1. Michael Bedwell says

    OK, thanks, now I understand why there’s no record of the extremely wealthy Ford having given a cent to fight H8TE: he was saving his pennies for plastic surgery.

  2. Randalf says

    Me thinks he has spent a few pennies already, either that or his eyebrows are creeping up on their own.

  3. rudy says

    GRRRLfriend may not have had anything cut yet (highly doubtful) but the Botox injections have given her batwing-brow. Too bad she didn’t get them in her smelly pits (their original use). Agree wholeheartedly with Derek W: she really needs a shiteatingrinectomy.

  4. says

    Oh Please! I love these people who refer to cosmetic surgery in the future tense! He may be waiting to do his neck but clearly his eyes have already been tweaked. I’d definitely do him but I wouldn’t want to have to hold a conversation afterwards.

  5. Strepsi says

    And not only the eyebrows — anyone who believes that hairline is natural is living in Kevin Spacey-land.

  6. Mark says

    Two words: big girl.

    If he worked out like a real man he wouldn’t have a turkey neck. If he had a normal healthy lifestyle (instead of late nights, alcohol, drugs and “fabulosity”) he wouldn’t need his eyes done.

    He looks like that puppet Madame that Waylon Flowers used (especially in that photo).

  7. Mark says

    Tom Ford has a talent for doing and saying stupid things that make people loathe him even more (as if that were possible).

    Oh, wait: that’s not talent, that’s just crippling insecurity. How shortsighted of me to suggest Ford has talent for anything.

  8. jp says

    I would hit it and enjoy it. Great looking guy who is also talented. I can’t figure out where all the crap people on this blog spew, including Andy Towle, comes from where Tom Ford is concerned. Jealousy maybe? I doubt it’s from any legitimate reason

  9. says

    Seeing celebrities talking about plastic surgeries seems pretty superficial to me. They don’t have plastic surgeries because they need them, after becoming a mommy, or after an accident. They have it because they seek for the perfect, plastic look.