Crime Writer Patricia Cornwell Speaks Up About Her Same-Sex Marriage

Wildly popular crime writer Patricia Cornwell, the author of 25 books, who was outed in the mid-90’s after her affair with the wife of an FBI agent was revealed, is now married to another woman, lives in Massachusetts, and has decided it’s time for her to speak out about marriage equality.

CornwellShe tells Reuters:

“At my age, I have been around a while now and I am less uncomfortable with those sorts of revelations than I used to be. Maybe it is a function of getting older but I think it is important to stand up and be counted. When you’re not in a relationship your sexual orientation is more theoretical but it becomes more real when you are with somebody and you are not going to hide that. If people like me don’t take a stand then it will only get worse. We just want to live and let live and be treated in the same way straight people are treated. It is no longer theoretical when you have people voting against what you believe is your right, making it illegal, when one of the best things about me is the person I am with. This applies to me and it is frightening.”

Probably not coincidentally, Cornwell also has a new book coming out in her ‘Kay Scarpetta’ series entitled Scarpetta. Reuters notes: “Her character Scarpetta’s niece Lucy is a lesbian who ends up in a relationship with a female prosecutor, a public figure, who has to decide how open she wants to be about her personal life.”

Writer Patricia Cornwell speaks out for gay marriage [reuters]


  1. Strepsi says


    Patricia Cornwell, Wanda Sykes, and Ellen Degeneres are doing a great job putting a positive personal face on this issue.

    Where are the men?

  2. Thomasina says

    I respect that it has taken Cornwell a long time to feel personally and publicly comfortable with who she is. But I find it sort of obnoxious and tedious that she has spent years supporting the GOP and politicians like George Allen and Orrin Hatch, who have never made a secret of their interest in taking rights away from gay people. Between 1998 and 2000, she gave $130,000 to the GOP and another $3000 to Hatch and Allen combined ( Once it “applied to her,” she seems to have grown a conscience about speaking out and supporting equality–and coincidentally, she started supporting Democrats more heavily. But isn’t anyone else tired of people, gay or straight, who have to have a personally tailored, self-specific Road-to-Damascus revelation before doing what should be obviously right anyway on gay rights? I am straight, and nothing dramatic or life-altering ever had to happen to me for me to understand that gay people deserve equal rights. It’s just obvious to me. Why, for so many years, was it not even obvious to this gay woman?

  3. Ugh says

    Thomasina speaks the truth. Are we going to laud her as some hero now, along the lines of opportunistic douches like Lance Bass and Clay Aiken? Ooh, so you’re gay and want to bring attention to yourself because of it, but not really do any actual work to help real gay people. No one fucking cares.

  4. An says

    Many gays and lesbians are quite right-wing and racist. It’s sad, but I have known many who are hateful and spiteful towards ethnic minorities and people with less money than they have. It does not surprise me one iota that she would support the GOP: anything to fit in with the hetero status quo. However, when will people learn that supporting hatred against one group provides only fleeting comfort? The hatred ultimately comes back, when your group becomes the target. Also, many gays and lesbians (similar to minority on minority hatred) hate other gays and lesbians. The subtleties around self-hatred cannot be ignored. To truly understand why and how gays and lesbians stay in the closet and come out eventually -even when forced out- is to deal with the ways people undermine their own success. I am not suggesting that it is easy to be out of or in the closet, but this state of being is more than just about heterosexism and homophobia by “straight people”; it is also about gays and lesbians engaging in self-hatred; modeling theselves after straight people; kissing hetero ass to get ahead; joining forces with people who hate them and making donations to homophobic platforms (imagine giving 150k to people who hate you because they are sticking it to another group instead?); staying silent until your union is made null and void…the list goes on and on and on. I have to agree with Thomasina on this one: “why, for so many years, was it not even obvious to this gay woman?” Why not? Because she was too busy hating other out-groups to notice it would eventually come back to her. Every single one of us can and will eventually be the alien outsider who will need fair legislation to protect us. We are all in this together – like it or not!