Schwarzenegger Urges Same-Sex Marriage Supporters: ‘Never Give Up’

Schwarzenegger adds: “It’s a cultural issue also, because as you can see because of the big turnout amongst African-American and Latinos, that had an effect also which they did not expect so there’s all kinds of other things that I think the religious groups have done. A big campaign, a lot of them, to support proposition 8 and so on. So it’s a very, very difficult thing.”

He concluded with something of a battle cry: “When I was campaigning for Proposition 11 a lot times the press came to me and said governor why are you doing that? It has failed five times before. Why a sixth time? I said, look. I learn the messages from lifting weights. Sometimes I try to life the weight ten times and I failed, but the eleventh time I lifted it. So I learned that you should never ever give up. And I think it’s the same with this issue. They should never give up. They should be on it, and on it, until they get it done.”


  1. ian says

    gr8guyca, i’m pretty sure towleroad posted his video where he opposed the proposition. it’s also been in a commercial where he’s quoted that to pass it is damaging.

    i just like how he’s basically got the attitude that people waste their time with stuff that ultimately doesn’t affect those against gay marriage.

  2. Cassius says

    An excellent interview! I particularly liked how he correctly identified the “cultural issue” amongst certain voters, than led to our defeat. Yes a cultural issue, a PERFECT description.

    It’s refreshing to read people, like Gov. S. here and Dan Savage, that clearly see the problem and arn’t afraid to confront it.

  3. Bob says

    Wow. Never, ever give up… Strong words from a great American.

    So he has officially shifted position towards supporting gay marriage now? I can only applaud that!

    Let’s listen to the Governor’s wise words and never, ever give up.

  4. Jim B. says

    These are strong statements by Gov. Schwarzenegger. Although I have not always agreed with this actions regarding same-sex marriage in CA, I certainly respect and appreciate his statements.

  5. Paul B. says

    If he ss for gay marriage, then why did he veto the gay marriage bill when it reached his desk? If it were not for him believing that the people of California should vote on gay marriage, there would have been no Prop 8. He just had t pick up a set of pens and sign his name on a piece of paper – yet he chose to send it to the people. Well the vote of the people gave more rights to farm animals yet took away gay marriage. How do you like the vote now Governor?

  6. Ted says

    I’m not an expert on these issues but I thought he vetoed because of some technical issues. I understand that the CA Supreme Court ruled the existing policies and practices disrcriminatory, and before that he didn’t believe a legislative fix was appropriate. Of course a referendum on taking away rights is not appropriate either, and I believe I have read that Constitutions and amendments thereto should never be written to take away rights, only to give them. Hopefully the Supreme Court will step in again.

    Folks, its time to talk with our wallets. Look at who donated in support of prop 8 and knock em down. I was mortified this weekend to find I still had Templeton mutual funds in my IRA. John Templeton, the founder of that company, was a major contributor to Prop 8. He may be retired [I dont really know] but sure as shit I’m selling those today.

    Know who’s making money off of you and spend wisely. And never give up. Despite the setback there is real momentum here.

  7. Calif man says

    Paul B. makes an excellent point.

    Great for Arnold – now – but his joining the fight has been, let’s say, gradual.

    Yes, he officially opposed Prop 8, but his statements weren’t very strong, and he dedicated virtually no time or energy to the matter. He could have been MUCH more influential (with swing voters), but he chose not to be.

    Maybe, now, he feels a little guilty. He should.

  8. Dennis says

    (I know this comment is suppose be in response to the Gov..)However mine is not.If marriage is such a christain value,can any one tell me:1)why god did not marry the mother of his son? 2) For that matter why his son did not take a wife? 3)What is a child that is conceived out of wedlock called?

  9. tjc says

    Paul B– Not being from CA I haven’t followed Arnie’s growth as well as some others have done, but it’s my recollection that he vetoed the legislature’s marriage equality bills (2x) because he wanted the courts to decide that it was legit to overrule the Knight initiative of 2000(?). Once that happened he was fine with it. I don’t remember him ever saying it needed to go (back) for popular vote, just that it had to come from the courts.

    Personally, I find that line of reasoning disingenuous, but I’m glad he’s so strongly on our side now that we’ve lost. Where the fuck was his passion before the vote?

  10. tjc says

    Rad —
    A. No, the governor of CA cannot overturn a constitutional amendment, nor can he overturn a law passed by initiative petition (and in fact, the CA legislature can’t overturn initiatives either).
    B. In Florida, the constitutional amendment needed 60%+1 vote to pass. It got about 62%.

  11. Chris from Los Angeles says

    Arnold deserves great credit for coming out on this issue.

    Where are our Dem leaders on this post-election? Feinstein? Boxer? Waxman? Pelosi? Karen Bass — the speaker of the CA assembly….no where to be seen….a GOP pol is only one to publicly support us? BS!

    Let me put this in the terms it deserves — this is first time in American history that exisiting civil rights have been taken away by a vote……… that last sentence again and take in the import of it.

    These people should be out in the streets with us. if you want to help, email me and let’s figure out how to do it…….suigenerousla at y a h o o


  12. David B. says

    Even through the carefully crafted polito-speak, even Schwarzenegger is saying NO ON 8 is responsible for the success of Prop 8.

    I’m starting to go through the hundreds of thousands of pages of financial documents submitted to the CA Secretary of State from the convoluted web of organizations behind NO ON 8. One thing I can say already is that the same schemes that keep profitable Universities and institutions non-profit have been and are being employed by the NO ON 8 organizations, especially when it comes to the SIZABLE outlays for staff and consultants.

    The organizations involved are EQ CA, Equality for All, With Liberty and Justice for All, Log Cabin Republicans, HRC, ACLU Northern CA, Feminist Majority Foundation, Marriage Equality USA, Californians for Justice Education Fund, National Center for Lesbian Rights, Californians Against Eliminating Basic Rights, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and several local county based PACs.

    Still, the “portal” where most of us donated money NO ON PROP 8 is refusing to return my phone calls, consistently lying to me when I call them by saying their board of directors and key senior staff are all listed on their website (which they are not, although REQUIRED by CA law), the board members I do know about have refused to take my calls as have their staff, and the accounting firms of the major players won’t answer a single question, even general cursory questions regarding donation accountability.

    This is going to take a while and lots and lots of paper, but just going through the incomplete financial docs of EQ CA, what so many prominent Californians of means have known for some time is totally accurate.

  13. says

    Here in Poland, gay marriages are still looked upon as manifesting mental and sexual derangement. Horrible, considering so many popular politicians are gay. I hope this country will never again forbid the Love Parade, for doing so was one of the biggest PR fails the then president of Warsaw – Mr Lech Kaczynski could have imagined of.

  14. Jeremy says

    Arnold sucks. It’s pretty easy and convenient for him to say this now that (1) He’s not running for another term and (2) A democrat is in the white house and he needs to seem like more of a dem to get an appointment. Clearly, he didn’t feel this way when he thought a Republican might win so he vetoed the marriage equality bill when it got to his desk.

  15. says

    At least Arnold is on our side in this, now, which can’t be said about many Republicans, but his statements seem contradictory to me. He’s right to draw parallels to interracial marriage, but he also supported putting our marriage rights in the hands of the majority, which has never been a good thing for civil rights. (Propositions are simply evil.) He vetoed marriage legislation “out of respect for the will of the people.” Now that we’ve lost because of the whims of the majority, he thinks the courts might fix it? So he’s ok with the courts going against “the people” but not the legislature, which represents the people? Either he’s confused or I am.

  16. mike says

    so great of Arnold to come out now. Why the fuck didn’t he just sign same-sex marriage into law instead of veto-ing it!!! I accept his support now but this never would have happened with his support earlier.

  17. John in CA says

    To those who say Schwarzenegger signing the same-sex marriage bill would’ve led to a lawsuit. I say, so what?

    As with football, politics is a game of momentum. Having same-sex marriage officially endorsed by a popular governor would’ve gone a long way to push the issue forward. Even if the Supreme Court invalidates it, the legislature could’ve drafted another piece of legislation and sent it directly to a referendum (without the need for signatures).

    Then we would’ve fought this election from a position of strength. Instead, we allowed the religious right to dictate the terms of this fight by letting them gather signatures and register new voters for two years. By the time the election was actually called, we were already losing, This is even before a “No on 8″ campaign even existed.

  18. peterparker says

    Unfortunate?! UNFORTUNATE?!!

    I’ll tell you what is unfortunate, Governor Schwarzenegger. What is unfortunate is that twice…TWICE!…the California legislature passed bills that would change CA laws to allow marriage equality and TWICE, you vetoed the bills, saying first that it was up to the CA Supreme Court to decided and then saying it was up to the “will of the people”. Well, apparently, we got the “will of the people”…mob rule that has disenfranchised millions of Californians, robbing them of a basic civil right. Unfortunate indeed!!

  19. says

    Living in California the past five years, I have seen Gov. Schwarzenegger film numerous ads declaring his support for or against ballot propositions, yet he chose to remain largely silent (he participated in no ads for the No on 8 campaign) until AFTER the election. I’m sorry, but that’s simple too little, too late. I don’t think the No on 8 campaign did enough to engage minority voters, but the Gov’s appearance in even one tv ad would have been a very strong message to Californians. Instead he spent his time stumping for McCain. His choice.

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