Nothing Comes Between Brody Jenner and His Brody Jenners


The fashion world had a momentary seizure yesterday when a Brody Jenner cut-out intimated that The Hills star was coming out with his own line of jeans, fit for sale in your neighborhood Chess King. But it turns out that the kung fu figure was a prop for a competition in his upcoming Bromance reality show.


  1. paul says

    i think he is hot, but I can not stand the stupid show the HILLS!! MTV used to play vidoes, now they plan crap like the hills. “Oh, my life is so tough, I live in Malibu, I don’t work, i am beautiful, have beautiful friends…who also don’t work, my life sucks!!

  2. says

    Seriously, those jeans almost look painted on especially in the butt part (not necessarily complaining here). And what about this new show called “Bromance?” Straight guys always need an excuse to explore homosexuality without actually doing it, don’t they? First metrosexuality now this…

  3. Joyce says

    Holy crap who the hell is he kidding with those jeans. If he were to put on a pair like that in real life, no doubt his crack would be like 2 inches exposed. Someone did some clever photoshopping there to hide his hairy crack.

  4. Patrick says

    Brody is hot as hell, no matter what he’s wearing, even if it’s a pink leotard. Regardless, those DO look like girls jeans, or some tragic, Ed Hardy designed trash.

    I’d still do Brody anywhere, any day, any position. He’s in the wrong business. He needs to do porn.

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