1. Las Vegas says

    I kept watching this troopergate stuff and started to wonder what this guy supposedly did? They way the media plays it out…it’s just a simple custody case and that’s it. After some digging I found out a couple of things that are interesting.

    This guy supposedly beat his wife and actually tasered a child. This information came from the Alaska newspapers. Interestingly enough none of the national media wants to report that aspect of the case. Does it make a difference? Maybe..maybe not but if it got out that Sarah was looking to get this guy fired because he was an abusive husband with anger issues then maybe more than a few people would over look the whole issue….and any Democrat that starts shit over this needs to go back to the 80’s and the laundry list of problems the Clintons had and it certainly didn’t disqualify them from anything.

  2. Las Vegas says


    Where’s the article posted by AP this morning saying that Obamas “bounce” from the convention has pretty much melted? Gallup is reporting that McCain is ahead in the polls and Rasmussen is saying tied.

    Where’s the report about how many people watched the Republican’s Convention vs. the Democrats?

    SO this site is labeled more than gay news for gay men…how about some news for change instead of just sitting and shilling for the Democrats? You just preach to the choir most of the time here…news like that might fire up the boys and make them get out and help Obama instead of sitting around and bitching about McCain and Palin and the latest youtube clip from her childhood.

  3. Rad says

    I caught the facts behind the trooper issue, too. And though he behaves to her sister like a dickwad low life with a badge and gun, what would having him fired do? She should have used her power as Governor to drive the matter to State or even Federal authorities for a full investigation and action. Unless, of course, he WAS complying with the restraining orders and leaving them along, and she just wanted to go for the jugular “just because”.

    Interesting, the Fuckhead in Commmand and his minions waited until they got INTO the Whitehouse before locking down media access. I guess the McSame/Palein ticket figures what works for Papa can work for them.

  4. ATLsteve says

    LV – the kid asked and wanted to be tasered to see what it felt like – still a stupid thing to do for a parent but nice of you to omit the facts.

    This ticket is a complete joke for many reasons but I’m beginning to get the sinking feeling they could pull it out.

    I’ve never been an Obamaniac but I think this direction is better than 4 nothing years under McCain. The Obama camp is falling right into the trap though – letting the media run wild with stories about Palin and coming across unsure how to deal with her. It’s Obama vs. McCain – frame the debate that way and hammer it home – quit pussy-fotting around this pig in lipstick from Northern Exposure.

    The Democrats have a history and knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory…we’ll see how this plays out.

  5. David says

    I hate it, but the Republican strategy thus far has been almost perfect. When it’s all boiled down and you take into account the abysmal approval rating of President Bush, Obama should probably be wiping the floor with these two.

    But he’s not. And the longer Palin holds out, the more buzz she’ll create. The excitement level she’s generating among Republicans and the bile she’s generating among Democrats makes her arguably one of the most exciting politicians in our lifetime.

    Whether you love her, hate her, love to hate her, or hate to love her, you have to admit, she’s completely stolen all of the spotlights, and it doesn’t look like she’s planning on handing them back any time soon.

  6. Robert says

    I love it – the absolute self-righteousness of the media.

    Why isn’t she answering our TOUGH questions. You mean like “is Trig really your son?”

    PU-LEASE, Andy. Don’t pretend that you and the media have some high-minded “we have to ask important questions so the American people are informed” motive here.

    You want her in front of the media in hopes that she’ll make some kind of mistake that your pals over at MSNBC can play on a constant loop for the next 4 weeks, hoping to GOD that it somehow puts the curtain back up behind the Barack Obama show.

    Sorry folks, the men behind that curtain have already been exposed.

    Ahhhh….the smell of desperation in the morning.

  7. Las Vegas says

    Altsteve…it is not a fact the kid asked for it…that is the story that is being given by the trooper so it is NOT a fact to the case. C’mon just because someone says something in the paper doesn’t mean it’s true…hasn’t that been the liberal mantra for the last 8 years?

    The fact of the matter is you DON”T TASER A 10 YEAR OLD!!! WTF kind of idiot would do that? A ten year wants to drive on the freeway during rush you let them do it? A ten year old asks a grown man to shott him in the leg to see what it feels like..the guy should plead the kids asked me to do it?

    You know…this is the kind of bullshit that makes kids think they can have whatever they want, whenever they want…just because they want it. It’ stupid and so is your argument.

  8. anon says

    Frankly, it would be nice if they asked Biden some tough questions about his record, but he’s getting a complete pass out of press laziness. Is he at all pro-gay? I don’t know.

  9. says

    Why does this blog attract so many Republican (or, at any rate, anti-Democrat) trolls? I can’t believe that those trolls who post comments here are representative of America, or the gay community, or anything decent. But why do they congregate here?

  10. Jimmyboyo says


    1- any divorce attorney will tell you to take any accusations in a divorce with a grain of salt. Divorces are extremely messy and all manner of stuff flies (from half truths to out and out lies) during divorces.

    2- The guy was never fired. His bosses never found any evidence to corroborate the Palin family accusations.

    3- Molly’s OWN TESTIMONY before a judge “In front of Judge Suddock, Molly testified that Wooten never hit her or never physically abused her or ever touched the children. She told the judge she was feeling pressure from her family to file the order.”

    Sarah Palin has not only abused her power , but now appears to have perjured herself before the magistrate = CRIMINAL

    Stop drinking the kool-aid and stop lieing.

  11. says

    When is Palin going to start giving interviews to journalists who won’t softpedal with her? There’s less than two months until Election Day… the American people deserve to know more about Palin’s record, experience, and positions on the major issues of the day.

    If you want to hear more from Palin, sign a petition to that effect here:

  12. John says

    Michael, it seems the liberal press has already let the country know about Sarah Palin and it back fired on them. They continue their search for dirt, especially Campbell Brown, whose own father former state senator James H Brown spent 6 months in federal prison for lying to the FBI. If you haven’t heard, Palin is doing an interview with Gibson on ABC on Friday.

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