1. Cub says

    Especially In these times, we need artists whose work will stand up for what’s right and shine a spotlight on what’s wrong. Banksy is one of those. Where are the rest?

  2. says

    I agree. Banksy is one of those people who’s work, no matter how lo-fi, and pedestrian in technique, really goes out of his way to make some sort of commentary. I dig his stuff and am glad he left his foot print in the Crescent City.

  3. will germain says

    On “Hurrication” bored out of my mind. Oddly enough, the first photo is a block from my house. I wondered who painted that. It’s kinda cool. I’ve been wishing for 5 years someone would restore this house. It has looked like that since pre-Katrina.


  4. Clash says

    The second one is on St. Claude street, about three blocks from where I live, and I was wondering who had done it. Knowing that it was Banksy makes me smile.

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