Second Anti-Gay Assault at Stockholm Europride in a Week

Two men were attacked early Wednesday in Stockholm, Sweden in the second anti-gay assault to be reported at this week’s Europride festival in the last week:

Stockholm“The two men were enjoying a night out in downtown Stockholm and were sitting outside Seven-Eleven on Klarabergsgatan at 4.20am on Wednesday morning when they were attacked. ‘Three men approached them saying humiliating things and then started to assault them without provocation. They mentioned the Pride festival and that the men were gay,’ said Bo Olsson at Stockholm police to Sveriges Nyheter. The three suspects were caught and arrested at around 5am. The men are reported to be between 17 and 20-years-old. The assaulted men received minor injuries and did not require hospital treatment, Dagens Nyheter reported.”

On Monday I posted about an assault that occurred over the weekend in which two men were robbed and stabbed.


  1. Thom says

    I wish the Swedish press would stop being so fucking politically correct and reveal whether the attackers were really Swedes or some second generation Muslim immigrant trash that haven’t adapted to Swedish culture and norms.

  2. ANDY says

    I was just thinking the same thing. I know someone who was attacked and beaten while with his boyfriend in Amsterdam. But the attackers were not even Dutch. They were all thugs from Algeria.

    This is where bleeding liberalism and all this sanctimonious, racist finger-pointing and racist-labeling mania gets you.

    Over political-correctness run amok.

  3. rudy says

    C’mon guys, Didn’t your father/uncle/gay professor teach you that it is not only acceptable but prudent and justified to fight back? Even if you lose the fight, you win by going down swinging.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    ThOM an ANDY,

    I wondered the same thing, but then I realized that it didn’t matter what nationality or ancestry the perpetrators were; the violence is what is horrible. What difference do you think it would make?
    The Swedes would expel all darkies? That aint gonna’ happen; they’d never win another international soccer game again.

  5. Andy says

    Once again, it is not about skin color. You used the word “darkies.”

    Ancestry and nationality is important, because if they are not assimilating and learning to accept differences because of something their ancestry tells them, then it becomes a problem not only for gays but all Swedes.

    We are talking about a demographic that has made a conscious choice to move to a new country, for whatever reason – work, health care, social benefits, education, what have you…then starts abusing people who do not fit their idea of what is acceptable.

    That takes a hell of a lot of nerve if you ask me. Then the minute they are called out on their crap, they cry “racist.”

    They don’t have to expel all of them. But if they want to expel the ones who are assaulting people – I say go for it.

    You can’t have your cake and eat it too in life. It is a country that embraces equal rights – love it or leave it.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    “…if they are not assimlating and learning…”

    I’ve also said that before about the behavior of Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands, “you learn to accept (or atleast respect) the values of Western Europeans, or you go back home”. But if the young men (non-assimilators) are born in Western Europe– then you’re going to have to find some other way to “help” them because they are natural born citizens of Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Britain, etc. Right?

    Oh, and I have to admit…all I know about Muslim immigrants in Western Europe is from “60 Minutes” and PBS. So, if you’ve actually been there, I’ll have to defer to you (somewhat) on what Western Europeans actually feel about their new brown & Muslim countrymen.

    I knew you wouldn’t say “darkie”, ANDY. You could say, “deeply tanned”.

  7. GregV says

    “…the violence is what is horrible. What difference do you think it would make?“

    It`s interesting that so many of us immediately thought the same thing (that the attackers likely were not Swedish}.
    A Dutch friend of mine says that he thinks it is horrible that Dutch same sex couples who used to feel very safe now often feel at risk because of homophobic immigrants.

    “…the violence is what is horrible. What difference do you think it would make?“

    Derrick, I think that knowing such details can lead to understanding how the violent attitudes have develoked.
    The Dutch have reacted to the imported violence by changing the way immigrants are selected to ensure that peaceful and respectful attitudes are considered alongside other factors. I wish every country would follow that lead since I care far more about new immigrants being peaceful than I do about any kind of money they bring.

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