1. MCnNYC says

    Will someone please ask him (GLAAD NAACP) if he has a problem using any other derogatory words as freely?
    Sure as hell he is not going around Hollywood using the word “kike”.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    People like Mickey Rourke’s ought to know better. After the bigotry that he and his people went through, and now to turn around and practice bigotry, and use slurs against another persecuted group. Rourke OUGHT TO KNOW BETTER! What is he, anyway?

  3. says

    I don’t think he’s particularly discriminatory towards gay people. He tosses out rude words for everyone, and he spreads the love evenly.

    He is actually very nice. He led a one-man protest against a pet store because they bought dogs from a puppy mill, and he thought it was wrong. So he literally marched around outside and yelled at people to not buy dogs there. It was pretty cool.

    And the statement about having gay friends…he does, if that makes any difference. I’ve been to his (former) place in Miami Beach a few times, and he was very generous with his beer, and was also very nice with his very gay friends. Sometimes people say things and don’t mean much by it.

  4. KFLO says

    Wow, this guy is a real winner. I’ve never even heard of his sorry ass and I’ll be glad to go back to not knowing who the hell he is. What a sorry excuse for a person.

  5. noah says


    It’s not a question of whether he’s a nice guy and likes gay people. The guy is still an ass for using the word “fag” capriciously because of his ego and laziness.

  6. Dave in Northridge says

    Nice guy? And if a paparazzo responded by calling him a “mick” or a “sheeny” I wonder what would happen. Agreed, Noah, and ego and laziness may be why he doesn’t work all that often these days.

  7. SugaBear says

    I like the fact that Mickey doesn’t pussyfoot around. He says what he says and be danmed if your polically right boxer briefs get tied up in a knot. The fact is that yes it may be offensive to some, and derogatory but we all can’t censor ourselves all the time. And as my best friend who is 65 likes to tell me, “After being around the block for 65 years I can say whatever the hell I want” and he usually does. And if you don’t think fags are the first to through slurs around about aothers and act like bigot asses like the rest just because their gay and should better, you should wake up and know better- 27% of faggots and dykes openly admitted to voting McCan’t and Ms. Moose. Take that as a sign…

  8. Beef and Fur says

    Wow, sugabear. I can’t hardly wait for your self-hating review of the post about the Canadian lesbian couple attacked in front of their children at school.

    That guy didn’t pussyfoot around either. He used the word “dyke” quite freely during the beatings.

    The reaction to the assault? Just another case of “polically right boxer briefs get tied up in a knot” as well?

  9. Beef and Fur says

    Oh, and I forgot to say about your 65 year old friend – you would think after 65 years “around the block” he would be quite tired of being called a faggot – pretty much like the rest of us are after only just a few decades….

  10. SugaBear says

    In regards to the comments I posted earlier on the Mickey Rouke subject, these are my own opinions and do not represent the opinions of Casey House. My comments are in no way associated with Casey House. I offer my sincere regrets that I what I posted has reflected negatively on Casey House.

  11. Beef and Fur says

    Oh sugah, you and the Mormons in the same canoe back paddling…NO, the comments reflect negatively on YOU – it just boggles the mind that someone who is affiliated with Casey House *in a leadership role* would have such beliefs.

    It further boggles the mind that donations from the LGBT community and their friends and family pay your salary.

    When you cash that paycheck and you pay your rent this month, please, thank a fag or a dyke or a tranny and save your apology for FOX News.

  12. Grrrr says

    You know what, leave the kid alone. You know what he apologized. What do you want his and have him boiled in oil and his head on a silver platter. And you what, I sure he has taken the heat if not lost his job over some off the cuff comment.

  13. RomanFingers says

    As the loving & James-Joycian conflicted son of a pure bred, good hearted, long suffering Irish mother, I’d have to agree with the lace curtain maidens of Donegal that Mr. Michael O’Rourke is a drunken, slovenly & uneducated detriment to the Irish race. And furthermore, the argument of Anglos worldwide that Paddy Wagons are appropriately named is largely supported each & every time this derelict breathes air over his vocal chords! I can not for the sake of me shake the quote from “The Producers” about actors when I here his vocal fingernails scrape their lazy way across the chalkboard of civil discourse: “Actors are human? Have you ever eaten with one?” (Or words to that effect.) Shut your damned pie-hole, Mickey, so that millions of people in this mostly non-Irish world give the reat of us progeny from the Emerald Isle the deference we deserve!

  14. nic says


    “when I here (sic) his vocal fingernails scrape their lazy way across the chalkboard of civil discourse…”

    now, that is a well-turned phrase. props to you, my friend. it reminds me of,

    “I should have been a pair of rugged claws
    scuttling across the floors of silent seas.”
    (from “the love song of j. alfred prufrock” by t.s. eliot).

  15. says

    Quite interesting the folks in our community who did not get the memo that hate speech is no longer free speech.

    Why should we be angry when when others attack us when we can’t even stand up against it in our own community?

    Guess what? There’s a line in the sand now. This far. No further. You don’t get a pass anymore. No more Mr. Nice Gay.

  16. RomanFingers says

    Thank you, NIC, for being a compassionate as well as complimentary editor, and with such grand deference at that! Luckily for me, my Catholic education was not the thorough trauma it seemed to be for many hapless kids. Early on exposure to that “almost-Catholic Anglican” T. S. Eliot must have made a favorably lasting impression that was somehow antidotal the propagandistic poison with which my lessons were laced. Really, thanks!

  17. Loki says

    Mickey was referring to gay blogger Perez Hilton. This is exactly what was posted on,

    “Rachel Whore is probably already f**king Mickey Rourke – and his mom – as we speak!”

    Perez is talking about the breakup of Evan Rachel Wood and M Manson. Perez also posted,

    “Evan may be a homewrecker and a whore, but she’s not totally dumb!

    What does she see in f**king Mickey Rourke?????

    Same thing she probably saw in Manson!”

    Mickey apologized for his remark; Perez is still spewing hateful twisted crap.

    Perez never mentions Mickey’s latest film won the Golden Lion, that Mickey is likely to be nominated for Best Actor, or that Mickey will be honored with the American Riviera Award at the 24th annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

    Evan Rachel Wood is Mickey’s daughter in his latest film.

  18. maria anderson says

    hey what goes around comes around.
    Maybe he was defending Even Rachel Wood and himself, so what the hell is wrong with that and wasn’t he being harassed by the paparazzi when he said it. I’m sure they have been called worse and deserved it!

  19. andrew says

    Hey im gay (straight acting) and think Mickey Rouke can say what he wants. The reason people keep giving us shit is that we cry everytime someone says something bad. Toughen up. Perez Hilton is a fag and should have his legs broken. pansy. If u r to be fag, be a manly one with honor. Not a little hollywood wannabe. I would pay to Mickey beat the crap out of this guy/girl/it.

    Mo apologies necessary Mickey!

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