1. Bosie says

    Screw GLAAD & HRC, I can’t never see myself on them…they don’t represent us….they represent what the str8s want to see of us…not the real LGBT.

    Trust me when i say this…my friends and I don’t stand by these organizations that exclude some of us…no i’m not a tranny nor a bear (I heart BEARS yum)

  2. chandler in lasvegas says

    Thank you for taking the plethora of videos off the front page. Towleroad no longer crashes my browser when I load fifty pages at once.

    Thank you!

  3. Daniel says

    Calm down Bosie geez.

    While I don’t agree full force with HRC and GLAAD I am certainly glad they’re around.

    Who else will defend you while you’re out misspelling, not being a “tranny,” and lusting after bears?

  4. damien says

    For years, I was wondering where GLAAD stood Conan’s on show. He does make a lot of gay jokes. A lot!

    However, he’s such a self-deprecating host that it never comes across as mean-spirited. He’s usually making fun of himself or something related to himself.

    Oh, and Rocket from American Gladiators: HOT!

  5. Dignan says


    Conan is part of the problem at NBC? I beg to differ – he’s one of the few things that they’re doing right. I only wish he was getting Leno’s place sooner!

  6. jason says

    Beefcake is NOT gay. The definition of gay man is someone who is romantically and sexually attracted to another man. Where are NBC’s depictions re this?

    Using beefcake to suggest gay-friendliness is the typical response of straight guys who can’t stand the sight of two men kissing. Get lost, Conan.

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