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    OMG can’t wait went from not watching the show (god knows i didnt need another one to watch) to addicted. have a great weekend.

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    OMG can’t wait went from not watching the show (god knows i didnt need another one to watch) to addicted. have a great weekend.

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    The acting is so good (save for Sally Field’s histrionic, over-the-top caterwauling) that it’s a shame that “Brothers and Sisters” is such a poorly written schlockathon.
    I keep watching hoping it gets better but actually spirals into more outlandish drivel. Such a waste of a talented cast.

  4. Troy says

    Hate to be a downer but stable LTRs make for terrible television (especially when you add, groan, babies). I’m rah-rah about the message here, but frankly it would be a lot more fun to watch Kevin continue his dating misadventures.

  5. Rob says

    B&S is one of the best shows on TV. I’ve loved it since ep 1. The last few eps have rushed the story along due to the strike, but I’m really looking forward this Sunday’s season finale!

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    Maybe I’ll tune in for the history of it, but every time I watch B&S, I can’t get over how sappy and predictable it is. Normally, I can get over a little sappy-ness if I find the characters interesting, but there needs to be a stronger plot for that. I can’t help but blaming the directing and writing, because it clearly has nothing to do with the actors – all of whom are amazing (even Sally Field). It’s just the directors are sending them in the wrong way, and the writing is unoriginal despite the fact that the family itself almost begs for at least some originality – it’s certainly not the prototypical family. It feels stale, as if this show were on for the past 10 years, despite the fact that it also pushes the envelope. Honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that it lacked anything sci-fi, I’d think it were the Twilight Zone, because there’s so many inconsistencies that I addressed above that the entire show feels weird and unnatural – too scripted, too sappy, too melodramatic.

  7. anon says

    The words on the page are very sharp–the dialog itself is excellent. It’s the plotting that is crazy. Everything is up-down-up-down within the space of one or two episodes, including pregnancies and romances. By that pattern, these two will marry this week and get a divorce in the next episode. They are heading into Wisteria Lane territory now. The problem the writers face is how to keep the cast of characters the same and introduce new elements to the story. Their solution is to suggest things are going to go one way and then yank the rug out from any change at the last moment. It gets very tiresome.

  8. Chad says

    I love the cast, and agree that storylines suggest it is smooth sailing one moment and then something happens the next, but that’s life. I love how dysfunctional but yet loving they all are.

    I think Kevin and Scotty will get boring real quick (especially if there are children). They need one of them to cheat or introduce another gay character (preferably a hot, young, gay gold-digging sociopath who wrecks the marriage). They are almost too good to be true. I don’t know anyone like them.

  9. queendru says

    I’m glad to see there’s at least a few others who find the show insufferably unwatchable in spite of some talented cast members.

    I have to laugh, though, at the show being described as merely “liberal-leaning.”

  10. paul says

    you know, I don’t know if I am just a simpleton or what sometimes. Maybe I just don’t have the theatrical gene being in a technical field and all, but are all of you kidding me?
    I love this show…I think it is a risk taker, with a great cast of characters. They are not afraid to criticize the current adminstration in very subtle way. They get their points across and for the most part have been under radar with regard to the religous right. So quit your whining. This story line is unprecendented…two gay men getting married. WOW!! has that happened before I think not!!

  11. Bob R says

    I don’t know, perhaps I like boring? I hope Scotty and Kevin do have somewhat of a boring, “normal” family relationship. I suppose a lot of our old friends think my partner and I have been in a “boring, humdrum” relationship for the past 25 years. Mean time, they end up alone or very unhappy most nights. But I’m happy and the best that I can tell, so is my partner. We’re essentially homebodies and enjoy each other and our pets and surroundings. Problem free? I wish! But marriage (gay or straight) is a challenge and a learning experience. It’ll be fun to watch these two characters grow. I hope there isn’t the stereo-typical cheating, promiscuous lifestyle that is usually portrayed as a “gay relationship”. I think a little stability, perhaps even more loving and stable than their hetero counter parts might be a good thing to help change minds about the ability of gays to be in a loving monogamous relationship. We are out here you know.

  12. chuck says

    i love how people say, “i don’t know anyone like them…let’s introduce cheating! hot gold diggers! no kids! yea…new hot guys.” because, after all…that’s how *all* gay men think. marriage? “boring”. fooling around? “hot!!!”

    please excuse me while i step aside and barf.

  13. nicekit says

    i love to be boring..
    why there’s always cheating, tragic death and all the drama….

  14. John says


    Lets be thankful for small favors. Boring is the least of the whining that typically occurs here whenever media portrayals of same-sex couples comes up.

    At least nobody has cried “apartheid” and “Jim Crow” over the fact that this is actually a California registered domestic partnership thingy. Nor has anybody mentioned that ABC is demeaning the struggle of gays everywhere by implying marriage equality where none exists. And shockingly, we haven’t had a “separate and unequal” rant yet.

    For once…maybe… perhaps… folks are just enjoying the entertainment for what it is. (crosses fingers)

  15. Trey says

    From the beginning this show has made me wish I had been part of a family where underneath everything there was love and support. For a show to treat a gay character as just another member of an interesting family, without stereotypical silliness is simply wonderful. Kevin makes mistakes, falls down, gets up and moves on. Just like everybody else.

    That said, it would be nice to not constantly feel like the plot line was going for the rollercoaster effect. Perhaps smoother story arcs would be helpful. Ones that felt less hurried.

  16. says

    After 13 years together, I am glad to report that my partner and I are nothing but boring — if you consider boring to be, picking up and moving to Puerto Rico after 20 years in D.C. We love, life, have good friends, own our own home, and yes, have a wonderful, loving, committed relationship. No, there is no young, hot, buff-boy plotting to take one of us away — that’s a soap opera (or is it gay opera). This show shows a part of my gay life. The one that shows my normal ups and downs. The arguments with my brothers and sisters, the ones with my partner. If y’all find it boring, I could care less. But, I truly feel sorry for you. Go back to the discos, alone.

  17. Zeke says

    I’ll take boring and happy over exciting and miserable any day.

    Don’t ya just love it when people like JOHN show up to go on a point by point rant about the things that they hope no one shows up to do a point by point rant on?

    It goes something like this: “I wonder how long it will be before someone shows up to say blah, blah, blah. God I hate it when those people show up and rant and rave about blah, blah, blah. They never fail to complain about blah, blah, blah. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that for once they won’t show up to bring up blah, blah, blah.”

    JOHN, if you don’t want blah, blah, blah bitched about then don’t be the one that brings it up.

    Oh, and by the way, since you DID bring it up; domestic partnerships AREN’T marriage; separate but equal ISN’T; and it DOES do gay people and gay rights a disservice to imply that marriage equality exists when it doesn’t.

    But hey, far be it for me to be the FIRST to bring these things up.

  18. John says


    Uh huh, because we know ***YOU*** would never bring the issue without prompting. Perish the thought.