1. jason says

    Enough of this indulgent sow. You got married, we get it. As if the full cover spread by People magazine – a courtesy which probably would not be extended to a male couple – wasn’t enough, she’s now filling in the gaps for those who may not have noticed. Ellen sucks and so does People magazine.

  2. Greg says

    I wish them all the best. I disagree with Jason above – I think Ellen’s showcasing of the event will help enormously in making the concept of gay marriage concrete and non-threatening to many across the US.

  3. says

    I think Ellen is great for sharing her wedding with her audience–and it is things like this that collectively allow people to see that we don’t want anything out of the ordinary.

  4. Andalusian Dog says

    Jason, you have proven, once again, that miserable people simply seethe when others are happy – and to their own detriment. Any time queer people get married, or express their love for one another, or simply hold hands in public, it is necessarily a political act – a burden which we, for better or worse, have to shoulder (unlike straight people, who don’t have to think twice about it). This fact is just another bit of evidence of the unyielding power imbalance in our society, and a way to maintain structures of power that constantly cast queers in the role of the inferior.

    However, finding a little personal joy and pride in expressing our love to others (and I believe that Ellen is truly joyful) is the best and possibly only way to overcome this constrictive burden. Ellen’s sharing these moments and her joy with others benefits you, whether you’d like to realize it or not. She is declaring that she (and all of us) can be happy, in spite of the social disparities that keep our lives the target of suspicion and hatred and force us constantly to “prove” our worth as human beings, as though our humanity is being held to a different standard.

    On another note, were those photographs not absolutely exquisite?! Holy moley! Crispy: over the years my heart has shriveled into a stony raisin too, but the second video TOTALLY made me misty. Glad we’re on the same page.

  5. Rachel says

    While I wouldn’t want a gajillion people watching video from my wedding, I appreciate that weddings are a cultural threshold that straight people “get.” I think for as many people who won’t like this video and Ellen talking about her marriage, it will impact many more who will witness parts of a same-sex relationship they haven’t seen before, including parents being present and supportive, etc. And to think that only 10 (?) years ago there was such massive backlash to her “Yep, I’m gay” statement. There is forward movement.

  6. Bonus says

    A wedding these days is an event to celebrate your relationship, something that both those women deserve. They are talented and relatable people, who seem to really make a difference in each other’s lives. A gorgeous wedding in their beautiful home is completely correct.

  7. Otto says

    Crispy-I’m with you. If my cold dead heart can shed a tear, it’s a good show. Congrats to both.

    Side note…Jason, bitterness will kill you in the long run.

  8. gabriel says

    I <3 Ellen & Portia
    They are one of my favorite celebrity couples. They just always look SO happy together