News: Tim Gill, Penis Thieves, Singapore, Anti-Gay T-shirt

road.jpg Gay activist and philanthropist Tim Gill scaring the crap out of the religious right. Pat Robertson: “What are the Christians doing about this? The answer is ‘absolutely zip’. There was an organization that I founded but it’s not there anymore. To my knowledge, there is no other Christian grassroots organization that is even coming CLOSE to what Tim Gill is doing on the left for homosexuals.”

Domroad.jpg Brazilian gay magazine DOM launches online.

road.jpg Police arrest 13 men in the Congo for stealing and shrinking penises.

road.jpg Toby Maguire gets his bear on.

road.jpg Singapore’s state-owned television station was fined $11,040 for broadcasting a program that featured a gay couple and their adopted child: ” The Straits Times reported that Singapore’s Media Development Authority said the episode of home and decor series Find and Design, in which the host helped the couple decorate a nursery, ‘normalizes and promotes a gay lifestyle.’ The pro-government newspaper said the censor had also objected to scenes of the couple and their baby as well as the host’s acknowledgement of them as a family, because it broke a rule ‘which disallows programmes that promote, justify or glamorize gay lifestyles.'”

road.jpg Pittsburgh gay rights advocate Randal G. “Randy” Forrester dies of cancer at 60.

40641_0_lroad.jpg UK mother jailed for anti-gay abuse, daughter given supervision: “Canterbury magistrates heard the pair, both of The Halt, Whitstable, carried out a campaign of hate between 13 March and 17 May 2007. They called the men names and Reeves drove her car at one of them. The court was told that the pair began abusing Michael Harris and Shires Crichton, of Kingston, Kent, when both men sided with another neighbour in an ongoing dispute. During the sentencing, the chairman of the magistrates told Reeves: ‘Although there was no evidence of violence, the psychological affect on the victims has been far reaching. In your case there are strong aggravating factors. Those factors are that you made homophobic gestures and remarks over an extended period and you showed no remorse.'”

road.jpg Neil Patrick Harris opens up to Howard Stern about his sexuality.

Buckleyroad.jpg Lipstick Jungle hottie Robert Buckley may want to use some sunscreen.

road.jpg Cynthia Nixon making plans to marry.

road.jpg Is Chace Crawford being gay framed on Craigslist?

road.jpg Now that’s a chest.

road.jpg Greg Siff talks about his new play The Nothing Boys opening on May 3 in L.A.

road.jpg Court rules that teen can wear “Be Happy, Not Gay” T-shirt, reversing two earlier rulings: “In issuing this reversal, though, the court basically upheld the validity of the Naperville school’s rule forbidding derogatory comments, oral or written, that refer to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability. ‘High school students are not adults, schools are not public meeting halls, children are in school to be taught by adults rather than to practice attacking each other with wounding words, and school authorities have a protective relationship and responsibility to all the students,’ says the court’s opinion, written by Judge Richard Posner.”


  1. GBM says

    According to Posner: “‘Be Happy, Not Gay’ is only tepidly negative; ‘derogatory’ or ‘demeaning’ seems too strong a characterization,” Posner wrote. “As one would expect in a school the size of Neuqua Valley High School, there have been incidents of harassment of homosexual students. But it is highly speculative that allowing the plaintiff to wear a T-shirt that says ‘Be Happy, Not Gay’ would have even a slight tendency to provoke such incidents, or for that matter to poison the educational atmosphere.”

    Ahh, isn’t it grand being a second-class protected minority? Being told not to exist is just in good fun. As if the seemingly everyday ‘tepid’ quality of gay hatespeech isn’t part of the problem…

  2. key says

    It appears that the Republicans and especially the Religous Right need a “boogey man” to rile up their base and raise funds, untaxable funds at that, so for now it’s Mr Gill. It’s nice to have someone working for our cause that doesn’t seek the media attention. My hat’s off to you Tim Gill.

  3. humanist says

    that chest just weirded me out. there’s some line that a chest can cross at which point instead of pecs it just has weird, freaky, hairy breasts.

    just stop it. no, seriously, stop it! you’re freaking me out. is there such a thing as pec reduction surgery? i want to unsee that photo.

  4. Michael Bedwell says

    Don’t waste your time bitching here about Judge Posner’s homophobic ruling! Tell him directly how you feel at:

    Richard A. Posner
    Senior Lecturer in Law
    University of Chicago Law School
    1111 East 60th Street
    Chicago, IL 60637
    phone: 773-702-9608

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