1. Tom Conway says

    I love it! You know darn well that would never pass; however, it is so true. Children go through so many emotional issues when their parents’ marriage ends. I know from working in schools.

  2. le_sacre says

    since marriage is a *sacred* institution, it’s also imperative that we put a proposition on the ballot banning marriage of atheists. otherwise, atheists will sue my church for not performing their godless ceremony, and kids will be taught in school that atheists can get married just like everybody else.

  3. Nathan says

    I was typing in the URL to sign this petition, and already thinking of the family and friends I was going to send this to, until I realized…this isn’t what I want.

    This is a vengeful petition. We want equality, not revenge. An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind, and all that. Let’s be better than them, not just like them. Let them be the wrong ones who take away rights, not us.

    Let’s rally, let’s protest, let’s get organized and do something. But something different. Something positive and something that moves us all as Americans and human beings forward.

    Be good. Be different. New Yorkers, be at the protest Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon.

    P.S. I’m aware this proposition would never happen, but we should still stick to our principles. It’s a great video though and makes a wonderful point. I’ll still be sending it around, but not signing the petition.

  4. MikeinSanJose says


    On one hand, I completely agree with you, Nathan. But then there’s part of me that wonders how you can expect to get anywhere being principled and above-the-fray when you’re dealing with a bunch of psychotic freaks who worship some mythological, fantastical puff of smoke and who can justify any- and everything that happens by attributing it to the will of the aforementioned puff of smoke.

    No step is too far for those “religious” crazies to take. If I were to put exactly what I’m thinking in this space, Andy would delete it and possibly ban me. This whole situation makes me so freaking ANGRY!!!

    But I’m glad we have folks like you to be the voice of reason.

  5. Sargon Bighorn says

    STOP USING THE TERM “GAY MARRIAGE” It’s playing into the hands of the Radical Religious Extremists. “Gay Marriage” suggests a special right, and it’s working to defeat civil marriage equality. Are Gay Americans SO uneducated about the issue that they gladly use the terms coined by the Opponents of Civil Marriage Equality? What will it take? STOP SAYING “GAY MARRIAGE” THERE IS NO SUCH THING. This PSA is a FAILURE.

  6. latebrosus says

    Of course traditional marriage advocates never bring up banning divorce. It’s because divorce just isn’t as shocking and morally questionable as it used to be…150 or more years ago.

    I feel that if we authentically wish to have other people see our point of view, they have to learn what religion really is: it’s a belief. It’s not facts. It’s not morality. It’s a matter of opinion. It’s inconsistent. It’s selective. It’s interpretable. It’s relative. It’s a (conscious) choice. And above all, it changes, whether they like realize it or not.

  7. DC Dude says

    I think this video is very clever and ironic and fun. But we had lots of videos like this for the whole Prop 8 thing and look where it got us???!!

    Dudes … What’s the game plan here? I feel we gays are behind the 8 ball. Everyone’s in a tizzy now that Prop 8 passed. As usual the groups I gave money to let us down.

    WHAT’S THE PLAN?????

    No more cute videos. (We can’t OUT-CREATIVE them!!!)

  8. anon says

    Divorce used to be quite difficult compared to now, and adultery was illegal in many states too. Paternal obligations used to be quite different too. Sodomy laws were also targeted at married couples too, but basically only in theory–though it could be the basis of a claim of divorce (rape could not, however). Perhaps all of these things can be reverted.

  9. Nathan says

    DC DUDE,

    I’m with you – it’s frustrating. But these videos help people see the issue from a different perspective. It gives us another arguing point. Another talking point.

    What we can do is keep talking about it, go to the protests (Andy has posted about them regularly), be vocal, make sure people know we’re fighting and that we’re here, not just during Pride month, but every day of the year. Let them know we’re not going away, but we’re part of this country and have been forever and will be forever.

    Print out fliers and pass them out in your area, make sure the protests are as big as possible, take your friends, make signs, get it on the news…it’s the small stuff that you can do that counts. we need to do this in every part of the country, in every state and small town. 50-state strategy. we can’t be apathetic again.

  10. says

    I really don’t see how marriage is a *sacred* institution when I see wife-beating, inbred, child-neglecting, alcoholic, non-religious white-trash pieces-of-total-SH*T getting married.

    It’s not that I think these aforementioned pieces-of-doo-doo deserve marriage rights LESS than other people do, but why do they (and their ilk) deserve it MORE than us?

    “Sacred Institution”? We need to address the absurdity of this term every time it is uttered.

  11. DJ says

    Trying to ban divorce would might work, but a better parallel would be to permit divorce but not permit anyone to remarry. A proposition “revoking” any marrage after divorced would be better. Just think of all the fornicators and bastards that would create!

  12. el polacko says

    only thing is, the same folks who voted for prop 8 also believe that divorce should be illegal.. they just know that that would be a much higher hill to climb with the electorate. why would we want to help them achieve their goals ??

  13. el polacko says

    DJ: that’s exactly the catholic church’s position. the ‘pope’ just recently reminded his flock that the church does not recognize divorce and that any subsequent ‘marriages’ are invalid. we’re barking up the wrong tree with this one.

  14. Rob says

    And criminalize adultery. Not that I don’t support the celebrity endorsement leading up to this. But the opponents of prop 8 need to start attacking the church intelligently. attack their tax free status for mettling in politics. bring up the parallels between the civil rights movement. challenge the supporters of prop 8 to prohibit divorce and criminalize adultery!

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