The O.C. is a ‘funding powerhouse’ for California gay marriage ban

Donors in California’s Orange County, despite being home to fading gay getaway Laguna Beach, have contributed nearly a quarter of the money collected to implement Proposition 8, the California amendment that would define marriage between a man and a woman, effectively banning gay marriage in the state.

OcThe OC Register reports:

“Orange County donors have contributed $1.6 million for Proposition 8, a November ballot initiative that would amend the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, eliminating the right of same-sex couples to marry. Donations from here to support Prop. 8 constitute 24 percent of the $6.8 million raised statewide, according to campaign finance records filed with the California Secretary of State through Aug. 28. Orange County’s portion accounts for 15 percent of the $10.9 million that had been raised nationwide in support of Prop. 8.”

The San Jose Mercury News reports on the decision-making going on around the ballot measure, with many couples opting to get their marriage in before the vote and others holding off for fear of disappointment, although California Attorney General Jerry Brown has said that Prop. 8 won’t be retroactive.


  1. Disgusted American says

    and meanwhile how many people languish in/on LA’s SKID ROW,along with ALL those Homeless vets? …with NO Food,NO Health Ins…Meantal problems…Living in the streets..but Millions spent to prevent Equality? CVery Christian of these fucking assholes.

  2. Bill Perdue says

    Orange County is the home of many bigoted christer megachurches like the one that hosted McCain and Obama a couple of weeks ago.

    That was where they each explained their unique bigotry on the question of same sex marriage. We know the logheads support McCain in spite of (?) his bigotry but are there any stoneheads or other Democrats who’d like to explain the differences between their bigotry or try to justify Obamas bigotry?

  3. randall says

    My new husband and I just threw a fabulous wedding in the heart of Orange County. We utilized caterers and photographers, bought rings and invited 100 close friends and family members who celebrated our love and right to marry. There was never any issue along the way. Everyone was gracious. In lieu of gifts we asked that donations be made to and collected additional checks to be sent in. Before casting judgement on the OC, remember it is full of queers who are donating to defeat measure 8.

  4. Derrick from Philly says


    There are right-wing Christians, and there are left-wing Christians. For instance, black fundamentalist Christians vote for black congress people who always vote in favor of gay people’s rights. The Black Congressional Caucus voted against the Defense of Marriage Act(there may have been one absent member…maybe that crook from Louisiana). And the two black governors appear to be the most pro-gay governors in the nation–and they are both supported by liberal Christians. So, there are Christians like Obama who don’t believe that Jesus hates gay people. That’s what so-called Christian motha’ fu.k..s like that Palin woman believe.

    Lord, forgive me, but I just can’t stand that Alaskan hockey ho’.

  5. Bill Perdue says

    Derreck, you didn’t answer my question.

    I didn’t comment on the politics of African American churches or political leaders. The only thing you said that I haven’t said myself, and that I disagree with, is that there are right and left wing christers. Religion is superstition. My opinion is that seriously superstitious people, who can be quite insane in large numbers, are best described in psychiatric terms, not political ones.

    I think that the votes for CBC people are nationalist votes and paycheck votes, both of which are excellent reasons to vote if only there were nationalist pro worker parties for people to vote for. (Check out the website of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists or this artice in Black Commentator for some developments in that direction.

    In any case my opinion is that those votes are at variance with superstitions beliefs.

    My question was “who’d like to explain the differences between their bigotry or try to justify Obama’s bigotry?” Calling McCain a bigot is not an answer. Saying that CBC are not bigots is not an answer. I agree with what you said but I’d still an answer to my question.

  6. says

    One practical difference is that McCain has recently come out in favor of a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between a man and a woman. In short, he has shown himself willing to cater to the most extreme bigots of his own party on this issue.

  7. says

    I apologize for all my ridiculously bigoted neighbors.

    Intertesting, they love me, they just don’t like the gay people they don’t know.

    That’s exactly why I go out and try to meet every single last one of them. Especially if I see they have one of those “Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes has a shadow that looks like a cross” stickers on their cars.

    Funny how these people can turn around, though, and then privately deny me marriage rights.

    Not that I’ve had a date in, well, a while.

  8. GregV says

    Obama has spoken in favor of a variety of equal rights issues with the exception of using the same term “marriage“ for our marriage rights. Even with that one exception, he has spoken against anti gay initiatives such as prop. 8.
    McCain, on the other hand, appeared in ads in Arizona arguing in FAVOR of laws that would take away any kind of partnership rights for gay people. McCain has also argued in favor of the anti gay initiative in California.

    I would compare it to two Southern guys in the 195O`s. One says “Black men and women should be allowed to cast ballots in elections and have their ballots counted, but let`s just not call it voting.“ The other guy says “Let`s change the state constitution to prohibit the negro from having his ballot counted for anything. Tradition and religion say that the White Man`s vote is the only one that counts.“
    You see, one guy is just not quite all the way there yet, and the other guy is not even close.

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