1. the queen says

    hell, if property values keep on plummeting and unemployment rises, we may all have to seek refuge in alaska–not a bad place to be according to the travel brochures… and evangenital x-tianity long ago came to the white house via reagan and bush — i mean if you don’t subscribe to the theory that the election was stolen, who do you think got bush into office in the first place? the evangenitals…

  2. Mark says

    The nightmare of my pentecostal upbringing is attempting a comeback in the form of Assistant Pastor to John McCain. Ugh. Get me out of here.

  3. rae says

    i am have the most awful flashbacks to my 10 years of assemblies of god schooling. cheese ‘n rice this is painful.

  4. Island Girly says

    Oh dear GAWD!!! I can just see the bumperstickers. ‘VOTE ’08 – POW & Pastor Palin’

    We’ll have the PPP in the White House if they win. Which they won’t if we all do our jobs.

  5. nic says

    this bitch is certifiable.

    but she seems to be right, alaska is full of gas (of course, she accounts for most of it).

    does god really want to build a pipeline there? did he tell her? i thought the shrub had the only pipeline to god.

  6. MAJeff says

    “does god really want to build a pipeline there? did he tell her? ”

    Well, the great thing about god is that any old voice in a person’s head will suffice.

  7. patrick nyc says

    Dear God, save us from this not job, it would be so ‘cool’ if she got caught up in her white trash past.

  8. Paul R says

    It was just announced that Palin’s church is supporting a “pray away the gay” program. So if any of you want to get “fixed” and become a proud and pathetic ex-gay, maybe you should consider moving to Alaska. Maybe the brisk weather makes those programs more effective.

    Seriously, there are so many ways to attack this woman. I just hope the Dems figure out a way to do it and the GOP charges that any attack is sexist aren’t widely believed. Nice play of the sex card.

  9. MAJeff says

    Seriously, there are so many ways to attack this woman.

    Exactly. She’s a corrupt religious extremist who demonstrates how desperate John McCain is and how bad his judgment is. It’s not that hard.

    Now, if Biden and Obama would quit starting every speech with a long talk about what a great man McCain is and instead just attack his nasty vision, his poor judgment, and his continuation of failed policies….

  10. nic says


    i hear you. the dems need to be as relentless as karl rove. i am sick of good people going to defeat for playing nice. al gore? kerry? no more! obama and biden need to grow some balls. maybe hillary can lend them hers or bill’s.

  11. LTP says

    I agree with MAJEFF. It was exactly what Michael Moore said – stop praising McCain!

    We need some attack dogs working for the Democrats. Haven’t they learned from their past mistakes? Nice guys finish last!

    If it were up to me, I would attack this woman till she’s been blown to pieces. She’s paraded her unwed teenage daughter on stage, so it’s open season. I don’t think she’s off limits because it affects public policy — abstinence only program in public schools, pro-choice, health care of unwed mothers and child, etc. Do you think the Republicans would have kept this off limits if this had happened to Barack’s daughters (assuming they’re older) or to Chelsea? Michael Moore reminded me of McCain’s joke about Chelsea Clinton when she was young. It went something like Janet Reno must be her father cuz she’s so ugly! These people should not get away easily with this blatant display of hypocrisy!

  12. Jack H. says

    I suspect there are only a few posters here who are in their 60’s or older as I am. I have never been as discouraged about the state of my country and politics as I am now. Unfunded mandates as far as the eye can see (BABY BOOMERS retiring), a sick economy, huge deficits, and the polar icecaps melting away while the Right mocks environmentalism.
    At the same time a populace less informed then ever,(who read newspapers anymore except us “elitists”) who will vote on emotion/gut reaction and not issues, a factor cynically exploited by the Right.
    Then there is the 800 lb. gorilla that no one wants to mention: the rejection of a mixed race (who identifies as black) candidate by the working class whites, and some affluent ones as well. We could well get this unqualified nut job a heartbeat away from power. Canada anyone?

  13. Paul R says

    Jack H., I’d said I’d move to a foreign country if Bush was reelected in 2004, but didn’t because my partner at the time was unemployed and couldn’t get a visa in a foreign country, and my dog would have had to be in lock down for too long in the countries/islands I was considering.

    Well, the boyfriend is now an ex and I’ve found new countries. I will not be able to tolerate this country any longer if McCain wins. The thought sickens me.

  14. Bill Perdue says

    “Assemblies of god (sic) Welcome Sarah Palin”

    Just like they welcome the Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, who promises to kill any gay man who looks at him ‘that’ way.

    Just like they welcome the Reverend Leah Daughtry, who chaired the Democratic (sic) Convention and runs the DNC. She’s being sued for homophobic bigotry by none other than the DNCs former GLBT outreach director.

    Just like The Most Extremely Reverend (and former gay) Donnie McClurkin who hosted Obama’s string of southern revival meetings masquerading as political rallies.

    Those people really get around don’t they? So much so that Dobson is sitting in his office in the Springs smirking because now he has two parties to play with. We’re the only losers in all this.