Billie Jean King: Sarah Palin ‘Great…Awesome…Honest…Real’

This one threw me for a loop. The NY Observer tracked feminist lesbian tennis icon Billie Jean King down at Cipriani recently and asked her what she thought of the media’s treatment of Sarah Palin…

Billiejeanking_2Said King: “Now we’re back to the experience. Remember how they were talking about how the experience for Hillary wasn’t necessary? Do you notice how they’re talking about experience again? I’m just cracking up. I’m just like, whatever! I think Palin’s great. I think she’s awesome. I think she’s honest, I think she’s real.”

The Observer continued: “But would the Governor of Alaska have been so quick to release public statements about her family if her daughter Bristol was revealed to be gay, instead of pregnant? ‘That was one question I had in my mind,’ said Ms. King, who was first prominent professional female athlete to come out. ‘I have no idea. Her, I think she’d embrace the child and then have to start thinking about the issue.'”

Because all that “thinking” about their lesbian daughter really affected policy in the Bush/Cheney White House, right?

UPDATE: King clarifies remarks…supporting Obama.


  1. says

    What, a female boomer feminist is voting for Palin solely because she has a vagina, and is ignoring the fact that her entire political career has been characterized by support for social issues that are anathema to feminist values? Shocker.

    I respect women, have always worked with and for women, and support the availability of family planning services. But if women vote for McCain/Palin (or any other right wing ticket) like this simply because one of the right-wingers is female, then they deserve to lose the right to choose.

  2. Sean H says

    Uterus FIRST! Gay rights, healthcare, environment, international safety, and a stable economy SECOND!!!

    Yeah, you go BJK. Totally make yourself look like an idiot on this one. Thanks for totally shattering my image of you once and forever.

  3. Jason says

    Holy Crap a person voting on one issue. No one on this site would ever do that. Good for BJK. Barack Osama Obama is in trouble. I predicted the Bradley effect but I expected it to come from white males; based on the polls it appears its comming from the Females.

  4. says

    King’s welcome to have a differing opinion, but when she voices support of a politician whose policies are so clearly against her previously stated values, she’d better expect to be asked to justify her statement.

    And Jason’s right in part… no one should vote on only one issue. But his squalidly racist comment that followed it pretty much kills any of his other statements.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, Jason, most here would prefer it “comming” from white males, black males, Latino males, even Australian males (if they look like Russell Crowe). I figured you meant “cuming” when you spell “comming”. That’s all right–I aint no good speller either, bloke.

    Look, JASON, it’s only week #1 since McCain picked the Alaska gun-totin’ Bible-beater as his running mate. We’ll let the press and the Democrats figure out a way to get to this right-wing bitc…gal before we get desperate.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Actually, New Zealanders “comming” is just as good as Aussie’s.

    I know where Crowe is from…after Googling him. Always Google first before commenting…I keep telling myself.

  7. says


    Barack Osama Obama??? Are you listening to yourself? Back up your comment, man! Seriously, I am fed up with such racist and xenophobic comments from the electorate about Obama.

    The McCain/Palin ticket is homophobic, creationist, anti-choice, anti-environment, cutthroat, big business aligned, anti-middle class, anti-peace and aligned with the current (disastrous) administration (33% approval rating! 33%!!!). These are all well-documented facts. And the best people can say is make cracks about Obama’s name?

    Seriously is the majority of the electorate in this country is as bigoted and ignorant as you, we deserve to go down the crapper. I am appalled, disturbed and disappointed with the narrow-mindedness and ignorance of my fellow Americans. It will send a sad message to the rest of the world if McCain and Palin get in in November.

  8. says

    Billie Jean is not my lover!

    I hope she meant that Palin’s personality is “great” and “awesome”. It’s possible to admire her success as a cult figure who’s put some energy into the comatose McCain campaign–I think she’s awesome in that regard, scarily so–without admiring her backwards views. Unless BJK is actually a) an anti-choice anti-gay lesbian, or b) out of touch with reality.

  9. Disgusted American says

    Yeah, you go BJK. Totally make yourself look like an idiot on this one. Thanks for totally shattering my image of you once and forever.

    Agreed! As a 48yr old white Gay Man…I will NEVER look at Ms King the same way again….Look BJK,just cause your old..settled into your millions..and NOT struggling…don’t think for one minute..that’s there are MILLIONS of young LGBT people out there in America..who would SUFFER the Consequences of this women as VP/or possible president….I lost ALL respect for you!

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    That’s the crazy thing, ALEX. Some Towleroad posters say that this particular JASON is actually Australian. He can’t vote here anyway.

    JASON better be cool…we’ll get Nicole Kidman to whup his ass.

  11. says

    That Nicole Kidman could totally whup his butt. She’s thin, but she’s wiry. And you KNOW she’s got enough Botox in her handbag to turn that racist troll into a totally immobile statue. Hehe… “she who must be kept”.

  12. John says

    BJK is entitled to her opinion. She probably doesn’t agree with Palin on the issues. However,it took a staunch anti-communist, Nixon to go to China–and it will be the stauch anti-feminist Reps that put women on the winning ticket. But I can’t discredit BJK for supporting Palin because she’s a woman anymore than the right can belittle Colin Powell for wanting Obama. Now, if Powell would only endorse Obama.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “…Colin Powell for wanting Obama.”

    Yeah, but would Obama want Powell? I wouldn’t…unless Powell switched parties. Black Republicans have a vewy vewy vewy difficult time getting black votes, JOHN. Just ask Lynn Swan what happened to him against Ed Rendell, or Governor Strickland how he stomped that Black Republican puppet in Ohio’s black communities.

  14. ATLSteve says

    So I gather BJK was a fairly adamant Hillary supporter? I wonder what Suze Orman thinks of Palin? Orman grates on my last nerve but would be curious to get her take.

  15. JJ says

    Just because Billie Jean King is the ur-lesbian professional athlete doesn’t mean she’s got common sense. Although excuse me for generalizing but lesbians are usually smarter than this.

  16. bosie says

    NOT BILLIE…NOT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember as a child mom tellign me abotu some Billie Jean King, and for years i thought it was a man, till I found some newspapers cut outs (mom’s she kept them as souveniers) I became a great fan…BUT NNOT BILLIE with palin….doesn’t mix…..BILLIE THINK AGAIN, please!!!!~

  17. anon says

    I don’t think it was an actual endorsement, but rather a statement of support for Palin’s right to run as a women. I’m sure her spokesperson will issue a statement clarifying this mess forthwith. (Palin is “real” and she is “honest”, just not mainstream in her values.)

  18. Paul R says

    Who cares what most celebrities think about most anything? And most especially who cares what a long-retired female tennis player thinks? Will her views influence anyone else’s? Unlikely.

    I’d also love it if we all stopped responding to the hateful GOP lovers posting on this site. It’s futile.

  19. patrick nyc says

    Now be easy on poor BJK, after all she clearly is suffering from HBS, Head Board Syndrome. Most know of course this happens to many, but butch bottoms, despite gender, are a high risk group.

    Suffers are often compared to professional boxers and people who are dropped on their heads. There is no cure at this time, but medication is advised, it is also recommended to keep them from operating heavy machinery or voting booths.

  20. ALSNYC says

    BJK was a HUGE Hillary supporter. She actively campaigned for her. At a recent book signing in NYC, BJK made it clear how she thought the media was sexist and unfair to Hillary. So it’s natural that she should feel that Palin is getting the same treatment. BJK also didn’t have much to say about Obama…she was still devastated that HRC lost.

    BJK is a feminist first, Democrat second.

  21. says

    “BJK is a feminist first, Democrat second.”

    Well, she’s clarified that she is, in fact, supporting Obama. Since the vast majority of feminists are also Democrats, they usually don’t need to put one before the other.

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