Schwarzenegger Urges Same-Sex Marriage Supporters: ‘Never Give Up’

Schwarzenegger adds: “It’s a cultural issue also, because as you can see because of the big turnout amongst African-American and Latinos, that had an effect also which they did not expect so there’s all kinds of other things that I think the religious groups have done. A big campaign, a lot of them, to support proposition 8 and so on. So it’s a very, very difficult thing.”

He concluded with something of a battle cry: “When I was campaigning for Proposition 11 a lot times the press came to me and said governor why are you doing that? It has failed five times before. Why a sixth time? I said, look. I learn the messages from lifting weights. Sometimes I try to life the weight ten times and I failed, but the eleventh time I lifted it. So I learned that you should never ever give up. And I think it’s the same with this issue. They should never give up. They should be on it, and on it, until they get it done.”