11. Ditto, Zeke.


    Posted by: PistolPetey | Apr 10, 2008 7:38:05 PM

  12. If we as a LGBT community and the HRC and GLAAD and every other LGBT advocacy group do not demand an apology and GET one (and or have this overnight tool fired) then STONEWALL was a failure.

    Seriously people. I am no fan of the this woman - and SHE is PREGNANT so SHE IS A SHE still .... BUT .... making statements that HER CHILD will be LESS THAN HUMAN is exactly the SAME behavior that took place in NAZI GERMANY. We all know gays are the jews in NAZI FOX NEWS RED STATE AMERICA.

    Will we take any WOMAN's child being called less than human ? (Even if the silly confused woman is going around calling herself a man.)

    Posted by: rjp3 | Apr 10, 2008 7:42:04 PM

  13. Are we really still having the he/she argument? Whether Thomas Beatie is looking for attention or has other motives for being so public, it's unimportant. Why should we care what he calls himself, and who are we to challenge that? Just because something comes along and fucks with our societal impressions of what a man or woman SHOULD be, it doesn't mean that we get to force our own feelings and preferences on others. I don't understand why people get so worked up over other people's lives. If you want to call Thomas Beatie by "she" because he was born a biological female, by all means, please do, but shut the hell up about it!

    Posted by: Jesse | Apr 10, 2008 8:08:12 PM

  14. It makes me sad to hear comments such as these. How can humanity realize that love is a great thing? It's a bit arrogant to say that only the traditional, heterosexual couple is entitled to this type of joy. And a baby! I believe babies are always blessings... congrats to the happy couple for finding their joy!

    Posted by: rkm | Apr 10, 2008 8:15:39 PM

  15. larry sinclair is back in the news...puerto rico mainstream media has picked up the story...have you?

    Posted by: christopher | Apr 10, 2008 8:22:48 PM

  16. I saw the Oprah interview, and if the rest of the world can keep their noses out of it, this child is coming into a loving home, with two intelligent and caring parents. What more does a child need?

    Posted by: aj | Apr 10, 2008 8:32:13 PM

  17. I just can't believe that this Red Eye program is still on. I thought they wised up and canceled it long ago. It really has no place on a news channel that wants to be seen as credible...and more importantly it was one of the most embarrassingly unfunny things I have ever seen.

    Posted by: Paul | Apr 10, 2008 10:01:19 PM

  18. Please do the world a favor, don't take the (fox) bait; launching a campaign against this idiot will have the net effect of increasing his viewer numbers to above the 10 or 20 it stands at now. Like when you step in dog shit...keep walking and most of it will fall away.

    Posted by: ed Walker | Apr 10, 2008 10:15:15 PM

  19. You're all upset with the Red Eye crew over this? You people have no sense of humor.

    Beatie is the very definition of selfishness: wanting to be accepted by the child as both a man and as mother.

    There is no thought to the child in any of this. Beatie made this clear when he declared everyone has an unchallengable RIGHT to a biological child. This is just the egocentrism of our age in action. People today are so into their own egos they think being told they shouldn't have something they want is tantamount to being murdered.

    Posted by: DC | Apr 10, 2008 10:27:06 PM

  20. If the conservatives wanted to unify the LGBT community this is certainly the way to do it. These remarks are beyond repugnant and demonstrate a sociopathic ideology. This has to be condemned strongly and emphatically by our community. Fuck Fox! Fuck News Corp!

    Posted by: David | Apr 10, 2008 10:37:04 PM

  21. So, because a hermaphrodite who's been living his life as a male wants to have a baby, that gives the uptight pricks of America the right to threaten his life?

    I find that incredible. Of course, 10-20% of America still believes Barack Obama is a Muslim, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It brings me no joy to say this, but we're so immature and ignorant in this country.

    Posted by: John | Apr 10, 2008 10:37:40 PM

  22. Amen, Jesse.

    DC, keep your judgmental attitude to yourself. You sound just like a right-winger when they talk about gays adopting or bringing children into the world. "Two fathers? Egads!"

    Geebus, with "friends" like these who needs enemies.

    Posted by: PistolPetey | Apr 10, 2008 10:40:02 PM

  23. Sorry, but my opinion is this...if a person is willing to put themselves through the hell of surgery and stigma from both the heterosexual and LGB community (I'm removing T out of respect for transgenders), then I feel that person to deserves any pronoun they wish to have.

    As for the baby...this is 2008 people. Amazing that even queer people are so married to the concept of "what's male" and "what's female." I'm a happily gay man, but I admire and respect the transgender community for their strength. NOBODY wants to do this to their bodies if they can help it...but some people feel they must so they can be who they feel they truly are. And if you don't like that, then go crawl back under a rock in the podunk square state you came from, ass.

    Posted by: adaminchicago | Apr 10, 2008 10:46:52 PM

  24. Wow. They really DO hate America and Motherhood. Watch out Apple Pie - you're next.

    Posted by: James | Apr 10, 2008 10:50:06 PM

  25. This is so disgusting. These "people" are embarrassingly ignorant not to mention shallow souls. There is no humor in this subject. They should all be fired, from whatever lowly position it is that they hold on this 2nd rate "news" channel, immediately...Utterly disgusting.

    Posted by: sare | Apr 10, 2008 11:40:44 PM

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