1. Mike says

    Bless her! She has done so much for our community – and now, in her unique way has done it again! On the greater subject of the Prop 8 supporters… what is it with They are constantly regurgitating’s spew of lying press releases as if they are news stories.

  2. Leland Frances says

    Having been among her harshest critics here, I’m happy to be among the first to applaud her for this. If the TV time she bought is equal to that of the Yes on 8 fascists, she could singlehandedly turn the tide back in equality’s favor.

  3. Anonymous says

    Good for Ellen… This is a smarter move than just giving the money to “No on 8.” This way she can control how it is spent and get her message out the way she wants to do it.

  4. RS says

    I think this ad is so much more effective than the ads the No on 8 campaign is running. I gave ’em money and I hope to be proven wrong, but so far I’ve been very disappointed by how ineptly the campaign has been run. Perhaps Ellen is, too. Just speculating, but maybe she didn’t want them to waste her money and decided to doing something more powerfully good with it. I think her very personalized voice of compassion is very effective. Good for her.

  5. joeinsf says

    With 18 days left before election day (and huge numbers of Californians voting NOW by absentee ballot), we need to pull together as a community, not bicker or blame others, to defeat Prop. 8.

    There are small but POWERFUL THINGS WE CAN DO TO DEFEAT 8, compiled by a friend of mine: *Give $5, $10 or $100 or more. (The Obama campaign has taught us that SMALL DONATIONS AND ACTIONS do matter, adding up to be a tremendous force for change.) *Invite your friends over for dinner instead of going out, and send that money to no on 8. *When attending a gay wedding, don’t give a give material gift. Instead, make a donation to No on 8 in the name of the couple. Honor and protect their love! *Stop whining about us being behind in the polls and DO SOMETHING!


    I think it is great that Ellen gave her time and money to the cause, but we shouldn’t just rely on her…we NEED to do this for OURSELVES and SHAPE our own destinies.


    That’s a fantastic START!

    Thank you for matching what Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg each gave. But more is still needed to counter the other side’s deceitful ads!!!!

    Here’s why: a new tracking poll found that undecided voters who see both NO and YES TV ads are more likely to vote NO. Those who see just YES ads (and that’s most people — as they have more money than we do to put theirs on the air) are much more likely to vote YES.


    Imagine what a $2 million media buy for Ellen’s ad would do? (I personally imagine it could put us over the top.) Let’s hope she spends as much as she can to keep it on the air! (Oh, and would it be too much to ask for some radio ads, too?)

    Thanks again, Ellen!

    But what about are the other mega-rich celebs who remain invisible in this campaign?

    If that’s what it’s gonna take, and you really just wanted to blaze your own trail, do it NOW! There are only 18 days until Election Day.

    Shoot your own PSA and pay for it to go up on the air! Or write Ellen a check to get her PSA on TV more.

    Just do it NOW!

  7. K says

    Not only will people see the ad, but Ellen’s media buy will get attention in and of itself.

    We all owe a lot to her. We really do. She’s “Ellen” any more, one of the most popular women in America, beloved by all the fans of her show. She reaches so many Americans in ways no one else can.

  8. akaison says

    Good on Ellen. I criticized her as well. I am glad she’s stepping up.

    By the way, what would be really useful at this juncture is some polling agency other than Survey USA’s polling- they have another one today at 48 for, 45 against using their likely voter model. It’s unclear where things are right now. Are we making head way or not? I am leery about using likely voter models just because part of our ability to win this is a) younger voters who aren’t going to be picked up in a likely voter model (these models weight heavily toward people having voted in prior elections) and b) it also doesn’t take into account sporadic, but not consistent voters.

    I do note that the data says that AAs, much maligned here and elsewhere, only support the measure by 10 percent more than the white voter. I believe that if there were some concerted efforts this number 58 for blacks, 48 for whites, could be brought to parity. Instead, we’ve got this attitude of “no we can’t.” One proviso- we don’t know a) the number of AAs polled or b) whether there is any effect where AAs feel they can’t admit to being against the amendment.

    We need something like Nate Silver’s model or more liberal model of the likely voters this term. Using 2004, even with regard to race without a breakdown of age of voters (which will be higher more than likely for younger voters this cycle) seems to be a mistake. Yet, these likely voter models depend on it.

    My gut instinct is that this is tied or close, but the Yes people will probably actually lose this given the demographic shifts. To get to a bare yes win depends on modeling that may and probably will not fit this election.

  9. duane Harrison says

    Thank you Ellen mwahhhh From your gay brother. Only people like you who have the privilage to be on TV, I pray it is not taken for granted. Use this time to help Equality, I know I would if I had the means and oppertunity to do so. All I can do is blaa blaa blaa on these comments. Sometimes the only way to get through to the narrow minded people for our committment rights to love and share all civillian rights of a partnership, is to fight for the real deal. All or nothing, and nothing don’t count, for we will never give up. I will one day marry my Filipino boyfriend and be extremely happy for that God blessed day. To commit to him and it be recognized by the US government is my ultimate goal.

  10. Leland Frances says

    Here’s why we must not leave the proverbial stone unturned, nor checks unwritten:

    In addition to the fact that voters generally tend to vote against something more readily than for something, our deadly Achilles heel has ALWAYS been that religio fascists are more motivated than gays generally are. Even in political contests when there hasn’t been the documented [e.g., only 30-some thousand donors against 8 versus over 60,000 for it] and illogical apathy in our community.

    99% of our enemies come prepackaged, mostly as church congregations who already are accustomed to meeting at least weekly, month after month, year after year. We don’t already own buses to carry people to rallys and the polls. We don’t have the kind of regular TV and radio programs, monthly print organs that they do. Focus on the [Fascist] Family has TEN different publications. Yes On 8 creeps didn’t have to suddenly rent space for operational centers in various cities as No On 8 did. They didn’t have to come up with lists of names, addresses, telephone numbers as No has, or stand on corners begging people to sign up as volunteers.

    This toxic difference goes back decades—whenever our rights have been subjected to a vote by the general public. [If job, accommodation, and voter rights for blacks had been voted on by popular referendum, they would have failed.] An anti marriage equality initiative has only been beaten ONCE. Our equality has never been assumed, but has only come, issue by issue, by either legislative body or court decision, and our “leaders” have become too dependent upon that while ignoring the kind of ongoing grass roots outreach to the electorate that could have offset some of the constant stream of poison that right wing churches and groups have never stopped generating.

    In short, we’re trying to make up for decades of neglect in a few months. It’s not fair but it is reality and everyone is called upon to do ALL he/she can.

  11. bryanD says

    I don’t think it’s helpful to hear the chronic whining from the chronic bitches…take a holiday, girls.

    Ellen did a great thing; bless her heart. People do what they’re capable of doing and the best way to inspire them further is by example. Ellen’s a glorious example of someone who’s found her purpose and her life – and consequently is standing up and sharing it for all to see. Jam on it, Ellen!

  12. my2cents says

    to the me me me me(n) of towle road who kept bitching at ellen:
    while you were asking, pleading and badgering for a contribution, she was working toward a more powerful, personal statement.

  13. akaison says

    a) As I said above- good for Ellen. I want to reemphasize that.

    b) To Those who are now saying this was her plan along: You are trying to prove too much with nothing but her finally submitting to pressure, which is the other interpretation of her actions. I don’t know which is right. I don’t really care.

    I do however know I am not going to waste my time with your spin.

    I am glad she’s doing what she’s doing. But please don’t think that means I or any other poster here is stupid enough not to realize the context – which can be of a positive or negative spin.

    Sometimes it is better just to shut than to try to keep pushing other people’s buttons as you are doing here.

  14. JJ says

    P.S. Thanks to for running the donation link so often. Defeating Prop 8 in California will surely change our lives for the better, and it is within our grasp. Any U.S. National may contribute to the No on 8 campaign.

  15. nic says

    i am not a californian, but i donated to “no on 8″ already and plan to do so again. i received the following e-mail from them, as i’m sure everyone who has contributed did:

    ******Philanthropist Steve Bing and Equality California are offering a ONE MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE GRANT so our new ad can reach California’s undecided voters.

    The ad gives voice to the broad coalition of organizations and newspapers that oppose Prop. 8 — from the Los Angeles Times and La Opinión to the League of Women Voters, the California Nurses Association and the California Teachers Association.

    Voters need to know that these organizations — and many more — stand with them in support of equality!

    Every donation before midnight on Sunday, October 19 will be doubled.*******

    “no on 8″ is crucial because if california, the most populace state turns back the haters, the rest of the country will eventually follow. i encourage my fellow towleroadies to send whatever amount they can. tell all your friends and relatives, too.

  16. GregV says

    I think “NO ON 6″ campaigns have special challenges in raising funds that require us to think outside the box.
    Can someone here explain various options of how people can donate to a “No on 8″ campaign? Do we have to list our address and occupation, etc., even if a tax receipt is not desired (and is it tax deductible anyway?)? Can we donate to a grand total managed by Ellen Degeneres, or Andy Towle, or someone else and let that person take the tax receipt on behalf of hundreds of donators? Is anyone selling something (concert tickets or dinners or bracelets or ANYTHING) for which some portion or even all of the proceeds will benefit the campaign?
    Ironically, the discrimination itself makes millions of Americans afraid to fight the discrimination. We can’t expect, for example, every a blue collar worker with an anti-gay boss in rural Tennessee to feel comfortable listing his or her name, address and occupation. We can’t expect a closeted college student at BYU to give his or her credit card number and address when his college career and social and family life could be over if anyone reads out his name at Sunday school.

  17. says

    Gregv: the privacy info on the website says they are required by law to pass on the information only for anyone who contributes $100 or more.

    I suspect most people in situations you describe — the blue collar worker and the closeted college student — will not be contributing over that amount.

    If someone did want to contribute more, there are other organizations, like the HRC CA Marriage PAC, and one could contribute $99 to several, I assume, unreported.

    As to tax deductions, alas, the site points out that deductions are NOT tax exempt. The churches get to contribute millions on the other side tax-free, but we don’t.

  18. GregV says

    I may have just found an answer to my last question. The EQUALITY CALIFORNIA website allows donations from addresses both within and outside of the US.

    It also says that donations made by midnight tomorrow are being doubled.

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