1. don says

    This “rich wife” issue is a non-starter. Has everyone forgotten Teresa Heinz Kerry already? We Democrats were OK with her in 2004, so we really can’t mock Cindy McCain too much this time around. Can we?

  2. Sean H says

    You’re missing the point. McCain has tried to label Obama as an elitist.

    Four years ago, Kerry was attacked for marrying a rich wife and being out of touch.

    A week ago, McCain said that someone who has less than 5 million dollars is not rich.

    That is why this ad is necessary. It paints McCain as the elitist, as the one that is out of touch. Much like George H.W. Bush not knowing how much a gallon of milk costs, McCain doesn’t even know how many houses he owns. Something that 99% of those that live in America cannot even begin to imagine.

  3. Bakeley says

    Politico is saying McCain owns four houses. Obama’s campaign says seven. Which is true? Either way, his inability to articulate his holdings is pathetic. But you know the right wing will attack Obama for counting them wrongly if it’s really four.

  4. alguien says

    uh don…

    because of teresa heinz kerry and the attacks against john kerry that arose due to his marriage to her-kerry was called a gigolo by the folks on the right wing during the election-john & cindy mccain are fair game. we can mock them all we want and i, for one, am going to be getting a lot of mileage over “gigolo john” in 2008.

  5. gabriel says

    BAKELEY- From Andy’s earlier post:

    According to Politico, “The correct answer is at least four, located in Arizona, California and Virginia, according to his staff. Newsweek estimated this summer that the couple owns at least seven properties.”

  6. Jason says

    Slit his throat, Obama!

    And Ozonedude, shut the FUCK UP! What shall he do? Allow McCain to run rip shod all over with no response? Americans are too stupid to comprehend the “high-minded” campaign Obama wanted to run so he has no choice but to get dirty. What’s good for the goose and all that.

    You gay repubs are something else.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    “You stay classy Obama!…”

    And let that old bastard beat up on him. That was Kerry’s mistake.

    It’s time Democrats use the same ruthless strategy the Republicans have used against us since 1972. We aint got nothin’ loose. Americans claim they don’t like ugly, dirty campaigns…well, then, explain Nixon, Reagan, Papa Bush and Baby Bush the Idiot.

  8. soulbrotha says

    Ozonedude, what is so “unclassy” about exposing McCain’s hypocrisy? If Obama had NOT come after him, you would accuse him of being a wuss. So cut the crap.

  9. Derrick from Philly says


    you consuse the shit outta’ me. But keep the comments like the one above a comin’..I just stay contently confused.

    Are you the same Jason?

  10. Sami says

    I think there are two different Jasons that post on TR. Personally, I’d appreciate one of them slightly tweaking their username so we can tell the difference. But I think the fact that the above Jason isn’t insane helps with the identification.

  11. says

    McCain LIVES like a rock star.

    “I think — I’ll have my staff get to you.”

    Can someone please help John McCain find his houses? Apparently, he’s so rich that he’s forgotten how many homes he owns. But hey don’t judge! Until you walk a mile in his $520 dollar Ferragamo loafers and start making over $5 million dollars a year you’ll be in no position to scoff, OK?

  12. matt says

    Don: You’re right that it SHOULDN’T be a campaign issue. EVERYONE in congress is wealthier than the vast majority of us. However, Republicans have used the elitist jab time and time again to paint Democrats as out of touch. It’s about time it’s thrown back at them.

    Sadly, the issues are of little interest to many voters and Obama isn’t going to win by playing fair. Hopefully Democrats understand that this time.

  13. Jason (A) says

    “60 year old troll”? LOL. Jason I can guarantee you’re older than I. And as for ME needing help you may want to turn the mirror around. Meth face isn’t pretty.

  14. says

    SEAN H,

    I think one thing that has been missed by you, and so many others is that McCain didn’t say that someone who has $5M is rich. He said someone that annually makes $5M is rich.

    it is this difference, to me, that makes the statement preposterous. I would agree with the first version, it’s probably quite accurate, but the notion that someone making $3M a year isn’t rich is way out there.

    8 years ago, McCain, you were a viable candidate for President. Unfortunately, a lot has happened in those 8 years, and you aren’t anymore.

  15. Las Vegas says

    Really this is such a non-issue that wants to be made an issue. For one thing I’d like to know is if all these house are actually theirs to live in or are they investment properties. Some people use real estate as an invest means and not the stock market.

    If this is the best that the Democrats can do it’s pathetic. Do you think the Republican Party cares? Not one but because they are too busy making sure everyone knows about the type of people that Obama has associated with over the years like William Ayers. The talk about Obama being Muslim is still persisting.

    Obama has not been properly vetted by the DNC and they are going to pay dearly. The media loves him but that love affair only last until THE story comes out (whether it’s a truw story or not) and they will feed on him like sharks The DNC still has time to correct all this with the Super delegates. This is why that system was put in place.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    “If this is the best the Democrats can do it’s pathetic…”

    It’s only the beginning, LAS VEGAS. We learned our lesson with the vicious, unscrupulous attack on John Kerry 4 years ago. The Democrats are going to give the Republicans and their old adulterous codger the same treatment they gave Kerry & Dukakis.

    The Dems aint gonna’ play the soft, sweet fem queens this time… no, we’re goina’ be raunchy, street-fightin’ drag queens this time.

    “The DNC still has time to correct all this…”

    Well, let’s find where Elvis is secretely living first.

  17. Jimmyboyo says

    las vegas


    If Michele Obama lied about meeting mother teresa as cindy has

    the media would be tearing her a new ass hole 24/7 for the next month.

    The main stream media loves mcshame and repubs

    They might have loved Obama more than Hillary (debatable), but they love the repubs over any dem as evidenced by the 8 media corporations that control 90%+ of the world’s media donating to bush jr’s re-election and not 1 penny to kerry.

    The main stream media has done well under repubs and do not want higher taxes, decentrilization, and the fairness doctrine back which would occur under Obama. The fairness doctrine would have come back even under Hillary and thus the media would have trashed her if she had lied about meeting mother teresa as vs barely a blip on cindy’s lie.

  18. Jimmyboyo says

    Sorry, should read 8 companies controlling over 75% of the world’s media. Still very bad, but not yet BORG status yet

  19. Nick says

    What does LAS VEGAS think will happen if the DNC decides to reverse course and nominate the ‘other’ candidate at this late stage? A decision that will rightfully look like theft to many?

    Well, whatever it is isn’t good.

  20. Jimmyboyo says

    up till this morning I was 100% sure that Romney was going to be mcshame’s VP.

    That the whole possible leiberman or pro-choice Ridge was a fake out to the religous right in that when he presented (now a days) anti-choice Romney the baptists would forget the mormon thing and say ” at least he is anti-choice”

    BUT!!!! This whole rich and out of touch house thing will forever nix Romney. There is no way mcshame can pick a very wealthy man for VP.

    He is going to have to go more populist like huckabee (scary)so as to not keep the wealthy and out of touch meme going

  21. Nick says

    But the “wealthy and out of touch meme” is not going to get going. Compliments of the MSM.

  22. HOGB a/k/a ThatsRich a/k/a anotherdemocraticidiot says

    Who is Obama to start talking about houses? Obama bought his million dollar mansion at a $300,000 steep discount from convicted racketeer Tony Rezko. Obama isn’t kidding when he says he was schooled by the South Side of Chicago, God bless his Christianist homophobic heart.

  23. JimmiNY says

    “Does a guy who made more than $4 million last year, just got back from vacation on a private beach in Hawaii and bought his own million-dollar mansion with the help of a convicted felon really want to get into a debate about houses? Does a guy who worries about the price of arugula and thinks regular people “cling” to guns and religion in the face of economic hardship really want to have a debate about who’s in touch with regular Americans?

    “The reality is that Barack Obama’s plans to raise taxes and opposition to producing more energy here at home as gas prices skyrocket show he’s completely out of touch with the concerns of average Americans.”


  24. Jimmyboyo says


    Word for word mccain campaign response.

    rezko played out by Hillary already and proven that obama did nothing illegal. rezko court case rezko testified that Obama not connected in any way to rezko’s failings.

    Obama’s housing = 1 home Illinois the state he represents where wife and children live year round and 1 modest condo in DC for when Obama is in DC doing the work of his constituents as Senator.

    4 mill from book sales, not the regular income of the Obama’s and they only just paid off there college debts. Their yearly income over the last 10 yrs has been quite low

    mcshame has stepped in it as evidenced by canceling all public appearances for today. LOL his own campaign knows he screwed up with his elitist 7-10 houses and not knowing how many ranches, condos, and mansions he owns

    mcshame= toast

    The general public doesn’t understand things like mcoldster not getting the difference between shia and suni, but the general public understands that owning 1 house in america = lucky let alone 7-10= marie antoinete “let them eat cake” = “I don’t know how many, you will have to contact my staff”

  25. says

    Let me get this straight:

    1. Obama buys a multi-million dollar home at a $300,000 steep discount to its market value from convicted racketeer Tony Rezko;

    2. Obama makes a deal with the Teamsters Union to end the federal oversight implemented to monitor mob influence; and

    3. Until the exposure of his affair, Obama was offering the attorney general position to John Edwards with ties to Bill Lerach, Mel Weiss and Dickie Scruggs all of whom were convicted this year.

    Is that change we can believe in?

  26. Nick says

    McCain really doesn’t want to play with these kinds of shiny objects aka scandals.

    Most of the public is unaware of his central role in the Keating 5 scandal, and think it’s just some kind of rumor. Shall we talk about his ties to convicted felon and lobbyist Jack Abramoff and the fact that Ralph Reed – who was heavily embroiled in that scandal himself is now a fundraiser for McCain?

    Does McCain really want to play with this bauble?

  27. H says

    The problem with people saying, “…but Obama’s house is $1M+ and he’s rich, too” is that Obama earned that money. He didn’t marry it after dumping his first wife.

  28. Jimmyboyo says

    Conveniently on the same day you make your biggest gaffe

    denver mccain campaign headquarters recieved a letter with white powder 45 minutes ago

    Bush terror alerts pre election (after then there were none) all over again

    If america falls for it then we deserve to get hit by an asteroid and turned into dust

  29. Michael says

    If I were Obama, I’d probably want to play on McCain’s age in the dirtiest ways possible.

    “How many years do we have?” a grim voice intones over the steadily slowing beep of a medical monitor, “Our economy is grinding to a halt, energy prices are erratic and one man seeks to stay the course.”

    A picture of John McCain appears as the medical monitor flatlines. “How many years do you think this can go on?”

    “But we can change, America” the voice says, lightening its tone to the suddenly revived medical monitor, “together we can bring this nation back to its well-deserved greatness” and a picture of a beaming Barack Obama appears. End commercial.

  30. Las Vegas says

    The real problem Obama has is not whether he did anything legal of illegal it’s the politics of perception of a skeptical populace.

    We have a populace who have been treated several political scandals on BOTH sides of the aisle. After a while I believe that most people stop listening to which party the person belongs to and more or less lumps all the crooked people together.

    Now Obama may be technically clean but he certainly has some more than dubious associations. There are some real tough players out there that are asking questions that are being brushed away by the Obama campaign as non issues. However the right wing attack dogs of radio will not let that happen. Plus add to this that he has come out of an area where corrupt politics is a way of life.

    Currently there is a building scandal of releasing documents relating to Obama’s time with the Annanberg prize. The press has been clamoring for these documents and the school will not release them. The reasoning behind this is a very reasonable excuse that the donor never gave permission for them to be released. However, once again it is the perception of stonewalling over an association of Obama and William Ayers.

    The excuse about Ayers making mistakes in the past and letting it go are flimsy and stupid. Especially in light of Mr. Ayers quotes as recently as he last five years regarding his behavior of his “bombing period” of life.

    Pl=ease stop using the excuse that no one wants to criticize the P.O.W. It’s the same as saying no one wants to criticize the black man…both cases are demeaning and stupid.

  31. says

    OK, here’s the latest list of smear lies from the wingnutdaily:

    Obama will be a radical on the abortion issue as signaled by his blocking of emergency medical aid for babies who survive abortion;
    Obama will attempt to ban the use of firearms for defense by law-abiding citizens;
    Obama will raise tax rates up to 60 percent;
    Obama will “transform the U.S. Treasury into the United Nations’ ATM”;
    Obama will encourage high fuel prices and will remove more farmland from production;
    Obama will raise the percentage of Americans who pay no taxes at all, from 30 percent to 40 percent – at the expense of those who do.
    Obama will transfer child-rearing responsibility and authority from parents to the federal government with his “0 to 5″ program.

    And of course he’s a radical socialist muslim who wasn’t born in the US.

    I think it’s time somebody start just making shit up about McCain and repeating it over and over again.

    McCain ate Vietnamese babies for breakfast while he was a POW.
    McCain arranged the accident so he could dump his first wife.
    McCain has a love child with a Nazi descendant hiding in Paraguay.
    McCain wants to go to war with Iran and Russia — oh wait, that one’s true!
    McCain will introduce a draft.

    Come on guys, let’s get as creative and loony as the opposition!

  32. MAJeff says

    Who’s saying no one wants to criticize the POW (well, other than the DC press corp fellating him because he was one)? McCain’s campaign is throwing the “but he was a POW” at every criticism…

    He doesn’t know how many houses? He was a POW!

    He knew the questions in advance of his appearance at Saddlebrook? He was a POW!

    He even said that his favorite song was Dancing Queen because he didn’t know any music after he was shot down, even though it came out several years after he was released.

    It’s McCain playing that damn card.

  33. patrick nyc says


    While in a perfect world I too would like BOTH canidates to stick to issues, as McShame said he would do, but it was clear that once he climbed in bed with Rove and the sleaze patrol who fucked him in 2000 that all bets are off.

    I was sad to see how Obama was being trashed and worried that we had another Kerry repeat on our hands, then old McShame gave Obama a gift, and I for one have no problem with Obama mocking this asshole. Go OBama.

  34. thanks says

    Yeah McCain gave obama a gift, it’s called another reason not to talk about any issues that matter. Obama will wait to the last possible minute to annouce his VP because he can’t imagine sharing the stage with another. obama should talk (and he does to hear his voice), he made $4 million last year, vacations for a week on a private island owns a million dollar home that he purchased from convicted felon Rezko. Oh yeah then there’s his corporate lawyer wife. So when McCain was Obama’s age was he making $4 Million, no he was POW and fighting for his country.