Arizona Senate Rejects Ballot Measure to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

ArizonaflagIn a 14-11 vote, the Arizona senate today rejected a measure that would have placed a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in front of voters in the November elections:

“Senators later voted to reconsider the measure at another unspecified date. The proposal would define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Supporters say the proposal would provide additional legal protection needed to prevent marriage from being redefined by a court or future lawmakers. Opponents argued that the existing law makes the amendment unnecessary and that it insults gays and represents an attempt to exploit marriage for political purposes.”

New Bid to Ban Same-Sex Marriage Moves Forward in Arizona [tr]


  1. crispy says


    My partner and I (we live in Arizona) have been trying to decide whether to go to California and get officially hitched… we had a commitment thingie last year.

  2. Sam Gillespie says

    I have to say I’m proud of my State’s Legislature. This is the second time this year this type of language has been defeated by the Legislators prior to even hitting the ballot.

    Arizona – California, Light

  3. David says

    As a native Arizonan, it’s nice to see my home state do some things right after so many years of politic messes. Makes me proud!

  4. says

    It’s great to see some states making the right moves. It’s the combination of the small moves like this and the large moves (like California) that are going to make marriage equality happen.

  5. Gary says

    This goes so far beyond marriage equality. The real issue here is freedom and basic human rights. Other minorities have fought for theirs, now it is our turn.

  6. George says

    Not so fast, friends. The measure was defeated on a procedural maneuver because one GOP senator was out of town and they have only a one vote margin to pass it even if she’s present. It can and most likely will be brought up again, although its passing is not a sure thing. One GOP senator voted against it.