San Francisco Streetcar to be Dedicated to Harvey Milk Tomorrow


A classic San Francisco streetcar will be dedicated to Harvey Milk, who took the Muni transport daily during his job as SF supervisor in 1978, on Tuesday:

Milk_muni“Municipal Railway Streetcar No. 1051, painted in the same green-and-cream color scheme that Muni used when Milk was elected to the Board of Supervisors in 1977, will have interior placards with photos and text detailing the life of Milk and his impact on San Francisco politics and the gay rights movement. Also noted will be his advocacy of public transit.”

Gus van Sant’s Milk biopic premieres Tuesday as well, at San Francisco’s Castro Theatre: “The 60-year-old streetcar appeared in ‘Milk,’ the movie about the supervisor’s life…City officials will dedicate the streetcar-turned-moving-memorial at an 11 a.m. ceremony at 17th and Castro streets…The Milk streetcar, built originally for Philadelphia and purchased by San Francisco in 1992, will run on the F-line, the route served by the city’s fleet of 32 historic streetcars that runs from the Castro, along Market Street and the Embarcadero, to Fisherman’s Wharf.”

S.F. streetcar to be dedicated to Harvey Milk [sf chronicle]


  1. John in Manhattan says

    A bench for Matthew Shepard and now a street car for Harvey Milk. What’s next? A fountain for Lawrence King? These are “nice” gestures but sorely lacking the ACTION we need right here and now. All energy should be solely focused on defeating Prop 8.

  2. Paul R says

    I love these trolleys. They’re charming and widely used by tourists. If this is one way to force gay history on people, it’s fine by me.

    And John, Muni has likely been planning this for quite a while, Prop 8 notwithstanding. I agree, though, that every LGBT peson in this country should be doing something to help defeat Prop 8. Even $5 is better than nothing.

  3. says

    Actually John, this is a great way to get people to ask “who’s Harvey Milk?” which might lead them to a little gay history which might lead them to being against Prop 8.

    Btw, I met Cleve Jones who worked with Harvey Milk and is the originator of the AIDS Quilt. What a nice guy and still out there fighting the good fight. He came out to Nevada to help get out the vote for Obama. Thanks Cleve!

  4. says


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