1. Jonathan says

    Not so crazy. Republican Senator from Alaska Ted Stevens is running for reelection after having been indicted and convicted of felony bribery. She can’t say she voted for her and McCain and then demure from saying who she voted for in the Senate race. She can’t say she voted for a convicted felon, but she can’t say she voted against her party either. She was in a no win situation. By simply “exercising her right to a secret ballot” she diffuses the Stevens issue without having to demure from it specifically.

  2. david says

    I just watched this live and she did say that. All the pundits are picking up on it. Did it ever occur to anyone, though, that she was being facetious? As a democrat I even caught it…

  3. says

    I just caught this on MSNBC and I couldn’t believe it! It might just be me, but I felt it was telling on two fronts. When asked by a reporter who she voted for, she responded by saying that she wouldn’t tell and that’s what is “cool,” yes she said “cool,” about America, that you don’t have to say. Here are my two thoughts: Obviously she voted for McCain and herself but thought it would be “cool” to joke around with the press; lady, you can’t joke around with them, you don’t know them and they don’t know you! Maybe if you took some time days/weeks/months ago to let them get to know you, maybe, just maybe, you could have joked. Secondly, NO MORE SECRETS please. After eight years of the most secretive administration, we need a bit of disclosure. Yes, it is your right to cast a secret ballot, but come on, no more secrets please.

  4. Rad says

    I will be perfectly happy if I NEVER have to listen to Caribou Barbie again. Please, go back to the cave you and your spawn came from, and take Joe the Plumber with you.

  5. tjc says

    I don’t think it should count as a “press conference” if you don’t answer questions. I know, she’s just following the “Bush doctrine,” but still….

  6. says

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, let me put it in perspective: Senator Stevens is appealing his conviction, which he will lose. Once he loses his appeal and is effectively removed from his Senate seat, Sarah will move in and run for that seat. What better way to keep yourself in the public eye until 2012 when she plans on running for President again. That gives her enough time to brush up on her media skills (or lack there of) and her improve her knowledge on domestic and international issues. $10 says I’m right.

  7. patrick nyc says

    What a stupid bitch. Good bye to you and your Ken doll husband. I hope the GOP picks her for 2012, Obama will wipe the floor with her, just as they are doing today.

    I bet McFool is kicking himself in the ass right now. I had heard she was going to AZ to watch the returns, McShame probably changed his mind, not wanting to be seen with them on camera as he goes down in flames.

  8. NaughtyLola says

    There’s a lot of things you can say about Palin, but we do have a secret ballot in this country and nobody ever has to answer that question. Saying “its none of your business” is certainly a reasonable reply to a nosy question.

    And to TXSTEVO: she’s an Alaska resident, she has to vote in Alaska. Sure she could have done an absentee ballot, but that’s not much of a photo op, is it? This is the age of showbiz politics my friend.

  9. rudy says

    Something big is happening my gay brethren. Reports from family in New York (city and upstate), Pennsylvania (urban and rural), Mid-Atlantic (DC, VA, MD), Florida, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, and California report long lines everywhere. Many, many new voters! None of us recall ever witnessing this many people waiting in line to vote. Keep the faith and keep on calling your family and friends, particularly in California and Florida.

  10. William says

    Wrong! It was smart of her not to say that she voted for herself. Many folks (especially small town folks) won’t tell you who they voted for; it’s nobody’s business but their own. So Joe Six Pack can totally relate to how Palin answered, very folksy. And BTW, saying that you voted for yourself just sounds arrogant.

  11. says

    I agree, i think it was politically very smart of her not to say. She is reminding people of the Bradley effect.

    She is telling people that “you too can go in and cast your ballot for whomever you like – and you never have to tell anybody! You dont even have to lie about it!”

    The only hope the McCain/Palin campaign has of winning this election is if people are secretly afraid of electing a black as President. Here, she is simply reminding those people that it is a secret who they voted for – and I feel she is subconsciously trying to encourage people to vote Bradley style.

  12. Leland Frances says

    The question was not serious, therefore, absurd, and always asked of candidates by retarded reporters. And it’s highly unlikely they would have tried to pin her down about Stevens who is political toast.

    Yes, OF COURSE, fucktards, it’s anyone’s right not to answer. But her evasiveness about even the obvious reflects the “do it in secret when we can” fascism her tribe practices which come down to: “We know that we stand for ideas that repulse decent people such as greed and war mongering and racism and sexism and its sibling homohatred, so, whenever possible we avoid rebuke. That’s why we tried to make ourselves ‘victims’ of ‘intolerance’ just because we support ‘traditional marriage’. That’s why we keep denying that Prop 8 isn’t about hating anyone. We even got a TV station in Gay Ground Zero–San Francisco–to do a story taking pity on us because someone parked an SUV with ‘Bigots’ written on it and an arrow sign pointing to one of our houses. That’s why even a San Francisco newspaper columnist WITH A GAY SON wrote that looking up the names of people you know to see if they’d donated to Yes on 8 was just divisive. That’s why we’ve convinced so many that ‘gay rights’ are ‘special rights’. That’s why we came up with the verbal shell game of ‘Love the sinner; hate the sin’.”

    In one of his rare honest moments, religiofascist hit man er consultant Ralph Reed once bragged, “I paint my face and travel at night. You don’t know it’s over until you’re in a body bag. You don’t know until election night.”

    It’s about what’s behind Palin’s curtain not her simply invoking her right to privacy in front of it, by golly.

  13. Jim says

    So, she doesn’t want to say who she voted for. big deal. She has every right not to tell anyone who she voted for. I’m not going to vote for her, but I think she handled herself well in that clip.

  14. Andy says

    She doesn’t have to say who she is voting for. Either does anybody for that matter.

    Come to think of it, I wish people would shut the hell up about who they are voting for.

    Seriously – why do all the blogs keep hurling abuse at this woman. I am not saying I agree with her politics. But I have no hatred in my heart for her. McCain either. Neither of them have done anything to me personally.

    The more criticism and ridicule people direct at her the more I admire her. So keep punching away!

    Election 2008 – the “Let’s abuse women from both parties” election. Yay!!!

  15. JD says

    Andy: You will be singing a different tune if Mccain/Palin get elected and they make it all the more unbearable for all of us in this country INCLUDING gay & lesbian people.Trust me if you lost your house (if you’re a homeowner) your job due to downsizing & outsourcing and having a tough time making ends meet,you will feel differently.The best thing to do is keep “THAT ONE” and Palin out of the white house.VOTE OBAMA/BIDEN

  16. Andy Zeffer says


    I highly doubt McCain will win, so don’t stress.

    All the same, I don’t hate McCain. I don’t think he is as bad or stupid as George W. and I don’t have hatred for the man.

    Keep in mind Sarah Palin was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was born to two elementary school teachers and put herself through school on loans and struggled to do so. That was the reason for the pageant – school money. Though that became a matter of endless ridicule.

    I guess it is the gay boy in me to feel bad for the one person that gets beat up on the most.

    To change the subject – I voted in Brooklyn this mornig. I don’t think they have changed the machines since the 40s. It seriously looked like something out of “I Love Lucy.” I felt like Ethel Mertz. There were little colored light bulbs on top, an old red latch like a slot machine, a dusty curtain, and black latches.

    I told the volunteer it looked like a funhouse.

    She started laughing and whooped “Well, the fin is over honey!” as I walked off.


  17. anon says

    Well, she released her uninteresting medical records (not sure why anyone releases these things–as if they aren’t expunged of anything interesting–and Bill Clinton never did–who cares?) She was also cleared of wrongdoing by the AG special investigator (he waited until the last minute!). His investigation was somewhat ephemeral, but as a Democrat he had little to gain by clearing her. So, the paranoids among us can breath easier now that she’s going away anyway. It would have been nice to have been spared Andrew Sullivan’s breathless paranoia (bad weed, dude) for the last couple of months. Apparently, if you can’t stop talking about how you have AIDS (while declining to say how you got it), you feel everyone else should list their meds online too. That Jokin-Joe Biden finally came clean two weeks ago must have been a great relief to the nation, what with no mention of the aneurysm that nearly killed him, etc. How’d they leave that out?

  18. says

    This might be the first thing I agree with her on. We have a secret ballot in this country, or at least we used to. Both sides act like we are obligated to announce whom we support and then use the information to try to bully us into changing our minds or being ashamed or embarrassed about it. It’s really sad. What’s even sadder is that if I don’t announce that I voted for Obama, everyone here will assume that I don’t want to say because I voted for McCain. Probably the biggest problem with the election process today is that we don’t respect the concept of the secret ballot.

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