1. Andalusian Dog says

    Ever since Kathy Griffin made the mistake of deeming Lance Bass a “power gay,” the poor boy seems to think that he is somehow important, interesting, or attractive. Power bottom, maybe. Power gay, not so much. Media whore, definitely.

  2. Brad says

    Andalusian Dog-

    Bitter much?

    Big deal. He’s got a cute boyfriend.

    And this was a PRIVATE party. So your media whore comment is incorrect in this case.

    The photo booth is much like that of a prom and is typically meant for guests to go on the site to take the photos for themselves. But I’m sure now that will change or there will be some sort of password to access pictures.

    So why don’t you lay off the guy? He’s happy. He’s got a cute boyfriend. And he’s in a nice place in his life.

  3. Strepsi says

    Oh, ANDALUSIAN honey, it’s not a problem — the paparazzi exist, the gossip blogs exist, and if Lance can get his pic as 1 photo amongst 99 of straight hos like Paris, Jennifer, Britney, and Lindsey, well good for him. And if his hot piece likes showing off abs, well, good for us too.

  4. says

    One more step to equality.

    photos like these take us even close to equality with the heterosexuals proving that like straight people, gays are blatant starfuckers too!

    Like the supermodels that date James Blunt, I’m sure its all about a combination of Lance’s looks and personality.

    That said, its a mutually beneficial relationship – but not one likely born of “love.” Whatever makes them happy.

  5. keith says

    You know, 10 years ago he would have been an icon for the gay community. Like Melissa, Ellen, and Elton. I find it refreshing that someone famous and out is getting so much s**t.

    We’ve come a long way.
    Oh and BTW it’s gay people who say who is a “power gay”

  6. Dignan says


    His cameo in “Tropic Thunder” made me want to puke. There’s no way this worthless former boy-bander would date a non-model.

    I’m with ANDALUSIAN 150% on this one…there’s absolutely nothing interesting about Lance Bass and it’s time for him to go away…

  7. JerzeeMike says

    I’m with the folks who applaud Lance for enjoying his life for whatever it may be. At least he’s not in and out of rehab making a spectacle out of himself and being a total embarrassment to the LGBT community.

    Being a “media whore” in his own innocuous way is harmless. If you truly are sick of the guy just pass his stories and pics up and move on. Then, and only then, he may just fade away when no one acknowledges him anymore-which should be about when he turns 40 according to some people on this site.

  8. paul says

    It would kind of be nice if he did something substantial careerwise other than just being gay. He is becoming to gays what Paris Hilton is to skanks — famous just for being one.

  9. says

    My goodness. Can’t there just be cute silly party photo without everyone going nuts about the merits or lack there of of Lance Bass? It is a cute photo from a party of someone embracing his boyfriend, I’ll take that over rumors of stars, politicians, etc., sneaking in and out of the closet and being ashamed. You go Lance!

  10. nic says

    i don’t get the hate. if you don’t like the boy, skip the post. it’s just that simple.

    on another note, i like the fact that lance and the coop prefer dark meat.

  11. paul says

    Leave him alone…he worked hard during his youth when Justin and JC and all of the other guys were out having fun, he was not allowed. He still works…he has been on Broadway, he has done small roles here and there, but with the money that N’Sync made he is doing fine. I read his book and it was interesting. Afterall, why should Justin be the only one from Nsync having all of the fun?
    and stop saying he is not cute…he is cute in his own way.

  12. Still Oppressed In CA says

    Who cares if this guy was married to a woman. I’m sure if gay marriage was federally legal he would have married a man. The real problem here is that if a straight person falls in love with someone from another country they can wed and the spouse can thus get authorization to reside and work in the U.S. permanently. Gay men and women who fall in love with someone from another country don’t have this basic “right” that straight people have.

  13. says

    Oh poor Lance and his little dog uh boyfriend. Look queers, Lance Bass made a big deal when he came out of how he and his friends “passed” as straight guys. Read his people mag article if you dont believe this. He bugs me. Now he’s a big gay icon? For what? Has he led a march on Washington? Laid down in the gutters with ACT UP? Anything of value to gays? No. And , and this is just bitchy, whats with the twink? He’s at least a few years before that isnt he?

  14. rafael torres says

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