Mega Prop 8 UPDATE: Weekend of Action


I’ve been making ongoing updates to this since my initial post and will continue to run this on the front page for the remainder of the day.

Obamaprop8There is so much going on right now, I’ve tried to round-up all the Prop 8-related news I’ve received over the past 48 hours into this one post. There’s a lot. I encourage you to educate yourselves, and DONATE if you can. This weekend is extremely important, and THE CALL prayer rally in San Diego that the anti-gays are putting on is sure to draw a lot of attention.

road.jpg The results of a NEW FIELD POLL were released last night: “A new Field Poll shows Proposition 8, one of the most closely watched state ballot measures in years, is supported by 44 percent of likely voters. Forty-nine percent oppose it, and 7 percent are undecided. In the last Field Poll, released Sept. 18, the measure was behind by 17 points. ‘It’s certainly closer than it was before the advertising campaign hit,’ said Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo. ‘A lot of that has to do with the campaigning on the Yes (on 8) side.’ More analysis on the poll here.

DONATE HERE and help win this battle. Your help is URGENTLY needed, particularly in light of the following new information:

Obamamailer200road.jpg The “No on Prop 8″ campaign condemned an official Proposition 8 mailer (pictured) targeted at African-American voters that misprepresents Obama’s position on Proposition 8. The Obama campaign released a statement in response to the mailer: “Senators Obama and Biden have made clear their commitment to fighting for equal rights for all Americans whether it’s by granting LGBT Americans all the civil rights and benefits available to heterosexual couples, or repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” said a statement issued by campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt. “Senator Obama has already announced that the Obama-Biden ticket opposes Proposition 8 and similar discriminatory constitutional amendments that could roll back the civil rights he and Senator Biden strongly believe should be afforded to all Americans.”

Youngroad.jpg Former San Francisco 49ers’ Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young, one of the Bay area’s most prominent Mormons, has posted “No on Prop 8″ signs in his front yard, a visible and significant break from the church that has funded the majority of the campaign to pass the anti-gay ballot measure: “In addition, records show Young’s wife, Barbara, has donated approximately $50,000 to the ‘No On 8′ campaign aimed at defeating Proposition 8. Steve Young, answering a doorbell ring at his home late Friday afternoon, declined to comment about the signs in his yard. But in an e-mailed statement to the gay rights group Equality California, Barbara Young wrote: “We believe all families matter, and we do not believe in discrimination, therefore, our family will vote against Prop. 8.”

Donations for and against Proposition 8 have shattered records, according to U.S. News and World Report: “the campaigns for and against Proposition 8 have raised more than $60 million in donations, setting a new record nationally for a social policy initiative—and trumping every other race in the country this year in spending except the presidential contest.”

road.jpg ‘No on Prop 8′ released this new ad featuring Samuel L. Jackson, called “Discrimination”.

road.jpg NO ON 8 STATEMENT on FIELD POLL: “The Field Poll shows that Prop 8’s deceptive campaign has failed to move their numbers much at all. Prop 8 is trying to run a campaign to get to a Yes vote, yet they have remained in this and other polls well below the 50 percent margin necessary for success. We are running a No campaign, and we are successfully keeping our opponents below 50 percent. We are highly energized across the state and we believe this will be a close election. We reject any suggestion that there will be a last minute surge for Prop 8 in a year where California is expected to go overwhelmingly for Sen. Barack Obama. In fact, today Prop 8 Campaign Manager Frank Schubert released a blog statement fretting that the presidential election would be called early on the East Coast, thereby depressing conservative voting in California. Finally, we note that the Field Poll has a stellar record on initiatives and has been accurate 94 percent of the time.” – ‘No on 8 Senior Campaign Adviser Steve Smith’

road.jpg Voter confusion seen over whether “no” means “yes” or “yes” means “no”.

Billroad.jpg Millions of registered voters in California received a phone call from Bill Clinton last night, according to the “No on Prop 8″ campaign. Said Clinton in the call: “This is Bill Clinton calling to ask you to vote NO on Proposition 8 on Tuesday, November 4th. Proposition 8 would use state law to single out one group of Californians to be treated differently — discriminating against members of our family, our friends and our co-workers. If I know one thing about California, I know that is not what you’re about. That is not what America is about. Please vote NO on 8. It’s unfair and it’s wrong. Thank you.”

Rosieroad.jpg ROSIE O’DONNELL’s lack of engagement (and donations) to the “No on Prop 8″ battle has been getting a lot of attention recently. Jeremy at Good as You has compiled the points she has made about it on her blog. Considering the fact that O’Donnell and her partner took advantage of the California marriage law back in 2004, her absence today is baffling.

road.jpg A group of SILICON VALLEY TECH LEADERS took out a full page ad in the San Joe Mercury News today urging voters to “Say NO to Prop 8″:

Techad“The honorary co-chairs of “Silicon Valley Leaders Say NO on Proposition 8″ include: Sergey Brin; Bill Campbell, Chairman, Intuit; David Filo, Founder, Yahoo; Chuck Geschke, Founder and Chairman, Adobe Systems; John Morgridge, Former CEO and Chairman, Cisco Systems; Pierre Omidyar, Founder and Chairman, eBay; Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook; Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google; and Jerry Yang, Founder, Yahoo.” Click to enlarge or view it here.

road.jpg A new internet poll shows that Prop 8 fails with Latino voters.

road.jpg The “No on Prop 8:” campaign released a statement by 300 CALIFORNIA PEDIATRICIANS refuting the MD who signed the Prop 8 ballot argument. “The pediatrician statement took issue with Dr. Anderson, who identifies herself as a Fellow of the American College of Pediatricians. According to that organization’s Web site, the American College of Pediatricians believes homosexuality is “preventable and changeable” and that “spanking can be an effective component of discipline.”

road.jpg Here’s an ABC News report on the battle.

road.jpg Security has been stepped up around Superintendent Jack O’Connell, the California Superintendent of Schools, following nasty correspondence directed his way over producing this ad expressing his opposition to Proposition 8

road.jpg Stephen Colbert went after Apple and Prop 8 with his typical facetious approach.

Here are two new web spots. It’s a shame the one on the left, by Republicans Against 8 and featuring Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, is not running on TV (as far as I know). The other is made by CauseCast and features Kathy Griffin and others.


This is what’s happening this weekend in San Diego – ‘THE CALL’ – a massive prayer vigil and rally against same-sex marriage at Quallcomm stadium.

road.jpg Focus on the Family’s James Dobson explained on his radio show his “sudden decision” to go to California this weekend to join Lou Engel, Tony Perkins and others at the massive “The Call prayer rally in San Diego. Listen to the AUDIO as “Dobson chokes up explaining that despite having been on the go for weeks and being exhausted, he knew God wanted him there.”

road.jpg COUNTER: Here is a list of INTERFAITH SERVICES with “No on 8″ themes happening throughout California this weekend.

road.jpg Threatening politicians: Campbell City Council member Evan Low says he has been threatened with recall. “I have received seven calls today threatening to recall me from office if I do not publicly retract my position and switch to Yes on 8. The Yes on 8 campaign is continuing their efforts of deception and coercion. Let’s have a strong showing during this final stretch.” Last week I mentioned that the ‘Protect Marriage’ thugs were blackmailing businesses to force them to support Prop 8.

Ashtonroad.jpg The secret $1 million donor to the “Yes on 8″ campaign has been revealed. It’s Mormon bigot Alan Ashton, of Lindon, Utah. “According to the Deseret News, Ashton is a Mormon and grandson of David O. McKay, President of the Mormon Church from 1951-1970. Ashton made his fortune in software. The donation was reported by the Prop 8 campaign on October 28. The funds were in the form of matching funds to air a TV commercial that includes images of children who are being aired over the objection of their parents.” Ashton is the cofounder of WordPerfect. His fellow cofounder, Bruce Bastian, gave one million for our side.

road.jpg As you may know, the “No on Prop 8″ website was the victim of a massive coordinated Denial-of-Service DOS attack by hackers which brought it down for several hours on Wednesday. The “Yes on 8″ people have been throwing everything they can at this, including plenty of cash. Yesterday I posted a video of spokesperson Brad Dacus comparing gay marriage to Nazi Germany!

Kentroad.jpg Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Jeff Kent has given $15,000 to the anti-gay bigots. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has donated $200,000 to the anti-gay bigots: “Along with leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and evangelical Christians, Catholic clergy and laity have been active participants in the coalition of religious groups working to pass the initiative. Donations totaling $1.4 million have made The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization, the largest institutional donor to the Yes on 8 campaign.”

road.jpg “Yes on 8″ has gone so far to squat on domain names that are one letter off of the “No on Prop 8″ campaign’s. If an internet visitor types in “wwwnoonpro8″ and leaves out a “p”, they are directed to the “Yes on 8″ website.


road.jpg You have until midnight tonight to DONATE HERE and help win this battle.

road.jpg There is a CANDLELIGHT VIGIL in SAN DIEGO at The Center at the corner of University Ave. & Center St. starting between 8 and 8:45 pm on Saturday night in response to the ugly THE CALL prayer and fast I featured above. San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders will attend that rally.

road.jpg There is a massive “No on Prop 8″ rally in West Hollywood this Sunday at 4 pm. The No on Prop 8 organizers write: “We need as many bodies out on the street as we can get. We have official picket signs but we encourage everyone to make signs as well. However, please keep the signs simple – (No on Prop 8 or Defeat Prop 8). Let’s also make sure that we make a good impression in front of the media, so please no profanity and dress appropriately.”

road.jpg Here is a list of INTERFAITH SERVICES with “No on 8″ themes happening throughout California this weekend.

road.jpg BUS TOUR: Three families and friends will be embarking on a “No on Prop 8″ bus tour beginning Saturday, November 1st at 9:00am at the entrance to the Santa Monica Pier: “The families will be comprised of both gay and straight parents, and grandparents. Confirmed to be on hand in Santa Monica, will be Mark Ruffalo and his family. Waiting for confirmation for several other celebrities. In addition, a crowd of over 300 opponents to Prop 8 are expected to show…the bus will get up to San Francisco by Sunday evening. The journey on Monday morning will take them to the steps of the state capital in Sacramento. Afterwards the bus will return to Los Angeles with a final stop at 7pm at West Hollywood Park on San Vicente Blvd.

road.jpg Search your zip code for Prop 8 donors.

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Constitutional attorney Jim Brosnahan SPEAKS OUT:

Top pumpkin image via sweet talk.


  1. CLIFF says


  2. Zeeshan says

    Cliff, it takes a little while for them to show up, as the No on 8 people have some time to report the figures to the Secretary of State (I think?). Then the SoS has to input them, and then these databases are updated. I made another donation 3 days ago, and it isn’t up yet. Mine from a week ago is though.

  3. Rachel says

    Andy and others — there are lots of interfaith efforts happening all around California tomorrow (Saturday, November 1, 2009) to offer a counter-point to The Call gathering at Qualcom. If you live in the SF Bay area, come to Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco for an 11:00 a.m. interfaith service and then get-out-the-vote training at 12:00.

    There will be lots of clergy from many different traditions–all who oppose Prop. 8. And we are expecting lots of media so that we can show that those who identify as “religious” are also opposing Prop. 8.

  4. Tralfaz says

    Cliff, they report donations by months. So you’re will show up later.

    I searched my name and my lastest donation doesn’t show up yet either.

    And to Rosie: FUCK YOU!

  5. Mark in NYC says

    I’m less concerned with my name showing up on some donor list than I am that the organization aggressively target voters in the very short time left to reach them.

  6. Roy says

    I am so disheartened by Rosie’s silence and the way she treats the people asking her reaction to this particular issue. I guess she really is nothing but just a BIG MOUTH!

    I am going to make sure that her NBC show will be a big failure.

    I used to love her… but the way she is reacting right now… what a shame!

  7. CLIFF says


  8. says

    People hate Rosie. I think she is doing us all a favor by not becoming involved.

    Perhaps she realizes that she is a polarizing figure and very unpopular with the general public and is doing the right thing by keeping her dumb ass mouth shut!

  9. dennie says

    Very glad to see Obama’s support on the No on Prop 8! One more reason he strongly has my vote on Tuesday!!

    I am surprised to see such quietness on Rosie O’s part. Wonder what that really is about because even though she lives in New York doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect her or millions of people.

  10. Stuart Falk says

    For public release
    Presbyterians Against Proposition 8
    October 28, 2008

    Brothers and Sisters of many faiths,

    Let us be absolutely clear that in our opposition to Proposition 8 we are asking nothing more than what already exists in the respectful balance between the beliefs and practices of our many faiths and California constitutional law.

    Within the many communities of faith in our State we have conflicting doctrines and beliefs that already govern the practice of marriage.

    Our Roman Catholic, Mormon and many of our evangelical churches do not and will not marry persons who are divorced. But that does not mean that those who are divorced are constitutionally prohibited from the right of legal marriage in our state.

    Likewise, our Roman Catholic, Mormon, and some Jewish and Muslim faith traditions will not marry persons of different faith traditions. But that does not mean that interfaith couples, or those of no particular faith tradition, cannot be married in our state.

    Our California constitution honors all religious traditions by respecting our differences about religious marriage while at the same time providing and protecting the right of all couples to marry the person of their choice.

    Prop. 8 would ELIMINATE the constitutional right of same sex couples to marry. That is unfair and unjust. California constitutional law already honors and respects religious differences. No religious institution is forced to marry anyone. But that does not mean that any person in our state should lose their constitutional right for legal marriage.

    I urge you to protect our constitutional rights as well as our right to religious diversity and pluralism by voting NO on Proposition 8.

    Thank you.

    Rev. Daniel E. Smith
    Pastor, West Hollywood Presbyterain Church
    7350 W. Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90046

    Ph: 323-874-6646

    Worship Service: Sundays at 11 AM

    West Hollywood Presbyterian Church
    7350 Sunset Blvd at Martel St
    (between LaBrea and Fairfax)
    Los Angeles, CA 90046

  11. CLIFF says


  12. Bill Perdue says

    The christian bigots chose these fights and have a lot invested in them. That’s why they’re so desperate. For the moment the polls seem to be tightening but it’s hard to tell what that means. I think we have to have more than 55% in the polls to win because of the likely GLBT equivalent of the Bradley Effect.

    A big plus for us is the increasing participation of unions who’ve contributed well over a million dollars to NoOn8 and sent out mailings and emails by the millions explaining that Prop 8 hurts everyone on the job.

    The robocalling is probably the work of Republican political operatives and that needs to be traced. Whatever the outcome we have to go after the cults for interfering in civil affairs and specifically go after yeson8 and the others for blackmail and other illegalities. That kind of stuff is actually against the law, although it’s not strictly or often enforced by DA’s from parties that pander to the cult vote like Democrats and Republicans.

    Another thing we need is for liberals and Democrats to tell Obama and Biden to STFU about their bigoted opposition to same sex marriage. It hurts us badly in California, Arizona, and Florida. I’d expect the GLBT folks in the Democratic Party to raise a stink about this but considering that they have no, zero, nada clout in their political closet of choice and Obama won’t even mention the terms GLBT in his platform why would he pay attention now?

    McCain is a rancid right-winger with the Clinons DOMA attached at the hip.

    Obama is Bill Clinton (DOMA, DADT, NAFTA) in drag with the bigot-war criminal Colin Powell newly attached at the hip.

  13. says

    Post videos online to VOTE NO on PROP 8. Some people are still confused about how to vote. Some believe voting yes is for gay marriage. Make it clear it is not.

    These last four days are the most critical. Get the word out by any means even if you don’t live in California you can help. I don’t live in CA and I have been posting videos online for four weeks now urging people to vote NO. Download Windows movie maker or any movie making software and make videos. Use ms paint or some picture program to create story boards.

    Go on liberal blogs like dailykos and thinkprogress to gin up donations and support to DEFEAT prop 8.

    Do whatever you can.

  14. Gianpiero says

    Andy, your round-up of No on 8 news these past few weeks has been the best anywhere. The electronic and print media in California itself (mainstream and otherwise) has been relatively late or less comprehensive. The prominence you have given this issue is truly helpful and appreciated. Thank you!

    With their distortions, hysteria and hate/fear-mongering, our opponents now are seemingly casting this as a referendum on homosexuality itself, rather than on the constitutional issue at hand. As if a Yes vote would put the the issues of gay visibility and civil rights back in the bottle and would never be spoken of again. What nonsense.

    If you can give more, please do so (today!). If you can volunteer, please do so. But telling your own story to others in person, online, or through email–i.e., personalizing the issue–can be particularly influential, especially given that gay people and couples have been relatively scarce in the main campaign. My partner and I have e-mailed and posted our own perspective ( and have been surprised at how far it has gone just in a few days. Share your own story and help put a face on the issue for the people you know. That can be extremely valuable in reaching that (still??) undecided 7%.

    And finally, thank you to those of you outside of California who are also helping so much to fight this.

  15. JerzeeMike says

    I was heartened to see when I checked the list of contributors that in NJ 13 contributors supported Prop 8 And 308 contributors OPPOSED it. Go, NJ!!!

    I was disappointed though that I checked the list for my name and those of others who have made multiple contributions since Andy began reporting this during the summer and not a single one showed up! I personally contributed a significant amount to the cause and now I’m wondering where that money went. And this amount does not include money donated this month either, I’m talking about throughout the summer. Something isn’t right here and I think I’m done contributing. Sorry but I don’t feel good about this right now.

  16. znsd says

    Thanks Andy for doing such a fantastic job of covering this battle. For anyone in SD, here’s another website that you may find helpful:

    This is The Center’s Advocacy Project website which has information about the candlelight vigil coming up tomorrow night. The site also has info on the other discriminatory practices we are fighting.

  17. what says

    The database search is definitely broken. It’s pulling up the same names for opposing and supporting Prop 8 (and I know some of the donors and they definitely didn’t donate to the support faction.) Plus, it’s coming up the same amounts for donations.

  18. ggreen says

    Andy, Thanks for your many contributions financial and otherwise to the No On 8 Campaign. Other bloggers have been bitching up a storm but you have done something extra in contributing hard cash. Love from CA

  19. ROB says

    I hate proposition 8. I love that so many are speaking out against it. It disgusts me that religious organizations are spending millions on discrimination. I want the right to marry. However, I do not think equal rights should be for sale, and I don’t agree with the hysteria surrounding prop 8 right now. If it passes, it will eventually fail. Justice always wins in the end. I think this is what Rosie thinks, too.

  20. glennmcgahee says

    Hey, where’s your leader Obama sdpeaking out against Proposition 8? Remember when he would not be photographed with Gavin Newsom, mayor of SF because of his support for the measure? I stood in line in Florida for 3 hours of early voting yesterday listening to Obama voters talk about their vote for our Amendment 2 and how their pastors told them to go out to vote for Obama and the anti-gay marriage amendment here. I’m living in bizzarro world. Just when did you hear Obama and Biden speak out in support of gay marriage rights. When? Certainly not when Biden said in his debate that marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman only. Why support that?

  21. alex in Boston says

    I have a thought and a question for any constitutional or Federal expert on the LAW. If a proposition such as 8 would alter the structure of a State Constitution would Federal Law then not allow a “Tax Exempt” organization from donating and lobbying so aggressively for such an action – would that not be “political activism” one would think if you aggressively support changing LAW then you as a tax exempt entity ought not participate???????? thoughts?

  22. says

    RE: Rosie – I’m not her spokesperson, but perhaps she feels that we EMPOWER HATE GROUPS when we allow them to hold fund-raisers and propositions with the sole purpose to strip away our civil rights.

    Perhaps she feels that contributing to this “process” (sic) sanctions this political insanity.

    We all have our battles to fight, and we prioritize in life. If you have not adopted an abandoned child, are you anti-child?

    This “Rosie-hatin” is childish and narrow-minded.

  23. Mr. E says

    Wow, there are actually 8 people in my neighborhood, the Castro 94114 who’ve donated money to support prop 8. But of course they’re all retired old farts. Hopefully they’ll pass on soon and open up new housing!!

  24. Mr. E says

    And John, you are not Rosies spokesperson so, perhaps, you should not speculate. Sounds more like that’s how YOU feel. So, should we just cower in the corner so as not to EMPOWER HATE? Blow it out your ass! Her criticism is deserved because she took advantage of same-sex marriage here in CA.

  25. anon says

    IRS regulations only bar charities (non-profits) from endorsing candidates. This is a way of preventing the creation of fraudulent tax-exempt political organizations in charitable drag. It doesn’t have anything to do with state issue advocacy. Clearly, charities are allowed to have a voice in the political debates of the land.

  26. Leland Frances says

    “sanctions it”??? You’re a fucking Retard Bisceglia! If 8 passes, it OUTLAWS gay marriage equality. Maybe Matthew Shepard shouldn’t have begged his killers to stop beating it—he was only “sanctioning” their bigotry. Jessica H. Christ!

    And WHERE THE FUCK are the Ellen ads? I’ve it broadcast on TV at total of ONE time while YES ON 8 ads are now on more than all those obnoxious Digital TV Is Coming ads.
    And don’t give me that crap again about her casual statements on her show or her marriage itself is all she needs to do. If that were true she wouldn’t have been busting her ass to help the poor little animals with Prop 2.

    So far, Gus “Milk” Van Sant has only given $2500. Mega producer, Greg “Brothers & Sisters” Berlanti, less than $30,000.

    As for nonprofits and politics. Endorsing candidates is absolutely verboten. But endorsing things like Prop 8 are okay IF they don’t do it “in excess.” Of course, how that is defined is totally subjective, and despite the MILLIONS of dollars, and the organizing, and the rallys, and the videoconferences, and the TV and radio ads [the Knights of Columbus are listed at the bottom of every Yes TV ad as one of the sponsors], there is little likelihood that they’ll get anything more than a warning letter months from now.

    But our “leaders” still should go after them after Nov. 4 EVEN IF 8 fails.

  27. Jared says

    You gay bigots are going to loose this vote and you know it. You self centered hypocrite’s claim that you have fairness, self interest and rights on your side when you know that isn’t the case. You make arguments that it won’t affect a parents right to teach there children the moral principals themselves. If gay marriage becomes a civil right schools will be forced to teach the children there civil rights to have a gay marriage. So stop lying about it its ridicules to say it wont effect children.

  28. MCnNYC says

    This does not excuse ROD and her silence she should be ashamed of herself … she is muzzled until after the election if she wants to have a job in Nov. so on the backs of the LGBT community she willingly is shutting her mouth…and sorry say…Silence = Ignorance.

    This is no time to stay on the sidelines.
    And for what? A Variety show?

  29. Mark in NYC says

    Jared is absolutely right. This will effect children. It will teach them to respect people regardless of their sexual orientation and will show them that people should be treated as equals.

  30. says

    Sticks and stones, silly bitches above.

    Yes, I’m alone here in thinking that the “retards” are those who feel their human rights are so unimportant and questionable that society should have a “vote” on them. If ANYONE here truly believe they WERE equal, they would act like it and not perpetuate this lottery for equality.

    I KNOW I AM EQUAL; it’s NOT a debate. So I resist the IRS’s taxation until equal; that’s hardly cowering. It very well may be the ONLY way to react to this insanity. I’m willing to put my life on the line because I believe I deserve equality. I also refuse to SPEND my hard-earned money for rights.

  31. dennie says

    glennmcgahee, what are you talking about? You can see Andy posted the Obama opposition to Prop 8 above. He calls it “divisive and discriminatory.”

    Bill Purdue, I don’t agree with your comments on Clinton, Obama/Biden.

  32. Shan says

    I just had my Yes on 8 sign as well as our McCain Palin sign stolen out of my front yard, my American flag rigpped off the pole and the pole broken. You say you are a “tolerant” bunch and ask for sympathy from everyone else, but you don’t extend tolerance to those of differing opinions. As a former student of the Claremont school system, I can say with certainty that this whole issue is NOT about marriage at all. You guys couldn’t care less about marriage
    you mess around on each other, it’s your lifestyle.I was raped by a lesbian family member at the age of 9, and routinely abused by the same lesbian for months until she moved away. The “wedding”( a teachable moment) of a San Fran teacher to her Lesbian lover with her class of first graders in attendance shows what we can expect if Prop 8 fails. They want our kids, their vulnerable minds and hearts. YES ON 8!!! It’s about our kids, NOT about marriage

  33. akaison says

    Well this is a good sign. If the right wingers are so desperate as to start spamming sites like this that must mean they are scared. They only go for these sorts of tactics when they know they are losing.

  34. ggreen says

    Yeah Shan it’s about the kids all right, like in Nebraska (hardly a bastion of gay rights) where HETEROSEXUALS are abandoning their children in huge numbers to avoid any responsibility. Of course not one fundie or Mormon has come forward to help with these kids.

  35. Rocco says

    My partner I just (10-31-08)received a yes on 8 flyer in the mail and states on the front that Barack Obama and Joe BIden are against “gay marriage” and for Prop. 8. The back side has photographs of (only)African American pastors (statewide), with verbiage from all pictured along the lines of: there is no common ground between the sruggle black folks faced and the struggle for marriage equality. I would try to be more articulate but I gotta go pick up the kids from school! :0 I am guessing they got our names from Democratic voter/contribution lists, as we have never voted or contributed to Republican or conservative causes. We are an interracial family in a very mixed neighborhood. Kinda scary how they got our names and the confusion they are so obviously trying to sow. Though I can’t believe they have enough $$$ to send to all California voters, or even to all those registered Democrat. Thank God polls (Field poll this am) still show us ahead!!! Gotta go, hope all this makes sense…VOTE NO ON PROP 8!!!! Give $ if you have not! WE MUST BEAT BACK THIS ATTACK!!!

  36. akaison says

    RE ADS

    Can I just say I am loving the ads recently out of No on 8 – the Moms, Latino and Sam Jackson ones are all very good.


    I am stunned that Bill Clinton put out the robocall. If those of you out there haven’t realized it that means this is the Dems working behind the scenes on this by using powerful surrogates.


    There are any number of ways they could have your information. One of which is your zip code. With this bit of information a marketer can tell a lot about your democgraphics. It is probably a scatter shot. Look around you at your neighbors.

    I receive right wing material all the time due to my profession.

  37. akaison says


    Scatter shot means they looked at the demographics of the neighborhood and saw your neighborhood as a targetted market and gave out this stuff to everyone in the area.

  38. Mike says

    OK, I just gave another $100 and did it from Towleroad so it will count toward the $100K target. 😉 I appreciate the coverage on this site so it was the least I could do… Now a few random rants:

    1. I agree that you shouldn’t have to buy rights… that very thought is also offensive, so I consider my donation for educational purposes. Unfortunately, the electorate is ignorant and appear to be falling for the lies of the other side, so since the press and our government don’t appear to be setting the record straight (no pun intended) we as a community should.

    2. Rosie… well, I wish she would contribute, but she has paid her dues in the cause for gay rights – there are plenty of other people who haven’t approached her contribution – so I won’t throw stones. She’s on our side, she is one of us… she’ll come through for us again.

    3. I really wish Arnold and Obama would make an ad or do something dramatic that would get us alot of positive press coverage. I’m voting for Obama and think he’ll make a great President… I know he’s probably making a political calculation to stay away from “controversy” – not to impact his chances… but…

    4. I truly believe and feel strongly that this isn’t about marriage. It is about codifying discrimination into our state constitution – our supreme legal document. OK, I just gave another $100 and did it from Towleroad so it will count toward the $100K target. 😉 I appreciate the coverage on this site so it was the least I could do… Now a few random rants:

    1. I agree that you shouldn’t have to buy rights… that very thought is also offensive, so I consider my donation for educational purposes. Unfortunately, the electorate is ignorant and appear to be falling for the lies of the other side, so since the press and our government don’t appear to be setting the record straight (no pun intended) we as a community should.

    2. Rosie… well, I wish she would contribute, but she has paid her dues in the cause for gay rights – there are plenty of other people who haven’t approached her contribution – so I won’t throw stones. She’s on our side, she is one of us… she’ll come through for us again.

    3. I really wish Arnold and Obama would make an ad or do something dramatic that would get us alot of positive press coverage. I’m voting for Obama and think he’ll make a great President… I know he’s probably making a political calculation to stay away from “controversy” – not to impact his chances… but…

    4. I truly believe and feel strongly that this isn’t about marriage. It is about codifying discrimination into our state constitution – our supreme legal document. The idea of that is so completely abhorrent to me. It boggles my mind to think people could be so narrow minded and shallow to actually vote for such a thing. It sets a reprehensible legal precedent. Will it be the end of the world if it somehow passes? No – because fundamentally something so wrong cannot stand the test of time. It does expose a grave flaw in our initiative system in California. Basic fundamental rights should never be subject to a simple majority vote. The electorate has a mob mentality and cannot be trusted to make educated, logical decisions. Now we know why the founding fathers created the “electorial college”. They knew…

  39. Matt says

    Dear fellow readers and Andy,

    Help! There’s a “Yes on 8″ ad in Yahoo Mail! Why would they take advertising from them? Very disappointing. Appalling, actually.

    Good luck on Tuesday everybody!

  40. says

    perhaps Rosie contributed privately, in which case that’d be marvelous.
    eitherway, I’m just thankful that she’s kept that pie-hole shut about this because we don’t need that kind of shrill support. The less we hear from her about this matter, and about anything that ever matters is bonus.
    one can never forget how out and proud she was during her talk show to fake-out and faun over Tom Cruise.
    and besides, she lost any credence she still had left with that idiotic spat with Trump.

  41. GregV says

    I don`t doubt that most Californians are against this hateful ballot initiative.
    My fear is the fact that only half of those in favor of equality feel strongly about it, while two thirds of the anti gay crowd say they feel strongly. This is how Bush got elected while most Americans didn`t want him. It`s how the KKK (which felt strongly} used to dominate some Southern towns with terror while a more tolerant majority couldn`t be bothered to get off their asses and do something.

    I have a suggestion for everyone here. In my last local election, I needed to take an extra hour`s drive to vote so I wasn`t going to bother. My partner called me on my cell and told me “This is really important. You need to vote.“ I was easily persuaded by that argument, since I should have known it anyway.

    On Tuesday, Mormons and Evangelical clerics are going to be sending out the rally call to go out and “save us from the homsexuals.“
    We need to call our friends in California especially, as well as Florida AND Arizona (whether we live there or not} and ask them if they`ve voted. Call them on TUESDAY, because it`s easy to intend to vote today but run into extra work or traffic or needing to take the dog for a walk. tell your friend you`ll walk the dog while he goes and votes (or that you would if you lived in California} because it is just that important.
    If Towleroad readers can raise more than $7O,OOO to fight this thing (more actually, since some of us phoned in our donations and don`t show as a link}, then we can get a few thousand voters out in California, Florida and Arizona, by convincing one friend (or more} to vote this.

  42. GregV says

    Advertising on TV is expensive. Dekending on when it airs, Ellen`s $1OO,OOO might buy as few as one ad one time. Though I wish her ad would show more, she has more to offer than money. When she speaks on her show, people listen. She`s the “gay friend“ that a lot of conservative housewives love and respect, and they may realize that voting for prop 8 hurts not just an abstract concept of “gays“ but real human beings like Ellen.

  43. Michael Bedwell says

    THANK YOU, again, Andy, and all those donors who have been inspired to donate through Towleroad even if they live far from California.

    “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

  44. says

    Last I checked VT was solidly NO on Prop 8 :-)
    Of course there aren’t many of us, and we don’t have a whole lot of $$, but still nice to know!

    Just gave a bit more with the Tim Gill / Scott Miller challenge.

  45. Michael Bedwell says

    In addition to the Gill $100,000 matching offer thru, according to Chip Arndt, Gill put up a $30,000 match offer through the Equality Giving group and $125,000 more was raised in 10 hours! Maybe “Time” magazine’s gay lap dog John Cloud should stop taking cheap shots at Gill’s good works!

  46. says

    I used to live in Nyack, NY and Rosie and Kellie were also residents. I hate to speak ill of someone, but she was notorious for speaking up about something and then disappearing.

    At one point she committed some money for a local project that gave the project a green light. And at least while I was still around, never followed through with it.

    So FWIW, she is like that. Sad.

    I have blogged and donated and will continue to blog my head off to push for more donations and notice about this.

    I will also link to you.

    NO on 8!!

  47. says

    Good news, there is even allies such as former 49’ers player Steve Young and his wife who helped the no on 8 campaign with 50,000.00 in donation. THANK YOU!

    And Steve Young and his wife are allies who are LDS members as well.

  48. Regan DuCasse says

    I’m sure that segregationists found it not only immoral to teach that black kids were equal to white kids, but the idea of ‘mongrel children’ from mixed marriages were the most deformed children of all.
    Integration had to be learned about in schools eventually, and this wasn’t a bad thing.

    Fast forward only 44 years after the Civil Rights Act, and here comes another kind of ‘moral grounds’ protest.
    Only now, it’s gay people who can’t be intergrated and THEIR children are now considered the mongrel class, deformed by having gay parents.

    The only difference between this discrimination is the GROUP being denied equal rights, even though a gay person can be Jewish, female, black or all of those things.
    And yes, this IS a civil rights issue analagous to the other groups. Being gay is different from being black, but is the discimination any different?
    The loss of or discrimination from certain jobs?

    How about the loss of children and property because of unmarried status? The only other group that hisotrically and socio/politically who shares that distinction IS slaves and gay people in America.

    How about casual and hyper paranoid violence? In other words ‘lynching’? Gay people are on the receiving end of that kind of overkill too.

    So WHAT if children learn that gay people don’t have to be feared or distrusted.
    Which, if they were honest, would be the ONLY reason they don’t want children to learn about or witness these marriages.
    They WANT to continue distrust and fear of gay people, by any means necessary?

    Is that what it means to be fair minded, a good person of faith…and American?

    Was our country EVER the better for that distrust?
    That fear?

    I reject the traditions of bigotry in our country. I reject the humiliation of a single group because they are DIFFERENT, and I reject our Constitution being REDEFINED to now submit to discrimination where it did not before.

    Protect marriage? How and from whom? This amendment won’t change the abysman stats on their failures. The abandonment and abuse of children or domestic violence, will it?
    It won’t change the choices for men and women to do so.

    So what IS the point of this amendment?
    To complicate the lives of people who can’t afford it any more than anyone else could or should accept, THAT is the purpose.

    Since WHEN is it right and moral to KEEP adults FROM their obligations to their spouse and children?

    Especially when legislation or Constitutional amendment doesn’t keep the opposite from happening?

    This amendment is an obscenity of past dishonor to equal opportunity and protection for all citizens who agree to the intents and purposes of marriage and family.

    One doesn’t have to accept homosexuality. But one DOES have to respect a person who is maintaining a life of commitment, personal responsibility and happiness that’s at no one’s expense.

    Not one.
    I refuse to accept an amendment that DOES take that respect and freedom and right away.
    Everyone should.

  49. Mike says

    I’m sure you all have probably now read about the “mailer” which went out from the “YES ON 8″ campaign which quotes Obama, “I’m not in favor of Gay Marriage”. I can’t believe our side didn’t think that would happen. It’s just as good as Newsom’s “Whether you like it or not…” I certainly hope someone on the No on 8 campaign is speaking to the Obama campaign. He really needs to make a forceful statement on our behalf – and something from Arnold would be helpful also. Leaders are suppose to LEAD, and obviously our electorate is a bunch of lemmings – mindlessly believing any tripe which is put in front of them.

    Yes, I am still going to vote for Obama (are you kidding, look at the alternative) – and as I’ve said before, I think he’ll be a good president. But we are at a crossroad so to speak. He really should cut a commercial and say “Look folks, discrimination in all forms is wrong, you need to vote no on 8″. Feinstein’s ad was great… Obama needs to do something similar.

  50. EMCEE says

    I’ve been getting calls from my friends around L.A. (Eagle Rock and West L.A.) saying the “Yes on 8″ people have been out en masse on the streets with signs and handing out leaflets. Meanwhile there is a rally in West Hollywood for No on 8. Um, preaching to the choir? Why not all over L.A.?

  51. Cj says

    So Jare and others who have compared homosexual relationship with rape and bestiality. Ask yourself, if sexuality is so fluid when did you decide to suppress your feelings for your pet? After all, if homosexuality and thus sexuality is a choice, when did you chose to not make love to your pet? When did you chose to be heterosexual and suppress your homosexuality? Again, if sexuality is a “choice” or if sexuality and bestiality or so intertwined, when did you chose to not marry your pet?

    Think before you speak the rhetoric and fear of your ignorant fellows. You know not what you repeat.

    PS Shan, it is a shame, a tragedy that you experienced such a horror as a child. However, if what you state is fact, because someone who is a “lesbian” sexually abused you does NOT mean that all homosexuals are child abusers. In fact, 90%+ of child abusers are heterosexual, and male. It is EXTREMELY rare that a female is a child predator. In fact, in all my years studying psychiatry most abusers have been child abusers themselves, having been abused during pubescence and thus falsely associating sexuality with pedophilia and then repeating said behavior as an adult, however VERY RARELY are any female as most are caucasian males.

    In all honesty, using Occam’s Razor, it is more logical to rationalize that you are simply lying and attempting to slander decent, innocent people similar to African-American’s were when they were denied rights. Using your logic in comparing homosexuals with perverts and child molesters, then it would be safe to assume that you are racist as much as you are homophobic. I wish you luck in teaching your unfortunate children, as they are assuredly learning the same vitriol and bigotry you are spewing on this blog. May God forgive you.

  52. GregV says

    In fairness to Jare, maybe we need to examine his point logically to see if he’s right and the sky really is falling.
    Jare, how many years passed between the time sex discrimination ended in voting laws and the time dogs and cats started voting?
    How many years passed between the year women were permitted to practise medicine and the year that pets began writing pre-med entrance exams?
    Let’s see, can we put our heads together and think of any reason in the world that a dog that is smart enough to read and sign a contract and to answer the phone when asked to explain emergency medical decisions to a doctor should not be allowed to take on such responsibilities? I guess I have just never met such a dog. Why don’t ask Toby to file a grievance in court (let him do all the paperwork) and he can make his own case on a witness stand. Your and Toby’s case can be considered on its own merits (or lack thereof).
    Precedents count in court, so don’t forget to find out what case decided that dogs and cats and parakeets got votings rights and all the other rights that women and men get equally.

  53. glennmcgahee says

    Lets see, you condemn Rosie Odonnel for her silence regarding Prop 8. For your information, she is busy with us fighting our own anti-gay amendment here in Florida. It goes right along with the law here that will not allow gays to adopt but we can be foster parents. You fail to mention the hurt that was inflicted when Joe Biden stated in his debate with Palin that he and Obama beleive marriage is defined as between 1 man and 1 woman only. Why did you leave him out when condemning folks. That statement hurt more than any silence you choose to interpret here.

  54. JerzeeMike says

    The biggest shame of all is that these so-called people of faith can muster together all this money and energy to deny people equal rights but won’t lift a finger to help poor people or fight the big insurance companies to ensure every citizen gets the health insurance they desperately need. Just goes to show you who’s really on the short list to heaven and who’s not.

  55. ms says

    This one made me laugh:


    Posted by: Rachel | Oct 31, 2008 1:27:17 PM


    You gay bigots are going to loose this vote and you know it. You self centered hypocrite’s claim that you have fairness, self interest and rights on your side when you know that isn’t the case. You make arguments that it won’t affect a parents right to teach there children the moral principals themselves. If gay marriage becomes a civil right schools will be forced to teach the children there civil rights to have a gay marriage. So stop lying about it its ridicules to say it wont effect children.

    –I think there’s at LEAST five grammar errors in this statement. “Rachel” should be less concerned about gay marriage, and MORE concerned about the clear lack of language arts education she received in school.

    PS “Rachel,” I’m still wondering what “loosing” the vote means….

  56. DaHaSp says

    When did Obama say no on 8?? Last time i checked he was against gay marriage and against re-defining marriage has he changed his mind again is this who we have for a president now?

  57. DaHaSp says

    When did Obama say no on 8?? Last time i checked he was against gay marriage and against re-defining marriage has he changed his mind again is this who we have for a president now?

  58. Toby says

    Hi, I am from China, I’ve read a lot of news about Prop 8, actually, I don’t even have the right to vote. now I am not here
    to against to you or try to convince you to vote no on Prop 8, I swear to God. I just want to share some of my opinions on this, and make sure you had thought about this problem before. we are all talking about protecting the children and their future, right? So has it ever occurred to you what if one of your children is happened to be gay, I mean, seriously think about it, you’ve never know until it really happened, right? just like the gay people’s parents did. they didn’t expect things would turn out in this way, they don’t even want it to be happened or they don’t even want to believe this is really happened to them, right? Please, admit it, what makes you why there are so many gay people in your country, in the world. what if it does happened, do want other people treat your children in the way they treat nowdays’gay people? How about the children (who may be become gay)’s future, isn’t that why you are fighting for so long? is that what you want for your children? You wouldn’t be feeling hurt if it is not happen to you, but you know better than me it will happen, maybe not your children, but it could be your friends’, your brothers’ or sisters’, or it could be someone’s, isn’t it? Try to put yourself in their shoes, you will know what is the right things to do. This time should not be about the marriage of gay people, is about accepting the fact that what is really happening,and how to understand it, and how to make it better…
    Thanks for reading this.


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