1. marc says

    Too old and feeble and Cindy looks like she is stoned or hungry, what a true, real American couple, not.

    And where is that flag pin McCain the gun loving, homophobic, racist crowd needs to see it, LOL!

  2. CJ says

    McCain, just out of touch. Period.

    I was listening to NPR and other news sources reporting that electronic voting booths in W.V. have registered “John McCain” when individuals select “Barack Obama”. Upon investigating the machines seem to be faulty. The news reporters mentioned this very same scenario occurred in the 2004 election, and certain computerized voting booths were found to have an executable file (meaning a virus) that tampered with votes, registering a lot of votes as Bush instead of Kerry.

    With all that is happening, the cockiness of McCain, the ridiculousness of the McCain campaigns extremes, it almost seems as though McCain knows this may be a fixed election. In the end, McCain can do ANYTHING he wants, pushing the envelope to extremes, knowing he will “win” the election. It seems as though the last two elections are happening ALL OVER AGAIN.

  3. troschne says

    Seems McCain has a silver foot in his mouth! Keep babbling, Cryptkeeper! Dig in a little more!!

    Cindy McCain has two looks–the pulled-WAY-too tight up-do, or the I-just-got-out-of-bed-and-I-look-like-a-dishrag. I guess it all depends on whether the meds kicked in that day.

  4. Rad says

    I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. It IS racist, patriotic and god fearing. Even today when I talk to people I grew up with, they toss the “N” word around like nothing. To be nice and not use it, the locals generally refer to African Americans as “colored”.

    Along these lines, the local gay bars routinely get their windows shot out and doors vandalized (QaF was absolute, total fiction) while the police look the other way.

    It;s just a horrible, cesspool of a place to live if you don’t “think like the locals”.

  5. says

    Yup, I’m also from there. It’s old, young people move away, older people stay. I’ve been gone many, many years, it’s like a time warp there sort of, still pretty blue collar. The gay bars getting their windows shot out, I don’t know about that, though, that may be a slight exaggeration. They never had problems back when I was there, but maybe they do now, who knows. But yes, QaF was 100% fiction! But it is very Dem, not GOP at all, everybody loves Bill & Hill. I’m totally for Obama now but I love the Clintons too, even with all their faults…they are the only Dem. winners of the WH in 30 years!

  6. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    I’m telling you, the stupid son-of-a-bitch is senile, and the Aricept ain’t workin’ like it should.

    As for Pennsylvania, I got family up near Scranton…and it ain’t just the Western part that’s racist.

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